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Top 5 Best Smart TV 2021

 In India, there might be barely a household without a TV. It is one of the most convenient ways of entertainment. Not only entertainment, but it is also a source of information. Previously we used to watch TV serials, news,cartoons, and many more entertainment channels on TVs.


But in today's generation of smart TVs, there are several new features such as connecting it with your smartphone and watching whatever you want to similarly play games of your choice and many more. These features make it more popular. But now, which one to buy will be your major question so the only answer is given in the list below.

Here we have discussed, top 5 best smart TV 2021.



1.Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV


Thus 8K stunning smart television by Samsung can be your ultimate choice. It has several amazing features and technology used in it. The best part about this television is its amazing screen size which is available in three different variants: 65inches, 75 inches and 85 inches with 8K panel resolution with Neo QLED / Mini LED.


This TV has awesome picture quality with standard HDR settings. This television has established a new era of television technology. This smart TV supports stunning picture quality and amazing color and brightness. The TV offers terrific sound and outstanding blacks.


This Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV will only offer you the most recent HDMI 2.1 as well as the eARC which is ideal for gamers. This is amazing television for those who have invested in the next-generation console or even in the beastly gaming PC. It also supports 4K/120fps or 8K/60fps gameplay via HDMI 2.1. This TV has amazing game motion plus and free sync premium pro.



2.Sony A8H OLED


This is the new generation Sony Television that is also one of the affordable ones. This television has two different size variants: 55-inch and 65-inch along with 4K panel resolution. It is an OLED smart TV. This Sony Television supports gorgeous and refined pictures with good sound quality. This TV also supports ultra-wide viewing angles.


If you are also a serious cinema fan then this TV is going to be your ultimate option. The premium OLED picture performance and powerful direct sound system provide you with a compelling experience.


This Sony Television supports the customary acoustic surface Audio system. These are joined by two subwoofer bass systems. Additionally, it also supports an acoustic auto-calibration system that assists you to optimize the sound in your room. This can be one of the best TVs to buy in the Sony range Sony.



3.LG G1 Gallery Series OLED


LG has always been the most promising and trustable brand for television. This LG G1 Gallery series OLED  has a beautiful picture-on-wall design. This LG series comes in three different screen sizes such as 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch with 4k panel resolution. This television has an outstanding contrast and impressive thin design. This television has a gorgeous sleek design.


The major feature or say the unique thing in this television is the OLED Evo technology. This technology helps in the update of the panel for more brightness.

Although this is an expensive set, still every penny is worth it. You can even guess its price by its breathtaking slim design along with the contrast and color benefits of OLED and the lighting-enhanced heights.


This television is designed to be perfectly wall mounted but it also comes with a TV stand so that you can place it at your convenience. You can also avail any other third-party device to place it on the counter.



4.LG C1 OLED Series


The latest television series from LG for the year 2021 is LG C1 OLED which is also the current king of all televisions. This television series comes with four screen variations such as 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch with 4K panel resolution. This is an OLED smart TV. This television provides you a beautiful 4K/HDR picture along with four HDMI 2.1 ports and it features fantastic WebOS.


This amazing smart TV is truly one of the top 5 best Smart TV of 2021. This television has met all the expectations of the users. The processor used in this television is  LG’s Alpha a9 Gen 4 processor. This processor helps in better upscaling and also in virtual surround sound audio. This television supports four separate HDMI 2.1 ports. This TV is perfect for the PS 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, etc. This will be the perfect choice for the gamers as it gives you the option to adjust brightness in no seconds as well as contrast and VRR.


This LG TV is a truly smart TV that can also be connected to WiFi. You can also connect to your smartphone and control it from your phone itself. Along with these advanced features, you can enjoy your movie time on this large-screen Television.



5.Samsung QN95A Neo QLED


This is another of Samsung's best television series with a mini LED screen. Samsung QN95A Neo QLED comes with three screen size variants: 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches along with 4k panel resolution. This television has Neo QLEDSmart technology. This is majorly famous for its stellar picture quality and impressive sound system.


The new features that have added to the value of this Samsung television are its significant increase in dimmable zones and its thinner panels. This television features quantum dot technology and delivers saturated colors.


This television model of Samsung can deliver 2000 nits in the dynamic picture mode. In this television, you don't even need to tone map for the HDR content. All these special features make it one of the most convenient smart TVs of 2021.


Thus, here were the top 5 best Smart TV 2021. These TVs have one of the most special features that will enhance your experience.



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