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7 types of digital marketing

 Digital marketing is becoming more trendy in order to drive more traffic on to business and any organization. There are different types of digital marketing methods in ordered to approach not only the local customers but also making a good set up in international market as well.

With digital marketing, it is possible to generate more leads and thus more buyers to the website and more sales. The digital marketing can be defined as the process of online marketing using the digital and virtual tools.

The main aim of the digital marketing is to attract more customers on website, covert the viewers into leads and then into customers thus increase the sales. The benefit of the digital marketing is that you can approach to the international customers also and make good establishment in international market. With simple marketing, it is only possible to approach only the local customer but the digital marketing has broken all the barriers of the distances and now it allows the organization to market and promote their products and services internationally as well.

The digital marketing is a broad term and it can be divided into seven different types of digital marketing. These all kind of digital marketing utilizes different kind of platform in order to generate leads and customers.

Here in this guide, we are listing you all these seven types of  digital marketing methods.

Search engine optimization

This is the one of the best and widely used kind of digital marketing methods to drive more customers. In this method, there is need to publish content and try making them rank top in the Google search engine. When the content is on the top of the Google page, ultimately there will be more traffic on your business website and thus more leads.

In order to approach this, the SEO marketers with the use of high demand keywords, optimize the SEO of the content and make it more visible to the customers.

In order to make the SEO work efficiently for you, here are some requirements:

  • Content indexing: This is required to make your business website appear on the Google page.
  • Keywords and keywords targeting: This is another method to make the SEO of the content more optimized. Here the SEO marketers with the help of high demand keywords, drive more traffic on the business page.
  • Good content: In order to convert lead into customers, there is need of good content with amazing link structure also.

Pay per click

This is another kind of paid digital marketing tool where the digital marketer will need to pay for every click on their ads or promotion of their products or services. It is different from the SEO in the sense that here the businessman will need to pay for posting ads on other’s websites and pay for every click on the ad.

The price for pay per click depends on the type of product or service you are promoting, their competition, and the region you want to show your ad. It is possible for the businessman to decide the regions where to show the ad. In the case when you are running any business in local area, then show your ad in that area only and avoid wastage of several dollars in showing he ads in the area where the customers cannot approach you. 

Social media marketing

This is most common and widely used kind of digital marketing these days. People on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, and many more show their ads in order to promote their products and thus generate more leads.

The social media digital marketing might sound simple but in order to make t effective, a simple post is not sufficient. There is need that the post should be attractive, eye catching and you should be consistent in posting ads.

There are several tools also available to schedule and automate the social media posts. Along with the post, there is need to constantly check the performance of the social media campaign. In the case when the campaign is not much successful, it is waste to spend dollars in running it. Instead there is need to go for a different strategy in order to generate more leads via the social media platforms.

Email marketing

It might be old but still an effective digital marketing tool for the promotion of a product and the service. The businessman needs to prepare any email pitch for the customers.

In order to make the email marketing more effective, it is required to send the email only to the potential customers or the target audience. Sending emails to all will just waste the efforts. So just make a list of target audience those who showed interest in your product. 

Prepare a email pitch for the customers. Also, by understanding your customers deeply, it will be possible for the organization to customize the email more according to the customers and thus more chances for the increase in sale.

Content marketing

With the help of content marketing, the organization can increase their sales by telling any story and the information regarding he product or the service and thus increase the sales.

The ultimate goal of the content marketing is to convince the people with the product and thus convert them from leads to customers.

Mobile marketing

It is most approachable way to approach potential customers and is a great tool of digital marketing. In this digital marketing process, the organization can reach more and more customers via smart android phone. Here the information regarding the product and services is send via text messages, and even calls. In the method, it is possible to tailor the offer as per the geographic location nd thus generate more lead.         


Also, it is possible to make your own channel or show your ads on other’s videos and thus increase the sales.

The bottom line

So these are some digital marketing methods that you can use in order to generate more leads and also more customers! 


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