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How to control mosquito?

 Mosquitoes along with being a major irritator are spreader of several fatal and sever diseases. The diseases like dengue, malaria, viral fever, typhoid, etc are generally spread to the person via the mosquitoes only. 

Not only they keep irritating you by biting and causing swelling but also spreads contamination either directly by biting you or by contaminating the food or water. Mosquitoes are beneficial in no sense and they only cause disturbances, diseases, irritation, eczema, and many other trouble.

So it is better to get rid of all mosquitoes and prevent their entry in your house. Bit how would it be possible? No worries, here in this guide, we are sharing you some tips, and methods that will help you get rid of mosquitoes and get it out from your house.

How to prevent the entry of mosquitoes in the house?

Mosquitoes are major reason who spread diseases either by biting the person or buy contaminating the food and water. They are major reason for the illness in kids, and even adults. The diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid, all are because of the contamination spread by mosquitoes.

So there need to get rid of these mosquitoes and prevent the entry of these tiny culprits in your house. Here we are guiding you with some tips that will help you prevent the entry of mosquitoes in your house. So let’s get started:

Reduce the breeding sites of the mosquitoes leading them to go out of your house:

In the case when the mosquitoes do not get the breeding sites, they will not grow and this will lead to removal of the mosquitoes from your house. The breeding sites of mosquitoes includes stagnant water for long time or any other humid place with high moisture content.

The mosquitoes need stagnant water or high moisture humid areas in order to hatch their eggs. Their eggs take 3 days to hatch into a larvae and after 12 days in the humid area with high moisture content, they will emerge into a adult and then fly away.

But in the case when the mosquitoes do not get any humid or standing water area, they will fail to breed and thus will unable to grow in numbers and soon will start decreasing from your house.

The breeding area of mosquitoes can be found in the standing water in desert coolers, standing stored open water for long time, unhygienic sewage around the house, unhygienic water spilling in the house, any unhygienic humid area in house, etc. So removing all the above breeding sites will lead to decrease in the growth of the mosquitoes and thus their number.

We can consider that a female mosquito can lay 400 eggs and the life cycle of each egg will complete in just 14 to 15 days. So you can see how fast their population can increase within 14 days. But by removing all the humid or standing water or any other unhygienic breeding area, you will stop their growth and thus remove them completely from your house.

In order to remove the breeding sites, change the water in desert coolers regularly, spray mosquito repellent sprays in the clogged rain gutter, and avoid water storage in old tires in your house, tree holes, discarded cans and container. All you need is to stop collection of standing water in open condition for long time. This way you can stop the breeding dn thus the growth of the mosquitoes.

Kill the larvae of the mosquitoes where the mosquitoes breed

When you remove the standing water and humid area, you are removing the breeding sites. But in the case when you are having pool or aquarium in your house, then change water at least once in a week. Also, you can use mosquitoes control rings that process natural bacteria that can kill larvae and thus control the breeding of the mosquitoes. Growing larvacidal fishes in the aquarium and ponds will also help in reducing the number of larvae and thus mosquitoes.

 Use mosquito repellant in your outdoor unhygienic sewage line


In the case when you are having a unhygienic sewage line outside the house, then using the mosquito repellant outside you house might help you preventing the entry of the mosquitoes in your house. It is not possible to remove the sewage outside the house. But you can cover it with the support of your society members or use mosquito repellant in order to prevent the entry of mosquitoes in your house.

Prevent the growth of algae in pond

In the case when you are having pond in your garden, there are chances that the algae grow in it. The algae are great attraction for the mosquitoes that can attract mosquitoes for food, breeding site and many more. Removing the algae is only option to avoid mosquitoes entering the house. Keep the pond well oxygenated by growing oxygenating plant and keep the water and garden clean and hygienic.

Exclude mosquitoes from home

Shutting the windows and door off is the great way to prevent the entry of mosquitoes in the house. AS light attracts more mosquitoes, so try keeping the inside light less bring in compare to outside. Even in the dark hours, try keeping the light low and keep the doors and windows shut to avoid their entry in your house.

Use mosquito repellent in house

There are variety of mosquito repellants are available in the market. You can use them in your house in order to keep the mosquitoes out from the house.

Increase the number of mosquito predators

Bats, swallows, and many more fishes are having habit to eat mosquitoes. Keeping and encouraging such predators in house will help in keeping the mosquito out of your house.


This is the major factor that decides the mosquitoes presence or absence in your house. When the house is hygienic, and there is less chances for the growth of the mosquitoes.

The bottom line

Using the above tips and methods, you can increase the hygiene in your house and keep the mosquitoes out of your house and thus the diseases as well. 




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