Tuesday, 1 June 2021

How to prevent you and your family from COVID – 19?

 The terror of COVID – 19 is increasing day by day. Governments are trying their best to prevent people from the infection of corona virus and are continuously directing peoples to follow some precautions in order to stay safe and stay healthy in this COVID - 19 pandemic time.  

But preventing the public from COVID- 19 infection is not only the duty of Government but it our responsibility also to take care and stop the further spreading of infection. This will not only save you and your family from COVID -19 but will help in eliminating the pandemic from the nation.

By following just some simple precautions, you can not only save yourself and your family from the COVID 19 deadly infection but can contribute in preventing the spreading and breaking the chain of COVID -19 virus in the nation. 

Here in this guide, we are sharing with you all the precautions that government and medical workers are suggesting in order to avoid the contamination of fatal COVID - 19 virus.

Quick tips to stop COVID – 19 contamination:

  • Never forget to wear a mask. In case of high COVID  19 risk zone, wear 2 masks. Do not forget to cover your mouth and nose with the mask. This will help you get yourself protected from the COVID -19 virus along with preventing others as well.
  • Keep at least 6 feet distance from others with whom you dont live with. In the case when you suspect COVID -19 infection in your house, follow the same guide in house as well.
  • Do not delay to get your self and your family vaccinated against COVID  19 virus. Once it become available to you, do not miss the opportunity and get your self and your family vaccinated.
  • Keep washing your hands more frequently either with antibacterial soap or by alcohol based hand sanitizer. When out side house, do not forget to keep yourself sanitized by using hand sanitizers.

Tips for preventing COVID -19 virus infection:

Here we are sharing some very important precautions you should follow and encourage others to follow in order to protect you and your loved one along with your surrounding people from the infection of noval COVID – 19 virus and this way you are also helping the nation by contributing a major role in stopping the spreading of CORONA virus.

Wash your hand carefully and frequently

Since it is COVID – 19 pandemic time, there is all over TV ads and everywhere to wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soap or any alcohol based hand sanitizers. Governments are continuously directing people to keep washing their hands more frequently and try to stay as much sanitized as you can.

In the case when you go outside the house, carry your alcohol based hand sanitizers in order to use it, keep yourself sanitized, and thus prevent you and your family from the COVID - 19 infection. It is also advised to the firms to keep sanitizers at the main gate or entrance in order to first sanitized the visitors entering the firm and thus preventing the infection chance up to much extent.

When every you have to touch anything outside from the house including receiving groceries or any other stuff from the market, wash or sanitize your hand. Do not forget to wash your hands again before you are going to eat or touching any new born baby.

Do not touch your face, nose, eyes, ears, and mouth

Unless necessary, avoid touching your nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and face. It is reported that SARS COVID – 19 virus can survive for more than 72 hours. In the case when you have touched something and forget to wash your hand. There are chances that the virus is present on your hand. Touching your mouth, ears, eyes, and nose or face will make them enter in your body and infect you.

So it is advised to avoid touching your natural orifices like nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and face as they may provide the way to the virus for entering your body and infecting you.

If you have to touch the face, first wash your hands carefully and then touch your face.

Stop shaking hand and hugging people

We agree that hugging people and shaking hand is a way to greet your loved ones but from now for yours as well as yours loved ones protection, avoid hand shaking and hugging them. This will prevent the spread of infection. In the case, when you are having mild COVID -19 infection, hugging them will results in contaminating them with the COVID -19 as well. And, the mild infection in you might take drastic form in them. And vice versa. So until the government announced that the nation is now 100% safe, till that avoid any kind of contact with other with whom you are not living with.

Wear mask

The government is continuously directing and guiding people to wear mask. They are working very hard to save us from the infection and it is our responsibility as well to contribute in breaking the chain of the SARS COVID -19 virus.

Wearing a mask can prevent the contamination up to 60 percent and thus helps in reducing the spreading of the infection. In the case when you have to go to the high risk zone like hospitals, it is recommended to wear two masks.

Do not go in crowd

Crowd is the major reason for the burst in the COVID -19 cases. So in order to now stop it, avoid going to the gatherings.

Take social distancing seriously            

Social distancing is essential to break the chain of corona virus. So keep at least 6 feet distance with people whom you don’t live with.

Do not share your personal items

Items like phone, makeup, or any food stuff are major source to share infection. In the case when you are infected, sharing any kind of stuff with others means sharing the infection and vice versa.            

Keep your home and surrounding sanitized.

The bottom line

So these are some precautions you should follow in order to avoid contamination.


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