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How to create the right email marketing strategy for your brand

 With the increase in trend of video chats, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and chatbots, most of the businessman underestimates the power of email marketing considering it dead. 


Well, in the case if you are also thinking that email marketing is now long past its prime, then you are missing out on the real metrics. According to surveys, email marketing is still standing on the top as the most effective marketing channels beating out other business promoting strategies like SEO, affiliate marketing, and Social media. 


But the problem is that most people are not sure how to plan an email marketing strategy and execute it successfully? Are you facing the same? In this guide, we are presenting a guide on how to create the right email marketing strategy for your brand: 


Create a successful email marketing strategy for your brand:


Several surveys suggest that a well-crafted email marketing strategy is vital in boosting revenue. Even some research also revealed that more than 87% of the B2B marketers are taking help from email in distributing their content. Out of this, more than 77% prefer email newsletters for boosting up their content. 


The right choice of email marketing strategy is potential enough for a marketer to achieve high returns on investments. So here we are presenting you some steps on creating an effective email marketing strategy:


Identify your goals


Identifying the goals before planning for the right email marketing strategy is crucial to achieving the best for your business. Determine what you are expecting from the email campaigns like whether you want to increase your brand visibility, expand your business, increase sales, increase website traffic, or increase brand loyalty or anything other. 


Defining your objectives will help you stay concentrated throughout the campaign. 


Create an organic email list


For an effective email campaign, you must be having an organic email list. With an organic email list, you can send the emails to your organic audiences who are interested in your niche, industry, or product. For building an organic email list, you should allow the customers to subscribe to you in order to receive your emails.

Why the organic email list is required? Well, when you send the emails to the customers who are not interest in your product, they will simply ignore the email lowering the email opening rate and this will waste your efforts as well. Sending the email to the targeted audience that are actually interested in your product will help you save time and thus allowing to focus more on the email content and subject line order to convince the majority number of the audience to buy your product or service.


Segment your email subscribers list


Segment your email subscribers list on the basis of different parameters. This will helps you tailor your email content in order to match the requirement of a particular segment of the audience. With this step, instead of sending the general email, you can add the touch of more customization to your emails.


Segmentation of the email subscriber list should be the priority for all email marketing campaign as this process will help your realize who are in your subscribers list. Also, it will help you understand more your customers and thus tailoring the email to convince them in their preferred ways.


Keep your email list clean


Email subscriber list is the most important asset for all marketers. It is important that you keep your email subscriber list updated. Remove those emails that have unsubscribed from your emails. It might sound counter-productive but is essential to keep your engagement levels boosted. 

Some email providers are offering option to remove those emails from your list that have unsubscribed you thus will help you save your several hours in cleaning your email list.


Select an impressive subject line


The first thing the consumer sees in your email is the subject line. When the subject line sounds interesting, there are more chances that the target audience will open the mail and read the complete email. This will increase the chances of sales and thus making the marketing campaign by emailing platform successful. 


Provide good content


When your target audience receives your email, the first thing they will notice is the email content. So it is essential that you are crafting compelling subject lines along with an attractive email design to grab your target audience's attention. 


Try using the most attractive design for the emails


When the email looks attractive, consumer will read it leading to increase in your sales. Also, with the beautiful design, it will be possible for the organization to keep the conversation for long time.

Though this method for increasing the sales and making the email campaign successful is underrated yet it is an effective way to make your email marketing campaign hit.


Schedule your email


The time when you should send the email depends on your target customers. Perform different tests to check the email open rates and discover the perfect timing to send your emails. 


Optimize your emails for mobile


Mobile is the most convenient way to read emails for most customers. So consider this aspect while designing your email and make it compatible with the mobile screen.  


A/B Test the performance of your email marketing campaign


In the case when you are not getting the desired result from your email marketing campaign, A/B test your emails. It will provide the marketers with worthful insights that will help in optimizing the email strategy for better performance.



The bottom line


Using an effective email marketing strategy helps all businesses to achieve their overall marketing goals. A perfect email marketing strategy is helpful in providing marketers with tons of opportunities and chances to expand their audiences.   

If you have any queries regarding how to boost the performance of your email marketing campaigns, do ask us in the comment section.            


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