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Top 5 best killer game apps Android 2021

 One of the most favorite categories of games for today's youth and gamers is Killer, shooting, or sniper games. They love to aim and shoot the target to eliminate the enemy and conquer the game. If you are also a killer game lover then this article is just for you. Here we will list the top 5 best killer game apps for Android 2021. The 5 best games mentioned here are the highest-rated games on the play store and loved by the audience and they are:



1.Cover Fire


Cover Fire is one of the most rated killer games in the play store. It is an offline shooter and sniper game on mobile which is addictive.


In this game you aim to lead the battle and become the best shooter. The best thing about this app is that it is offline so that you can play anytime even without the internet. The new model of this game has added the deadline feature. So you need to defeat the enemies before the time runs out. On every target, 3 seconds will be added for you to survive.


Cover Fire is a new shooting game and has a challenging story mode to make it more interesting. You can target the enemy with a hail of bullets, grenades, and massive guns. The game has HD graphics with destructible environments.


You can also play the game online and become a real veteran soldier by playing the online tournaments mode. You can set your squad with unique skills such as hacker, sniper, assault man, etc. Thus, this game has limitless shooting actions.



2.Elite Killer


Elite Killer is one of the most realistic 3D FPS games where your major goal is to aim and shoot. In the game, you are a well-trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. You also will be equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, and also with stun grenades. The gameplay is to navigate secret missions all across the globe to vanish the evil syndicate which disturbs the peace of the world.


Elite Killer has spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences with more than 30 real-world weapons. You will also explore more than 100 challenging levels in various worldwide themes. You can enjoy the two modes in the game i.e. local mission mode and the online PvP mode as per your wish. Hence this is another best new generation killer game.



3.Ninja's Creed


Ninja's Creed is one of the most epic multiplayer shooting games with real-time battles. This is the free fun 3D real sniper game that has various types of assassin weapons. You will experience the best-grade 3D graphics in the game.


The major gameplay is to track your targets, disrupt underground deals and complete the fun assassin missions. You can use the eagle-eyed to lock your target or you can also use the strategies. In this game, you need to help the organization eliminate the enemies and this is how you can gain your bounty. Apart from aiming and shooting, other major tasks are rule regions, protect citizens, and get the taxes you deserve. At every level, you need to unlock the talent system and enhance your archery skills.


Hence, the game has extraordinary gameplay and graphics that can take your experience to the next level.



4. Zombie Killing: Killing Game


Zombie Killing is one of the best killing games with high ratings on the store. This is the most fun zombie mobile game. In the game, you will play the role of a zombie killer.


The storyline of the game is thrilling. You will play the role of a zombie killer who is alone with little food and water, weapons, and ammunition. You need to modify the ammunition and weapons to damage more zombies. You should also build a safe house to keep yourself safe.


In the game, many exciting campaigns will offer you to survive the cruel zombie world. So, you need to use your skills to stay alive and hunt the deadly zombies.

The game features allow you to create weapons and equipment with an item creation system. This thrilling game gives you an amazing gameplay experience where you are also fighting for survival, killing the zombies with your weapons, and developing your skills. The game is very easy to control and can become one of your favorite killer games.



5.Sniper 3D Assassin Fury


Sniper 3D Assassin Fury is the top offline FPS sniper shooting game of 2021. The game is all about aim and shoot. Here you have to counter the many criminals, gangsters, thugs, and thieves.


The game includes the elite modern guns that are always ready to act. If you are a sniper action game lover then this game should be on your list.


The game storyline has made you the best army sniper shooter who gets shooting guns and killing assassins in daily sniper missions. You need to choose the best sniper gun for yourself and move towards your shooting missions. Since you are the top sniper, make sure to eradicate all your targets and also do not forget to keep yourself safe.


This game is best for the fans of FPS action, gun games, and also the shooting games. You also can choose an epic city to snipe your target.

You can also use the killer slow-motion to enjoy the thrilling action and your snipe. It also uses realistic HD 3D graphics with amazing features. You get unlimited sniper shoot missions in this game. Among all the top offline sniper games, it has the easiest and smooth controls for the best experience. This game is free so go and add it to your list and enjoy the amazing sniper guns and shoot your target.




Therefore, these were the top 5 best killer game apps Android 2021 which can take your sniper gaming experience to the next level.

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