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Top 5 Best Stickman game apps Android 2021

 Playing games on the smartphone is provides an immense pleasure, it helps to heal the stress, entertains, enhance creativity, improves the skill to handle the critical situation as well. Gone are the days when only kids used to play games, today people from all the age group used to play games on their smartphone, even old aged group persons also loves games these days. There are different types of games available on the play store like racing games, sports games, puzzle games, adventurous games, fun games, fighting games, etc. Among all the games, the most trending games that many people love and have a huge market share are Stickman games.

The craze of stickman games on the next level, people used to discuss various stickman games and fight for their favorite game on social media. Many memes are made on stickman games; people used to make content over their favorite stickman games and make videos on YouTube. In fact, the contents related to stickman games are most trending on the various video platforms, and if we start to search for the top YouTubers on them, we could find that most of them are stickman game players. 


Top 5 stickman games for Android


There are very few people who don’t like the hilarious and thrilling stickman games, so here is the list of some best-picked stickman games that you can play on your smartphone; these games are as follows:-


  1. Stickman fight: This is a very funny and crazy game; once a player would play Stickman fight, he could become a fan of this game and become addicted to this. There are numerous fighting characters with unique features present in this game, and you can unlock over 200 plus levels as well; and these more no. of levels helps the user to collect the fighting characters more frequently. You can play here in a very easy and simple way by opening playing mode, and after you get trained, you can play with the tuff phase of the game.

There are lots of features available in stickman fighting, i.e. Story mode, versus mode, training mode, and you could upgrade and unlock over 80 plus special moves according to your experience; you can rebalance your character stats, show energy consumption for each skill, and balance blast as well, and there is very less bugging problem happens with this game. 


  1. Stickman sword fighting 3D:- The focus of Stickman sword fighting is more pointed towards the mission and objectives, and this focus is more than slaying enemies endlessly. One player has to complete many missions here; some of the important mission in this game is collecting a particular amount of gold, destroying a certain amount of haystacks, and many more missions.

After completing these missions, one has to get out of the mission area, which is not a cup of tea for everyone; you have to do it by avoiding lots of enemies who are waiting to kill you. There are many features available in this game that make it better than other stickman games; some of the important features of this game are a fully 3D background, 4 edges, easy control for running and killing, up-gradation of character, armour and sword and its realistic ragdoll physics. 


  1. Last Stickman: Battle Royale:- This could be termed as the greatest PUBG alternative for the stickman lovers; their graphics are not the same as PUBG, but the objective of both the games are the same, i.e. to survive till the last and killing anyone who comes in your path. One of the big specialities of this game is that you can play it online and offline. Here in the game, you can unlock lots of weapons, and you can look at minimap to find the location and could look at the endangered zone. Apart from these things, this game has several other features like Battle royal, deathmatch, battlegrounds, more shot, stick and many more things.



  1. Stick fight Shadow warrior:- Stick fight Shadow warrior game seems to be very similar to stick fight, but its graphics are more attractive, and gameplay is quite interesting than Stick fight. In this game, you have to anticipate yourself from the enemy movements and defend yourself from those enemy attacks. To perform the attack, the player has to tap on the screen, and this is the only option for attacking.

To increase your high score, you could collect coins, and every time a different objective would be displayed at the beginning of every level that you have to accomplish, and for accomplishing those objectives, you will be awarded weapons and items. You can use the earned coins to overcome stickmen fight level and spend those coins to earn stickman helmets and clothes. 


  1. Stickman fighting 3D:- The USP of stickmen fighting 3D is that you can play it in three modes, which is hardly available in other games; these modes are Story Mode, 1 Match and training mode. The following modes give you the option to play this game in the most effective way, and their training mode helps you to build your skill to play the games. Basically, the training mode is made for the beginners to understand the working of the game, and after knowing the basics, come to play original games in a more powerful way.

Here at the stickman fighting 3d, you will get a left stick through which you can move, jump and duck yourself from the punches and attacks of the enemies. There are six buttons available on the right side for performing combos through fists and legs, and for making deadly attacking combos, you need to mix and match all the buttons. 


The conclusion:-


After going through all the post, we can conclude that Stickman fighting is an interesting and addictive game available on the android app; we need to download the best quality stickman games to get the best experience of this game. The games mentioned above are among the top 5 games in the Stickman genre, and every stickman game lover must play at least one time in their life.


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