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Top 5 best high rated Indian TV serials 2021

 Though there is much increase in the viewers of the web series and many other entertainment shows but the Indian TV serials are still on the top preference of us Indians. People in India still prefer TV serials over Netflix and other web series hub.

Some serials in India has got world wide popularity. Here in this guide, today we are listing you top 5 best high rated Indian TV serials 2021. The TV serials we are listing here are having the highest TRP in their time and are counted under most watched TV serials of all the time.  

The Indian TV channels includes Star plus is known to provide the most of the high TRP TV serials. While other channels like Sony Sab is popular for its Taraak Mehta ka ulta chasma and many more high rated serials. India Idol is another popular serial used to shown on Sony TV. While talking about the most popular and high TRP TV serials, how can one forget about Big boss. It is most popular Indian TV serial from Colors TV.

 Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on these top and high TRP Indian TV serials. So let’s get started:

Taarak Mehta ka ulta chasma

Taarak Mehta ka ulta chasma is highest TRP Indian TV serials ranked number 1 in India. This serial is directed by Dharmesh Mehta, Harshad Joshi, Dheeraj Palshetkar, and Malav Suresh Rajda and written by Abbas Hirapurwala, Rajen Upadhyay, Raju Odedra, Jitendra Parmar, and Niren Bhatt. It is telecasted on Sony Sab Tv and is also present in SONY Liv app.

The story in TMKOC moves around the residents of Gokul Dhaam society. It shows how the society members keeps having fun and quarrel all the times but helps each others in their difficult time. The story depicts how all the society members  lives like a family and face all common, real life challenges and then all together get involved in the sticky situations.

The serials is fun to see and will make you laugh in every episode. All the episodes in this serial are fun based and directed in such a way to make it more funnier. But in the last of every episode, all the viewers with some much fun will also get to learn some new lesson of life.

It is no doubt the best TV serial perfect for family time. It involves everything including Fun, lessons, laughter, and many more but with no abusive words and no controversial scenes. You can simply enjoy this serial with your family, parents, and kids.     


Star plus is known to show highest rating serials and these days anupama is top among all the serials. The story of anupama was given by Namita Vartak and zama Habib and it is telecasted on Star Plus.

The show is known to have the highest ratings among the serials shown on star plus. The story of this Anupama serial shows the story of a lady, Anupama, who sacrifices her goals and ambitions in order to raise her family. But later she feel dejected and fails to get all the credit for the sacrifices and trails she done for her family. All these make her feel much dejected and in last she finally decided t live her own life according to her own dreams.

Also, the husband of this Gujarati homemaker Anupama secretly had affairs and she was used to be humiliated for her incomplete degrees. The cheating by Vanraj, her husband and the humiliation from the family actually makes the Anupama a way more strong and then she decided to stop living for her family instead she start persuading her own life, dreams, and ambitions.        

Indian idol

Pop idol is one of the top singing reality show of the world and Indian idol is its Indian version telecasted on Sony TV. This is highest TRT singing reality shows where the singing contestant talents from all around the India participate and show their talent. And in the last, who survives and prove their talent get the chance to win the tag of Indian idol with lots of awards, gifts, and reputation.

Also, the singers who performed well in this reality shows starts getting offer from music industries to perform and  they get the chance to become popular over night with their singing talent.

This Indian idol show has already their 12 sessions along with 2 Indian Idol Junior sessions. The show along with much popularity also sometimes remains in controversies for the biasness between contestants. It is also accused to show only the poor house holders on TV in order to gain more and more TRP. Despite of so many controversies, this show is still one of the best show formany of the Indian idol fan followings.        

Big boss

Big boss is much controversial still highest TRP show of colors TV. The show is already having 38 seasons and 7 versions. It is an Indian reality TV game show which was produced by Endemol Shine India.

In order to participate in this show, the contestant needs to be celebrity and those with high popularity get the chance to enter the big boss house. Despite of the controversies, people love watching this show. Also, the celebrity who once got into the big boss house starts getting more popularity.

The serial makes all the celebrities to live together in a specially constructed house isolated from the outside world where all the contestants are continuously monitored by the Live camera. They all voted out every week until the last winner stays and the winner wins the cash prize.       

Ye rishta kya kehlata hai 

It is another popular hit by the Star plus. The  story in the starting moves around the housewife Akshara. The show depicts how akshara manage all the challenges of her life and even managed the Singhania’s business when her husband goes under coma for 4 years. Later after the death of the akshara, the story starts revolving around the life of Akshara’s daughter, Naira showing how she manages the challenges of her life. 

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best highly rated Indian TV serials.

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