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How to prevent depression?

 Depression is a kind of mental disorder which affects the thinking, feeling, and the action of the people. Though depression majorly have impact on mental healthy but is also having impact on physical health of the individual.

Doctors in order to cure depression and to avoid its relapse prefer to give anti depression medication and tranquilizers in low dose to keep person calm and relax. But do you know that it is possible to cure and prevent the relapse of the depression by natural ways as well.

Here in this guide, we are listing you some of the best natural tips that will help you easily manage the symptoms of depression and with the following tips; you can also prevent the relapse episodes of the depression as well.

Though depression can occur in people of any age but it generally impact on those who are either having history of depression in family, who is suffering from some major disease like cancer, who have experienced some bad situations or trauma, stress, or any kind of life chanting event, or those who are using any certain kind of medications that have side effect f depression.

These days, the depression is impacting young people more over the old people. With the help of following tips, it will be possible for the individual to avoid depression and prevent its relapse episodes.

Best tips to prevent depression

Depression might sound normal but might have life altering and severe outcomes affecting the quantity of life and the happiness of not only the sufferer but the people around them as well. Doctors in order to prevent and cure depression use several types of anti-depressant medicines. But it is possible to manage the symptoms of depression and prevent the reoccurrence of  the depression by natural methods as well.

Following we are discussing on some tips that will help you manage the symptoms of depression and prevent its reoccurrence:

Avoid stress

The chances of depression increase many folds when the person is experiencing stress for so many days. The person with high risk of having chronic stress leads to increase in the chances of depression. So in order to prevent the occurrence of depression, it is necessary that the individual is having control over their stress.

Though the depression is also having some relation with the genetic factor but even when the person is having depression in their family history, still they can get control over it by avoiding taking stress.   

Depression is long term outcome of the stress but is having direct impact on the mental as well as physical health of the person. In order to prevent stress, the person needs to take enough sleep and rest. It is required that the person stop thinking for the extra demands they cannot afford instead should learn to say NO to all the additional demand whether it is more work or any new stuff.

Continue work for long time is also known to cause stress. So the person should take rest or break in between work time. Exercise and meditation is most important to control stress as it keeps the mind calm. Also, the breathing exercises helps in keeping the brain calm and help you relieve stress, if any.


As mentioned, the exercise have great impact on relieving stress and in the same way, it is helpful in preventing depression as well. Several researches have shown that the exercise is helpful in preventing the reoccurrence of the depression episodes. Also, it is proved that the exercise and physical activity is having role in curing the depression.

Some doctors prefer to use the exercise as underlying treatment in supplement to the depression treatment. It is having role in booth both the physical as well as mental health.

Meditation is even more beneficial for overcoming the depression and it helps in reducing the stress level and thus the depression. The person who used to perform meditation as well as breathing exercise, they are known to have better mental health and very less chances for the depression or any kind of chronic stress.

It is recommended for the people who are facing the issue of chronic stress or depression to do exercise at least for 5 minutes and then gradually increase them over coming days and weeks. Even those who are currently not having any depression issues but having the history of depression in family or themselves should also exercise in order to keep mind calm and avoid the reoccurrence or occurrence of the exercise.


A healthy diet is proven to have impact positively on the mental health. With healthy and tasty diet, t is possible to control stress and thus the depression. Some researchers suggest including dietary interventions as in order to treat depression.

The best dietary stuffs helpful in reducing depression are fresh fruits and vegetables, soybean products, green tea, healthful oils including olive oils, fish, and whole grains. Also, some diet is having negative impact on the mental health as well. The depressed patient should limit their consumption of Tran’s fat. Red meat, meat products, premade baked foods, and the sugary desserts and sodas.  

The diets that are rich in anti oxidants, vitamin E, Vitamin A, etc are having good role in reducing depression.


Adequate sleep is essential to maintain a healthy mental health. People who sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours are facing less issue of depression and chronic stress. Sleep is great medication in relieving stress and thus the depression.

Avoid alcohol and drug use

The use of alcohol and drug might be relaxing in starting but end up with elevating the depression level. The individuals in order to control stress should opt the healthy way to reduce their stress and depression level instead to taking help from alcohol and drugs.


Some fun therapies and talking therapies along with counseling is proven to have positive impact on the mental health of the person.

The bottom line

So these are some anti-depression natural remedies to control depression as well prevent its relapse!          


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