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How to make money in COVID – 19 pandemic time- top 8 best ways to earn money

 As we all know that COVID – 19 pandemic times has resulted in the shutdown of complete market. Since the market is closed, the companies are not in situation to pay their employees. This is making them fire their employees.

Many of the peoples have lost their jobs and are now in searching for a new job. But finding a job in this COVID -19 pandemic time is like making way on the mountains. But the job is also necessity as they have to raise their family.

In order to help you, here in this guide, we are bringing you top 8 best online ways that will allow you make money right from your home regardless of the closed market and tough situation in the companies.

With the following 8 ways, it will be possible for the users to make money online using the digital platform by working from home in flexible hours. The jobs listed below are not only for COVID – 19 pandemic time, but you can also keep it continue for long time. Even when you got some office job, still you can continue it as extra source of money.

For those who prefer more to work from home instead of office job, this is best opportunities for them. Also, the working mother or those who are going to be mother soon can earn money using the following job working right from the house.

Top 10 best ways to make money online from home

Given below are best ways that will help you make money right from comfort of your house working online as per your convenience:

Write online and get payment

Have you heard of freelancer content writer? This is online home based job allowing the person to write the articles, content, web pages, books, and many more from their home and get payment for the work.

Those who are having good writing skills can start with this job. It is great way to make money online and will keep the inflow of the money even in the pandemic time. Now with this work from home content writing job, you do not need to wait for the market to open and then making money. Instead you can start your PC now, search for some content writing project, get approval by the client, start working. Clients for the content writing project you can on several sites like Freelancer, Truelancer, Upwork, etc. Even many of the clients for content writing are available on Facebook also allowing you to get your writing project from our favorite social media platform.


If you are having good knowledge related to IT field and websites, you can start your own website. Having your own website is a great way to make money online and this will make you less dependent on the employers for the income.

You can start your own website with minimal investment and get paid for showing ads and many more. Also, having your own website will not only make you independent of the employers but will also provide you the option to generate employment opportunities for others.

YouTube channel

YouTube channel these days are also becoming poplar way to make money. People on YouTube can make videos related to different field including history, entertainment, facts, science, and many more and get paid for showing ads and many more.   

For starting a YouTube channel, you do not need to invest more. Infect all you need is to start your channel with minimal document requirement. Following a perfect schedule on YouTube will help you gain more subscribers and this way you can make money by making videos.

With YouTube channel, you will get the option to follow your passion and show videos related to your passion. For example, if you are a game lover, you can start making videos on gaming strategies, game play, etc and get viewers.   

Virtual assistant job

Those who are having good communication skills and are having great digital skills as well can utilize their skills in making money. This kind of job may require you to have some organizational skills also. So working as a virtual assistant will help you make money right from your home regardless of the shutting down of the market. The job allows you to work remotely but you might need to adjust your timing as per the organization requirement.

 The good thing of this job opportunity is that it is long term job providing youa stable source for income.

Become a digital seller

In the case when you have some extraordinary skills to make handicraft items or any other stuff, you can utilize this of your creative skill in making money. Make unique items and sell on digital platforms like Ebay, Amazon, and many more and get buyers from all around the nation and yes sometimes from all around the world.   

 Take survey and earn money

 Have you heard of making money by taking survey? Well, this is a great way to make money online. All you need is to answer some simple questions on survey related to your personal information and get paid. You are also having option to for the question you think more person and do not want to disclose.

Though the payment in this kind of work is less but allowing you to make money without any efforts and simply answering the questions related to your personal life.

Try online tutoring

Those with teaching skills can start their earning by teaching online. The online tutoring platform like unacademy, vedantu, etc will allow you to take class online and get payment. Also, you can take class of your own students online on video chatting platforms.

Transcribe audio

It is also a emerging job opportunity where you need to transcribe audio or converting the audios in text document and get money.

The bottom line

So these are some amazing job opportunities you can do online right from your home and make money.       

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