Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Home remedies to prevent COVID – 19 virus infection

 We Indian are having home remedies for all kind of health issues. Whether it is simple cold or something serious, the home remedies are having their own role for prevention. Though we are not recommending to rely only on the home remedies as for treatment purpose and in any severe cases but adopting home remedies is good for at least prevention and along with treatment.

Here in this guide, we are sharing you home remedies to prevent COVID - 19 virus infection. The infection is becoming deadly in youngsters as well. So the people with more age and some infections like diabetes and any other disease are much more prone to the infection and can have health risk. In this case, adopting some proven home remedies will help in preventing the infection to enter your house.

It is good idea to consult your doctor telephonically on the prevention of COVID – 19 infection but what is the problem in doing some home remedies at home? They are not having any side effect and are only going to add benefits to your health.

Corona virus in reported to cause life threatening symptoms in old age people and people with certain diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular disease, asthma, kidney disease or any other diseases. Prevention is becoming the only way to prevent your loved ones from suffering. The home remedies listed here are great way to prevent the infection and increase the immunity.

In the case when you or any in your family got simple flue or mild COVID -19 symptoms, going to hospital is not less than a risk. Instead, in very mild case, you can consult your doctor telephonically and along with doctor’s treatment, adopt some home remedies in order to recover. Home remedies are traditionally and scientifically proven to improve the immune system. And the doctors are also doing the same by improving your immunity and help you fight the infection.

In hospitals and clinics, doctors are suggesting to take Vitamin C tablets, and Zinc in order to improve the immunity. And, the home remedies are already proven to improve the immune system and immunity of the person. So why to take risk and visit a doctor? Consult them if you suspect for COVID and keep your immunity top class with the following home remedies.

Here are some best home remedies to prevent COVID – 19 infection:

Vitamin C rich fruits: Fruits like orange, lemon, etc are rich in citric acid which is actually a form of Vitamin C that the doctors are prescribing these days to boost the immunity. Consume more and more citrus rich fruits like lemon, orange, amla, etc in order to take yours and your family immunity to the next level and prevent the COVID infection to enter your house.

Salt and turmeric is great anti bacterial: Another medicine that every doctors are prescribing these days are anti biotic. These medicines are known to kill or prevent the increase of the infection and this is what the salt and turmeric does. Gargles with turmeric and salt in luke warm water is known to have much beneficial impact in preventing contamination. Also, have some milk with turmeric. It will help the body to heal from inside and increase immunity and thus prevent the contamination to impact much on your body.

Tulsi to boost the immunity: Tulsi is an medicinal plant and now the scientists and researchers from all around the world are also agreeing from the medicinal value of Tulsi, giloy, pepper, and ginger, etc. Having a tea with all these immunity booster stuff is actually going to boost your immunity to the next level and helping you fight not only the COVID but any kind of infection.

Honey: Honey is already in use by multiple pharmaceutical companies to manufacture cough syrup. They are known to have medicinal impact on cough. So, in the case of mild cough related symptoms, having honey, mulethi, etc is going to be beneficial.

Green tea: The craze of green tea is now also increasing day by day. It is having several benefits including the boost in the immunity. The green tea is known to contain several antioxidants that will remove the toxicants and free radicals from your body making your prepared to fight any kind of infection.

Cinnamon: It is one of the common ingredient in our kitchen known as dalchinni. It is also having many medicinal value and the most important medicinal value in today’s context is its power to reduce the blood sugar level. This is great remedy for the diabetes patient and it helps them control their sugar level and then protecting them from the severe outcomes of the COVID – 19 virus.

Chicken soup: Your nanima is right, having chicken soup in cold is beneficial. It turns out that the consumption of chicken soup is known to have benefits in cold and thus will help in easing the symptoms of cold and flu.

Garlic: Garlic is known to reduce the chances of any kind of flu like infection.

Take meals at regular interval: Good eating habits is also going to help you combat the contamination. Have properly balanced meals with ginger, turmeric, and garlic. This will help you have high immunity level with proper nutrition and thus make you ready to combat any kind of infection.    

Step up your magnesium uptake: Grains, nuts, fresh vegetables, and fruits are known to have high level of Magnesium. Magnesium is known to have beneficial role for the cardio vascular health and thus help the cardiac patient to better combat the infection, if any. Consumption of nuts, fruits, and vegetables will increase the consumption of magnesium and thus the better cardiac health.

High fiber diet: High fiber is present in watermelon, and many other diets. Having high fiber in regular diet will helps in maintain the proper gut movement and gut health and thus keep your digestion first class. When the digestion is first class, the immunity is also top class.

The bottom line  

So these are some home remedies to prevent COVID -19 infection.       


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