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Best International Mutual Funds in India

You must have heard about the term ‘investment’. It is the best way to save as well as multiply your money without any extra effort, 

all you need is just the money. All you need to do is sell and purchase the stocks of different companies with or without the broker.

 Here, the international mutual fund means the equity funds of those companies which are listed out of India. So, here you can get 

engaged in investing in the international market. This will also benefit the funds to achieve better returns. Hereby we will be 

discussing all the major things related to the international mutual funds, its features, advantages, risk and also the best international 

mutual fund in India.

Major Features of International Mutual Funds

Get Diversify Portfolio: International mutual funds help the investors to take benefit of the condition of the market of the country. International mutual funds give you a bigger platform to invest in the equity securities around the globe and thus also helps you to diversify your investment portfolio.


Face Risk:When the equity security that you invested in belongs to your country, it becomes way too easy to keep track of the economic and political consequences but in the case of the foreign funds, you won’t be able to keep track of all the countries and thus this can be riskier. Another reason is that you can’t always get accurate information about the market movements of the respective countries.


Learn about the global market: International mutual fund investment will provide you international ex[posure. When you invest in the equity securities of the international market, it enables the funds to capitalize on the given investment. This will also ensure the overall minimum loss of your portfolio.


Management: In international funds investment, the most important thing that you need to ensure about the management is the timely tracking of the real time market movement to lessen any risks. This is also the major reason why such things are managed by the fund managers who have good experience in this field.



Benefits of International Funds

Geographic Diversification

The stock market never remains constant and thus no country remains at the top position. This is the main reason why you need diversification in mutual investment. Every country gets a chance someday due to its economic cycle and this would surely be beneficial. Once you start investing in several countries, you will have very less chances of ups and downs.

Investment Financial Goal

International investment provides you diversification as well as a diversified portfolio. Hereby you can also be engaged in leveraging the foreign currency and hence you can fulfill all your financial goals.


Factors you need to consider before investing in Foreign Funds

Investing in securities and purchasing stocks are although highly beneficial investing platform but have the same level of risk this is why you must have to consider some of the major things before you invest in the international funds in India. You should also have prior knowledge about the working of the international financial market. You have to properly research about when and where to invest to obtain maximum returns. Here we will be discussing some of the major things that you need to consider:


  1. Make a good research about the several mutual fund schemes and their risks such as : credit, category, past performance, eetc.
  2. Go through all the given documents very carefully.
  3. The country which you are choosing to invest in must have stable market conditions, well developed stock market. Also go through the proper legal systems.


  1. It will be beneficial to choose a country with lesser risk in the stock market and which might provide better return and bonuses.


Best International Mutual Fund in India


1. Franklin India Feeder

Investing in this fund truly provides proper capital appreciation to its investors. So, you can predominantly invest in the units of the Franklin Us Opportunities fund. This mutual fund company in turn invests in securities in the US. The expense ratio of this mutual fund is 1.61% of the asset which is under the management. If the asset under the management turns out to be Rs. 1288.19cr then the minimum SIP is Rs 1000 and the minimum lump amount will be 5000.


2. DSP US Flexible Equity Fund

This international mutual fund is in reality the fund of the funds through which you can invest in the US flexibility equity fund of the BlackRock Global Fund. This mutual fund company invests a certain percent of its corpus in the market securities. And other money schemes of the DSP mutual funds. This also helps to meet the liquidity. The expense ratio of these mutual funds is 2.47% of the asset.

3.DSP Global Allocation Fund

This is the open ended fund scheme whereby you can invest in the units of the BlackRock Global Funds. It may also invest in the other units of the MF schemes overseas. This mutual fund especially aims at generating returns than of global stocks even at the lower volatility over a full market cycle. Hereby you can invest in stocks, bonds, currencies, etc in over 40 countries and 30 currencies.

4.Edelweiss Greater China Equities Offshore Fund

This mutual fund has the fund scheme of investing in the greater china of JP morgan fund. The equity funds here are majorly invested in the companies domiciled in greater China such us hong kong, China and Taiwan. It adopts a fundamental bottom up approach and also follows up the best ideas whis s one of the best approach of investing irrespective of the market.

5.Aditya Birla Sun Life International Equity Fund

You can invest internationally in the stocks without any regional restrictions.and same is with the Aditya Birla international funds. It capitalizes on the basis of the strength of the respective countries. Investing in this fund will be ultimately be investing in the stocks in the that performs well although in the markets posting low growth figures. It also manages the diversification and also avoids the risk since it contains its sectorial exposure with particular range. Its benchmark mark index is S&P Global 1200 TRI. It provides you the best reuters and uses blended strategy of the top down and the bottom up approaches.


Thus, these were the best 5 international mutual funds in India which will give you the best reuters ever with high security because of the best management.



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