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Top 8 top India Bollywood movies of all the times

 These days the craze of web series and Hollywood shows in increasing but still cannot beat the craze of bollywood masala movies. Though people are appreciating the taste of Hollywood and web series new contents but have not forgotten the delights of bollywood movies.

The bollywood movies are mostly produced from Mumbai and are known to have masala content that the people of India love. From this bollywood industry, many actors become superstar and gain much popularity. This industry have produced many cinema’s most extravagant and spectacular movies ranging from the awe inspiring and colourful movies to hyper real world movies from the parallel world and something in between.

Whether you are a action lover or love seeing the romantic and relaxing movie, or for those who loves Indian comedy, bollywood is having something for all.

Here in this guide, we are listing users with top 8 best Indian bollywood masala movies of all the time that you should watch. So let’s get started

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

The DDLG is one of the most popular hit and typical love story of Indian cinema starring shahrukh khan and Kajol. This is the movie behind the successful chemistry of the stars and it is the top hit for both of their career.

The movie moves around the man, Raj (shahrukh khan) who travels from the Landon all the way to Punjab with a quest to win over the hand of his love, Simran (Kajol). Raj and simran met by chance while the Europe tour and later they fall for each other.

The only trouble in the movie is that the father of simran had already arranged her marriage with his friend’s son in Punjab and thus was against the love marriage of simran. But with his love and passion, Raj in the last succeed to convince the father of the simran (Amrish Puri) to give her hand and agree for their marriage.    

3 idiots

3 idiot is best movie of the Indian cinema showing the hilarious satire of the poorly designed education system and the adolescence. The movie keeps taunting on the education system where the talent is not respected, the thing that is respected is the scores and the performance in exam.

This movie shows how the educations system instead of targeting on enhancing the talent, are encouraging students to mug up more and perform well in the exam. They are not preparing the student to face the real world challenges instead making them face the challenges of exams only.

The story moves around 3 friends with different interest and different family conditions. The main cast in this movie is Aamir khan who makes his friends and even teachers realize that the talent will win. Only mugging up will end in limit success while the learning with interest and passion will help them to do something big in the life. In the last, Phonsukh wangdoo (Amir khan) was having no engineering degree but had talent that makes him win over the degree holder, chattur.       


Sholey is all time  favourite hit of bollywood having everything in it from romance, comedy to action. The story shows the friendship of jai and veeru (Amitabh bacchan and Dharmendar). In the movie, you will love watching the friendship of jai and veeru, how they help the thakur in arresting gabbar, but in the last, jai lost his life in order to save veeru. 

The movie is worthful to watch as here you will get comedy, romance, and action all in one movie. 

Mother India

It is 20th centaury hit movie showing the struggle of single mother. The movie shows hot the mother struggles in order to raise her kids despite of their poverty. The story in this movie moves around the lady, Radha, who struggles hard to raise up her kids while opposing Sukhilal, a greedy moneylender.

The movie shows that radha faced many struggles and hurdles but still she refused to sacrifice her integrity.   


Lagaan movie takes viewers to the time of the British raj. The story is about the farmer namely bhuvan who accepts the challenge from the Captain Andrew Russel and beat his team in Cricket game in order to prevent his village from not paying the taxes for the next three years.

It is one of the top hit bollywood movie directed by ashutosh Gowariker and won several awards including Filmfare awards and many more.  

Mugal e azam

Mugal e azam is a bollywood movie on the basis of historic story of salim and anarkali. The story depicts the love story of emperor’s son, Salim, who falls for the beautiful courtesan, Anarkali. Despite of their true love, the emperor or the father decide to break them apart. In the end, the raja only did is kill the anarkali but failed to end their true love.   

Kuch Kuch Hota h

Kuch kuch hota h is a best romantic movie of all the time starring shahrukh khan, kajol, and Rani mukharji. The story begins with the letter of late Tina (Rani mukharjee) to her daughter Anjali on 8th birthday. The movie shows the friendship of Rahul (Shahrukh khan) and Anjali (kajol). Anjali in the movie is first shown as a tom boy with no girlish features. But then a new admission in their collage is of Tina (Rani mukharjee) who is ideally girlish. Rahul fall for tina without understanding the love of anjali for her. This make the anjali feel dejected and she return back to her home.

But after the death of Tina, anjali (daughter of shahrukh khan) tried fixing the remarriage of his father with his best friend anjali (kajol). In the second half, Anjali is shown fully transformed from a tom boy to gorgeous girly girl but engaged. The story shows how the little anjali followed the wish of her late mother and remarried her father with his best friend, anjali.     

OMG- Oh My God

This movie is typical comment on the fake religious people who worships god in front of public and behave like saints but in background do sinful tasks. He movie criticize the business of religion.

The bottom line

SO these are top 8 best bollywood movies of all the time. 



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