Tuesday, 1 June 2021

How to stay healthy and fit in lockdown time?

 We all know the world is facing the lock down phase and there is increasing corona cases all over. People these days are staying at home and spending much time with family. And, it is quite common that when we stay more in home, we keep eating more. And, also the COVID – 19 pandemic time is actually becoming kitchen time for many people who are trying new recipes daily and enhancing their cooking skills.

Though enhancing the cooking skills is good but taking your fitness and health for granted should not be acceptable. People these days are only doing is cooking food and then enjoying it with family. This is good for your interaction with family but not for your health and fitness. Instead you should try eating something healthy with your family. It will along with strengthening your bond will also help your family to stay healthy and fit.

On social media, it is becoming craze that peoples keep sharing of their new recipes. Jokes apart, it is not healthy for yourself. Though the urban society are taking it as a joke but are also concerned with the chances of their increased weight. If you are also concerned for your weight increase, here in this guide, we will help you with some tips that will help you stay fit and healthy.

Eat wisely, eat healthy, and eat timely 

Eating wisely, eating healthy, and eating timely are three Gurumantras that will help you stay fit and healthy not only in lockdown time but in your entire life. We agree that staying at home allow people to easily get access to snacks, sweets, and many more food leading them to eat more.

But along with our cravings, we should also care for our health and fitness. Instead of eating more, we can take some fitness advantage of this lock down. Since we are at home, we are having less access to restaurants and other outside food snacks. So at home, we can switch to or build habit to eat on low calorie, high protein, high fiber, and low trans fat food.

It is fact that when we are at home, we feel more hunger. So in order to satisfy our stomach craving, instead of some noodles and high calorie food, we can go for sprouts, oats, and other delicious com healthy food items. Sprouts, salad, masala oats, etc are great alternative for fried items like samosa, pakoda, vada, noodles, etc.

Also, we should consider the fact that in this lockdown time, we are not doing any efforts to burn our calories. So in order to keep the balance in our body, we have reduce our calorie consumption. Since we are not doing any exercise and not burning calories, it is required that wee supply less fuel (carbohydrate) to our body in order to keep the balance of calories.   

Also, we know that we are having less activity, we can completely avoid having carbs diet in the night time. Instead in order to satisfy the satiety, we can eat on salads, dal, fresh veggies, etc.

Work on your meal plan

Those who are working from home can understand that how the disturbance in their routine has taken their eating habit to a toss. Now people are either stay hungry for long and end up eating something really unhealthy or binge eating on high calorie food. So in order to avoid both the circumstance, there is need that you stick to your healthy eating habit. Wake up on time in the morning, have your breakfast. Take healthy lunch in the day time. This will help you eliminate your cravings in the evening time and prevent you from eating something unhealthy.

In the case when you feel small small hunger in the evening brunch time, instead of craving on chips, fries, etc, go for something healthy like oats, sprouts, veggies, etc.

Do not stuff much your stomach before going to bed. It is recommended to take light dinner in the night. This way, when you stick to this healthy eating routine, you can eliminate your super cravings and will help you stay fit and healthy.

What you should eat in lockdown time?

Only deciding the time for taking meal is not enough. In order to stay healthy, you should also need to decide what to eat and what to avoid. As we know that in lock down time, peoples are not having much body activity so requires less energy and thus less carb food.

In order to lower the calorie or energy consumption, cut down your cabs from your diet. In the breakfast, try having oats, fruits, juices, etc. These will keep you energetic throughout the day. In the lunch, have normal but healthy lunch with lot of veggies and focus more on salad. Cut down your carbs consumption in lunch as well. For evening snack, sprouts are best option. In the night, you only need to go to bed so you are actually not requiring much energy. So for your supper, you can actually avoid carbs completely. Have some dal, fresh veggies etc.

With these eating routine, it will be possible for all to stay healthy and fit in lock down as well.

You are under social lockdown not under workout lockdown

It is clear that government has denied you to go out for gyming but is not refusing to do workouts in home. You can do workout at home as well. All you need is your will.    

The benefits of physical and mental exercise can not be gained just by adopting healthy eating habit. You need to increase the body activity and do some exercise in morning or in evening in order to keep you active along with fit and healthy.

The bottom line

So with the above routine, you can maintain your fitness and healthy and it will also help you get adopted to work faster after the lockdown is over.


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