Saturday, 5 June 2021

Bored at home? Top 10 best fun and productive way to stay entertained in this COVID – 19 pandemic

 The COVID – 19 pandemic has made people to stay at home. The lockdown guidelines of the pandemic have restricted the people to go outside their houses unless something emergency. 

Since, people are at home and are working from home are not having much to do. They are getting bored for staying so much in the house. Are you are also bored at home? Have you reached the end of the NETFLIX or any other video streaming site? Do you bored of spending your time in sitting on the couch and watching TV? Have you watched almost all video series and now have nothing to do? Do you have bored of watching memes as well?

Here in this guide, we are bring you top 10 best ways that will help you stay entertained? The following fun and productive tasks will not only keep your entertained but will add much of the creative juices in your life.

Now the lockdown might be limiting for you but Is not going to be boring any more. You can utilize your lockdown in learning new languages to new courses related to your career stream or can also do fun activities and pamper your hobbies, explore more hobbies, develop more skills, and many more.  

Top 10 best fun and productive tasks to do in lockdown that will keep you entertained

Given below are top 10 best tasks that you can do in lockdown right form your home without need to go outside and spend your free time well.

Learn new language

D you ever wish to have fluent English or any other language like French, Italics, Japanese, Chinese, Etc? Then it is perfect time to fulfill you wish. This is perfect time when you are having lot of time other than work and now you can pamper your wish to learn speaking fluently in your preferred language.

There are several applications and websites that will allow you to learn different languages right from your home by taking online lectures. Whether it is Spanish, or French, now you can learn any language online right from the comfort of your house.  
Also, if you are having more communication related job, then the learned language will enhance your CV as well letting you get much hike in your job.

Take new course

Why are you wasting your time in lockdown? You know that those who learn well will get well. Then why not utilizing this free time in lockdown in learning new things? In order to utilize your free time, it is good idea to take new course related to your career stream. The new course will not only help you develop new skills related to your job but will also help you get much high hike in the job.

There are several websites like Coursera, edx, etc that will help you take online courses from top universities right from your home via online classes. You can take online classes from the high class professors from top university and earn new certificate and develop new skills.

This course will help you get high hike in comparison to those of your colleagues who wasted their time of lockdown and did not learn anything new. By learning new skills, that you become boss of your boss and yes off course the high pay scale.

Write your own book

If you love writing, then write you own book. It is great time pass that can also help you become more popular. Not only on your personal life, you can write book on your studies field and thus get enhanced CV. This will improve your resume letting you get better job opportunities. Along with good reputation, the written book will also earn you extra money.

Learn to play instruments or singing

Do you have interest in singing and learning instruments? If yes, then It is great time to explore your hobbies. In this time, you can learn music and instruments including piano, guitar, and many more via online classes and then astonish your colleagues with your new music skills when the lockdown is over.

Learn to cook

Who do not love eating delicious food? It is great time to enhance your cooking skills. Those who used to stay away from home but are at home due to lock down can learn cooking. This will give you chance to cook food when you are home away and no need to eat the junk from the restaurants.              

Also, with the enhanced cooking skills, you can impress your girlfriend by offering her the food you made.

Plantation and gardening

Doing plantation and gardening is not only fun but will also going to provide you the long life advantages of fresh vegetables and ample of oxygen. Now with the second wave of Corona, people have understood the value of Oxygen. When you are having a garden in your house, you will get free access to fresh oxygen. Also, you can plant some vegetables and get rid of chemical ripened vegetables available in the market.

Learn repairing your cloths

Those who are living away from the home need to learn repairing the cloths. When you are home away, you are not having mummy near you to do cloth repairing for you. Instead you have to pay to the tailor even for the small repair. So learning cloth repairing in your free time will help you save money in paying the tailor for the small repairs when the lock down is over.

DO freelancing

Freelancing and using your skills in making money online is also a great way to pass you time in lock down along with making some money. You can start working freelancing using different freelancing platform and pass your time along with making money.

Open your website or YouTube channel

Opening your website or YouTube channel will allow you to follow your passion along with a chance to make money online.

Get fit

In your free time, pay some attention to your body and try working out for getting your dream body.

The bottom line

So these are top 10 ways to pass your time in lockdown.      


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