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Top 5 best princess game apps Android 2021

 Princess games are popular not in India but in the entire world for several years back. Girls or we can say the dad’s princess in their childhood loves playing the princess games. There are several princess games available where either you can dress up and make over your princess or arrange a grand wedding party for your princess and many more.

With increase in age, we often forget playing these games. Why don’t we recall playing the same princess games as we used to play in our childhood. Here we are bringing to 5 best princess game apps Android 2021 that allows you recall your childhood days when you used to dress up your princess dolls or play with it.

The princess games listed below will allow you to make over and dress up your princess. Some of the below listed games wants you to arrange a grand party for the wedding of your princess. You will need to manage every ups and down int hat party and try make it as grand as you can.

In some princess games, you will need to do the wedding makeup of your princess. Make sure that you have combed her hairs well and done the best possible hairstyle as per her look. Select the best blush, lipstick, and eye shadow that matches her costume.

The foundation should not look different from her tone. Choose the dress that goes well with the party type. With these game apps, you will get the feature of tons of makeup styles that comes with shinny beauties on face, eyes, and lipstick.

You are going to be personal stylist of the bride in these princess games. So perform your duty well and make sure that your bride is looking most amazing. Choose the best heena designs to make your bride look even more beautiful. In these princess games, you will get the role of the make up artist from the international fashion star wedding make up artist salon. It is your duty to select the most beautiful and glamorous wedding dresses, accessories, and bouquets.

In some games, you will need to style your princess for the ramp walks. All the game listed here are amazing. You will need to dress up your model with the best costume. Make over your princess model with best blush, eye makeup, lipstick, and best hair style that goes well with the costume. Overall your aim should be to make your princess look like a real princess and the most beautiful mode or bride as per the game requirement.

With these princess game apps Android 2021, you will get the feature to enter the elegant world of princess Irene and get the chance to perform the role of a royal stylist.

Those who are having really good fashion sense should try playing these games. The game requires you to make over and dress up the princess in the best way you can.

Not all the princess games require you to style your princess. Some game also wants you to live in the castle of the princess and keep it clean. The game app will provide you the role of princess living in a beautiful castle. As a princess, you should keep the castle clean and look beautiful all the time. In these games, you will be asked to clean the princess room, castle, rearrange your dolls, wash and scrub the stain, remove the wall stains, sweep and mop the floor, straighten the wall hangings, lights, lamps, and other furniture, throw out the flush and junk, remove the spider webs, arrange dining table, do dishes, and many more to keep your castle look clean and beautiful. The princess castle cleaning game requires you to do the bedroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, living room cleaning, and overall cleaning the entire castle to make it suitable for the princess to live in.

These princess games are easy to download and install and you can get these games in your Android device directly from the Google play store. With the feature of Google play store, android users get the feature to download and install any game or app.     

 The below listed princess game apps are free to use and you can download and install them from the Android play store. In order to get these princess games, open your Google play store. There in the search bar at the top of the home screen, type the name of your desired princess game app and hot the enter button. The Google play store will show you your desired princess game and the list of similar princess game apps. Compare their features and select the best for your Android device.

Now press the download button next to the princess app that you want to download and install in your Android device. After this, the Google play store will automatically download and install your desired princess game app in your Android device allowing you to play it anytime.      

Here are top 5 best princess game apps Android 2021 where you will need to serve the princess with the best as per the game requirement.

Top 5 best princess game apps Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 bets princess game apps Android 2021:

Princess makeup salon

In the princess dressing up game, you will be asked to dress up your beautiful princess. More your make your princess look beautiful, more will be your points or stars.     

Princess dress up- Princess fashion salon by Joy Journey Girls

This is bets princess game app Android 2021 where you have to make over and dress up your fashionista princess.

Princess dress up and makeover by

This addictive fashion game requires you to style up and makeover the princess.

Princess house cleanup for girls by MagicToon

This princess game requires you to clean the castle to make it suitable for the princess to live in.

Ice princess- wedding day

The game wants you to plan a magical wedding for the charming prince and the Ice princess.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 Best princess game apps Android 2021!

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