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Top 5 best hard disk 2021

 Despite the growing popularity of cloud services for data storage, an external hard drive is an accessory that is still quite difficult to do without. Whether you want to have a backup of your documents, or you want an archive with movies and music, a hard drive proves to be a valid hi-tech companion.The market offers dozens of models with different technologies, sizes and capacities. In our guide, we have broken down the features to be taken into account at the time of purchase as well as drawn up the ranking of the five best external hard drives in our opinion, of which we provide a review to evaluate the pros and cons.



The Buffalo external hard drive has everything you need to satisfy even the most demanding users, starting with the very affordable price, ideal for those who want to spend as little as possible for such a device.This is an HDD with an excellent capacity of 1 TB which should be sufficient to store a fair amount of files to free up space on the computer or back up.

One of the strengths of this model is the USB 3.0 standard which is not only compatible with the previous ones but, above all, allows you to transfer files very quickly, up to ten times more than USB 2.0 models; especially ideal for large files, such as movies or Full HD videos.

As for the dimensions, it is a very compact and very light hard disk, so it can be carried anywhere without problems, even in your pocket.



Quality / price: If you are looking for a complete and quality HDD but don't want to spend a lot, take a look at this model. It might be the one for you. Capacity: 1TB, equivalent to 1,000GB, should be amply enough to meet the needs of most users. USB 3.0: It's not just important to store as much data as possible, it's important. also transfer them in a short time.


Materials: The materials used for the casing do not appear to be of the highest quality.



This is an ideal external hard drive for those who have to store large amounts of multimedia files because the capacity of 2, 3 or even 4 TB allows you to really store everything. Assuming a movie weighs 1GB, the 4TB version can fit as much as 4000! Of course, the HDD is also very suitable for those who need to periodically back-up their device.If you do not want to wait tens of minutes to transfer a large mass of data, you also need a good speed, such as that which is guaranteed by the USB 3.0 interface supported by this model which is still compatible with the previous version 2.0.




Capacity: The WESTERN-DIGITALis available in different versions, 2, 3 and 4 TB. In all cases, these are truly remarkable capacities that allow you to store huge quantities of multimedia files and to periodically back-up your device. USB 3.0 present here can guarantee. Otherwise, it will take several minutes. Operation


Not self-powered: The WESTERN-DIGITALis not self-powered, so it must be connected to its included power supply and is therefore a little more inconvenient to carry.

Samsung M5

This model is also one of the best-selling Samsung external hard drives of the year, which is particularly popular with users for its very small size.The thickness, in fact, is less than a centimeter and otherwise appears slightly larger than a block of post-it notes. You can take it with you not only by putting it in your laptop bag, but also directly in your jeans or jacket pocket.Just connect it to your computer (it supports all major operating systems) to be ready for use, using the 30 cm USB cable included in the package. The device is powered by the same USB 3.0 port that is used for quick file transfer, it is very quiet and does not heat up as much even when writing, unless you are subjected to a really intensive effort for a very long time.


Quality / price ratio: The performance that the Samsung M3 guarantees you must be associated with the affordable price at which you can find it on the market making the product, overall, one of the best of the year in our opinion.USB 3.0: If you want maximum speed of data transfer, with the Samsung external hard drive you will be satisfied thanks to the USB 3.0 standard that is supported. Convenience:


Case: There is no case to insert the hard disk; must be purchased separately.


Toshiba Canvio Basics 


Toshiba HDTB310EK3AA Canvio Basics 1TB On the third step of our podium was positioned one of the best Toshiba external hard drives sold online, a model with a capacity of 1 terabyte characterized by a pleasant design and great lightness: just 150 grams of weight.It connects to computers (but also to consoles, latest generation televisions, routers equipped with this possibility ...) via the USB 3.0 port, obviously backwards compatible with the still widespread USB 2.0.



Prezzo: It is a product that you can buy at low prices on the market and therefore it is suitable for you if you do not intend to spend a large amount for a similar device, while having all those qualities that guarantee reliable performance. 'Toshiba external hard drive guarantees you great reliability; it is in fact equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity that ensures maximum performance in transferring even very large files and thanks to the 1 TB storage the storage space you need is not lacking at all.

Cons: The connection cable is short and you may find it not of excellent quality.



Adata Memory 2 Move

 Intenso Memory 2 Move 1TB If at this point you are still not sure how to choose a good 1TB external hard drive, why not opt ​​for the best external hard drive with Wi-Fi? You will have an extra feature, very useful for sharing movies, music, documents and much more with all family members or roommates.


When turned off, it works like all the others analyzed so far. When switched on, it is a media server that allows you to view data via Wi-Fi not only from all home computers, but also from smartphones, tablets and internet TVs.



Wi-Fi: The presence of Wi-Fi makes the Intenso device convenient because it allows you, for example, to transfer your favorite data directly from the PC to the external hard drive and not first to another medium. In addition,


Cable: As with several other models, also in this case the supplied cable may be too small for your needs. Software: You may find the software that uses the Intenso external hard drive that can be improved in some of its functions.

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