Wednesday, 23 June 2021

How to get crypto currencies?

 These days all wants to earn crypto currencies or other kind of crypto currencies. Seeing the spike in the crypto currency, nobody wants to miss the chance to get benefit from the price inflation in crypto currency again. This is the reason why the quest for the crypto currency is increasing among peoples.

But the question is how to get the crypto currencies? Here in this guide, we will discuss on the best ways to earn or to get crypto currencies easily and most efficiently.

How to get crypto currencies?

Since the market of the crypto currency is unsure thus nobody wants to spend money and risk their money in crypto currencies. So here along with the buying method, we will list you some free methods also to get crypto currencies.


This is the first and most easy way to invest in crypto currency and get the crypto currencies. Since the crypto currency industry has gain much popularity, now it becomes very easy for the buyers to purchase crypto currencies easily. Also, many companies has invited the Crypto currency payment also which means that they will provide the service and the product in against of crypto currencies. Thus the industry has provided much access to buyers to easily buy the crypto currencies.

In order to purchase crypto currencies, the best way is get the crypto currencies from the Crypto currency ATM and you can but the crypto currencies in against of cash or credit. Also, it is possible to get crypto currencies by the exchange like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance where you can get crypto currencies in exchange of real cash.

Crypto currency mining

Those who are unsure for the investment in crypto currency, they can get the crypto currency from the mining method for free. Though the mining process for the crypto currency might sound easy but in actual it is even more complicated. Though with the mining process you will get the crypto currency in the form of rewards for free, but you will need to pay for the mining process.

In the mining process, the person or the miner will need to solve the complex computerized mathematical problem in order to validate the blocks of transaction. On validating that blocks, the miner will get crypto currencies as rewards. But this process requires some softwares and high-end equipments like Application Specific Integrated circuits, and many more along with the regular computer.

Also, in order to make the mining process simpler and less expensive, you can join the mining network. After paying the joining fees of the mining network, you will get the option to work with other miners and mine for crypto currencies. But in this method, you will need to split the rewards among all the members.

Earn crypto currency by staking

In the case when you are having an eye on some coins but cannot mine, then you via staking can get the crypto currencies. It is more like a lottery game. In this method, the person on the basis of the number of coins they hold will be chosen in a deterministic way in order to confirm the creation of new block. The more crypto currency you have, more will be your chances to earn crypto currencies.

Get more crypto currencies with DeFi Yield farming

The Yield farming or the Liquidity farming can be defined as the decentralized Finance projects that features the reward system. In simple words, in this method the person can earn crypto coins in form of rewards on locking up crypto currencies.

The more fund you invest and more the liquidity you grant to the DeFi, more rewards in form of crypto coin you will get the chance to earn. On the basis of projects, the person will get the chance to get even more additional tokens along with the yield. 

Join Airdrops in order to get more crypto coins

The air drops provide an another great way to earn more crypto currencies. It is the way to take the early advantage of the emerging project in order to get more crypto coins.

Many companies or the projects utilizes the method of airdrops campaign in order to create a community around their project. This will help the crypto enthusiasts to get tokens in exchange of small tasks or specific tasks. Once the project introduced in the market, the token earned by performing specific tasks can be traded for coins or for cash.

Micro task

  This method for earning crypto currency is also like the air drop method. It is the simplest way to get crypto currencies. When the person perform micro tasks or simple tasks, the companies provide them with crypto coins in the form of rewards.

Freelance and earn crypto coins

This is easiest method to earn crypto coins. Here the freelancer workers will need to submit the work like web designing, content writing, or any other freelancing task in against of crypto coins. In simple word we can say, that in this method the freelancer will complete certain work and get crypto coins as payment.

There are countless platforms where the freelancer can get the freelancing project and get crypto coins as rewards.

Accept crypto payment

In the case when you are having any e-commerce website or  you used to sell some product or service, you can get crypto coins by accepting the crypto payment. It is most efficient way where the seller can accept the crypto coins as a payment in exchange of product or service.

Play games

This is most entertaining way to earn crypto currencies. There are several platform where you will be get paid with crypto coins on playing games but will need to watch several ads also. In order to avoid ads, you can join the bitcoin casino r any other crypto coin casino. Here you will need to bet your crypto coins or the cash and play like traditional casino.

Read books

There are hundreds of faucets that pay crypto coins to the people on reading books.

The bottom line

So these are some most efficient way to get crypto coins!           


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