Thursday, 3 June 2021

How to prevent black fungus?

 The COVID – 19 pandemic has not gone yet and now the world is facing another challenge in the name of black fungus. The people who have gone through the severe phase of COVID – 19 infection are having more chances of getting the infection of black fungus.

Black fungus or mucormycosis is known to infect the people with compromised immunity, diabetes, any health complications, cancer, etc or who just has recovered or suffering from the COVID – 19 infection.

The black fungus disease is now taking a severe form in the nation and is reported to cause blindness, loss of body tissue, organ dysfunction, and sometimes even death of the person in the case when not treated on time.

As we all know the country is going through the suffering of second wave and even more dangerous wave of corona virus. And, at the same time, a anew diseases in the form of black fungus has just emerged and now spike in their case is seen in the entire country.

Those COVID – 19 patient who required oxygen or ventilator support while their COVID – 19 infection are more reported to face this diseases as well. The infection of black fungus and mucormycosis is also observed in diabetic patient, cancer patient, heart disease patient, COVID – 19 recovered or suffering patient, immune compromised patient, kidney disease patient, and other people with many mor health complications.

What is black fungus?

Black fungus or mucormycosis is a kind of fungus which is rarely reported to infect people but are having high mortality rate up to 50 percent. As per report, the infectious organism grow in hyphea manner and it grows in and around the blood vessels leading to the death and many more complication to the patient.

This diseases is potentially very life threatening to patient and if not treated often leads to death of the patient. Even when the patient got proper treatment, still there are high chances of death along with blindness, tissue loss, organ failure and many more.  

Why black fungus or mucormycosis is so dangerous?

The danger of black  fungus is now can be seen with the increase in their case and their complication in and around the nation. This disease is even more dangerous than COVID – 19 cases and often leads to death or blindness, tissue loss, or  organ failure.

As per doctors who are treating patient with black fungus, the disease is so potent that it often leads to blindness, organ failure, organ dysfunction, loss of tissue, and some time even the death of the patient in the case when there is no proper treatment. Also, in the case when it is not diagnosed early, there is more chances of death. In order to save the patient, the early detection of this disease is very important and as soon as the disease is diagnosed, it is required to start the treatment as soon as possible.

The severity of this disease can be estimated from the increasing death and deformed patient from all around the world. Now the country along with suffering from the COVID – 19 pandemic is also facing the issue of increasing black fungus which is supposed to be even more dangerous and hazardous for the world in the case when not controlled on time.

Who are more susceptible to black fungus disease?

As mentioned, the people with compromised immunity and those who have just recovered from the severe form of COVID – 19 are more susceptible to this diseases.

This mucormycosis disease is reported to occur in those who are either having diabetes, cardiac diseases, kidney diseases, cancer or any other immunity compromising disease or who have just recovered from COVID – 19 via oxygen support.

Also, those people who are immune compromised and has gone through transplants are more prone to black fungus. Those who are taking immune suppressing medicines for some reason or are having immune suppressant disease like AIDS are having more chances to get infected by black fungus disease. The chances of occurrence of this disease in more in people who are on ventilator for long time.   

How this black fungus casue disease in human beings?

When a person is immune compromised and they inhale this fungus due to any reason, there is chances that the fungus start growing in and around their arteries causing potential life threatening disease and health hazard to the person.

When the fungus enters via wound, it only lead to local infection and local tissue injury. But in the case when it get inhaled, it will start involving the sinuses, brain, eyes, ears, and many more organs leading to blindness, loss of tissue, organ dysfunction and even death in more severe cases. 

The diabetes, cancer, AIDS, heart diseases, transplants, immune suppressant drugs, etc are known to suppress the immunity of the person and thus making them more prone to this highly fatal disease.

This form of black fungus infection are also seen in post COVID – 19 patient who required oxygen support while their treatment. The reason for this is supposed to be spread of infection through the unhygienic humidifier and thus leading to the inhalation of infectious agent.   

Symptoms of black fungus infection:

In the case when any person shows the following symptoms, there are chances that the suspected disease is black fungus:

  • Nasal blockage, sinusitis, and congestion
  • Blackish nasal discharge is common finding
  • One side facial pain and local pain in the cheek bone
  • Also, the person will feel numbness in their face
  • Loose teeth and decaying jaw
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Necrotic skin lesion and thrombosis
  • Chest pain
  • Worsening of respiratory symptoms
  • Pleural effusion  

Treatment for black fungus

The main treatment for the black fungus involves the surgical debridement of necrosed infected tissue along with the combination of antibiotic. The administration of anti fungal drugs like amphotericin is known to have good results.


Since the disease is highly dangerous, instead of cure, the prevention is way better. In order to prevent the occurrence of this disease:

  • Wear mask while walking or working in dusty, or humid area.  
  • Wear long sleeves cloths with less exposure of skin.
  • Keep the blood sugar under control.
  • Have immune boosting medicines or stuffs to keep the immunity level high.
  • Avoid having steroid as it reduce the immunity.       

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