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Top 5 best pre-registration game apps android 2021

 Android devices are really popular among the youths for various reasons and among those one is the gaming feature. There are more than thousands of games in the play store of different categories. There are games for almost all the categories such as action, adventure, survival. multilayer, singleplayer, online, offline, etc.


Here, in this article, we will majorly deal with the pre-registration game. We will list the top 5 best pre-registration game apps for Android 2021. The below-mentioned are the most awaited pre-registration games that are yet to be released. So, hurry up and choose one and pre-register the game.


1.Pubg -New state


After the ban of PUBG in India, PUBG New State is the most awaited game for many youths and gamers. This game will offer you the experience of the original battle royale of PUBG on your mobile phone.


In this game, 100 players will be fighting with various weapons that have to be collected in the battleground until only one of the players remains. You can use several available equipment, vehicle medicals, or bandages to survive and kill the other players.


PUBG New State has the most realistic graphics that give you the best mobile gaming experience. You'll find a massive playing area that has the most realistic effects. In this new version, you can use PUBG's unique weapon attachment system to customize your gun that fits your needs. Other major mechanics that have been introduced in PUBG New State include dodging, drone calls, and support requests.


PUBG New State is an expansion of the original PUBG universe and thus is the most awaited game on the play store right now. So hurry up and pre-register the game so you can get the notification as soon as the game is available.




RuneScape is one of the best games that let you explore a vast MMORPG  world as no other game does. It is a journey into the sixth age of Gielinor where you can discover the best fantasy MMO RPG open world, deep with legend and lore. RuneScape is one of the most perfect AFK second screen games.


The gameplay allows you to choose the way you want to play the game. You can explore the world and embark on a risky raid with friends. Or you can also seek fame and fortune as a lone adventurer. It's all up to you, which way you like to Play. You can either be a warrior or wizard, farmer or cook.


In the game, you can visit dozens of unique locations like medieval cities such as Burthorpe or Catherby, or Kharidian Desert. You also have the option to own your port and run your farm. In this way, you can make trades with friends and remember to keep wares in the bank. Other than there is a long journey full of adventures and more than 28 skills to master. So, if you are an adventure lover then this will be perfect for you.


3. Mafia Crime War


Mafia Crime War is a mafia-themed strategic card game. This game is perfect for players who love role play games. In this game, you'll be playing the role of an FBI agent who belongs to a mafia family. The game has a storyline where a syndicate which is a new criminal organization has killed your father and invaded your family. Now you are back to fight and revive your family and become the new godfather and take your father's revenge.


So to attain the goal you need to recruit gangsters and commit crimes. You also need to set business strategies to eradicate the obstacles of your way.

In the game, you have to dominate other Godfathers and make decisions for your crime family. You need to operate your dirty underworld businesses and earn revenue from criminal jobs. You also need to indulge in the hardcore wars between the gangs, bank robberies, and other competitors' businesses.

This game is best for free exploration and realistic thrills where you can enjoy a gangster life.



4.The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker


The Witcher Tales is another best pre-registration game. This is a single-player yet role-playing game that is set in the world of The Witcher. This game is choice-driven so you can select your character as per your preference. This game is cast with rich multi-dimensional characters who are all set in the monster-infested world i.e. the Witcher.


The gameplay deals with one of the most iconic and truly regal tales of Meve who is a war veteran queen of the Northern Realms. The Meve is once again forced to enter the warpath because of the imminent Nilfgaardian invasion. This starts the dark journey of destruction and revenge.


You can enjoy the free play-through for a few hours. You need to upgrade the full version to continue your adventure and shape your story. This is a perfect fit for an action-adventure lover.


5. Modern Dead


Modern Dead is a fun survival game that is set in a gruesome post-apocalyptic world. This game is a mixture of an open-ended RPG and a real-time strategy game.


Modern Dead allows you to manage different Alphas. You need to search for strategies to face the hordes of zombies. It includes terror of dungeon exploration, gory survival stories, fun battle modes, and unlimited base construction.


Modern Dead offers open-ended exploration with wild third-person combat. Here you need to very carefully deploy your Alphas to explore the world, collect resources, and also to upgrade your equipment. You can also do the free March and make a strategic victory.


Modern Dead has rich gameplay and storytelling which is in an immersive world. The game has a very specialized Alpha System and has a global war on one server.


Bottom line


Thus, these were the top 5 best pre-registration game apps Android 2021 available in the play store.

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