Tuesday, 1 June 2021

How to take care for skin at home in Lockdown?

 The COVID – 19 pandemic has resulted in stopping of the world. Now the entire nation is going through the phase of lock down. People are working from home and are not allowed to go outside to open their business. Beauty parlours and saloons are also closed making people not to care for their skin.

Since, the parlours and saloons are close, in order to take care of your skin, you need to pamper your skin at home only. It is possible to pamper your skin at home using some simple remedies to get glowing skin at home.

Here in this guide, we are sharing you some simple remedies that will help you get glowing clear and young skin at home without going outside to the parlour. Even when the parlour is open, it is risky to go there and get skin treatment. There are chances that some contaminated person visits the same parlour at the same time leading you to get contamination and taking your family on risk as well.

So in this situation, home remedies are great alternative to have glowing skin at home. The home remedies are effective enough and are proven remedies to help you get better skin tone, glowing skin, clear skin, and better texture at home. You do not need to visit the parlour to get good skin. Here are some great remedies at home that will help you get best of your skin from the comfort of your house.

Take care of your skins at home in lockdown

Glowing skin plays major role in confidence. Skin plays most essential role in making the individual person attractive. When you look attractive and have healthy flawless skin, it will automatically boost your confidence and thus you will perform well in office.

The high confidence will never let you hesitate and perform well in the office.

Use virgin coconut oil for the soothing of the skin

Coconut oil is known to have rich content of anti-inflammatory property, healing property, and antioxidants. Though the coconut oil is not good for all. Some people might have allergy of this oil but in the case when it goes well with your skin without causing any irritation, you can use it in different ways including moisturizing your ski. Coconut oil massage is great moisturizes and prevent your skin to look dry and scaly. Also, it is great alternative for make up remover. Coconut oil can be used in removing the makeup. It will also help in soothing your skin and making it look amazing and glowing.  

If you are not allergic to coconut oil, take small amount of it and massage it on your face. Leave it for some time and then wash it off using some good and mild cleanser.

Aloe vera for healthy skin

The role of aloe vera for healthy skin is now even accepted by multiple pharmaceutical companies and they are using it in their skin care product. The aloe vera is known to have the healing properly and can stimulate new cell growth and thus give rejuvenating effect to your skin.

It is non sticky gel type substances that helps smoothening and miniaturization of skin without clogging the pores. Thus are known to have role in controlling acne. Apply small amount of aloe vera on your face, leave it for overnight or for some time. Then wash your face with mild cleanser. After the wash, you will feel the new glow and healthy skin.

Though less chances, but some people are also allergic to aloe vera. So in case of any allergy, first apply aloe vera in small amount. If no irritation, continue its use. In the case of irritation or any other kind of allergy, discontinue its use.         

Moisturize properly

Moisturizing the skin with moisturizer rich in antioxidants, healing properties, and moisturizing properties are good to encourage your skin to glow out. In case when you feel dry skin, do not exfoliate. Instead apply moisturizer. Also, it is recommended to apply moisturizer on the wet skin as it will keep the skin moisturize for long time by locking the moisture in the skin and promote healing of the skin.


We know in the lockdown, you are not going outside the house. Still sunscreen is important to protect your skin from the sun rays that are entering in your house. Though the sun rays entering in your house are having negligible effect on your skin but it might lead to tanning or other skin allergies. So make a habit to apply sun screen daily. It will provide shield to your skin from the harmful UV rays and protect you from photoaging and skin aging.

Follow a proper cleansing routing

More you keep your skin clean, more it will glow. Wash your skin at least three time a day. This will extract out all the excess oil and dirt and preventing your skin from acne or any other kind of skin issue. Along with protecting your skin from any skin issue, keeping skin clean will also make it glow.

In the night, cleaning of skin is even more important as in the night, when you cleans the pores of your skin, it will promote better healing of the skin in the night time.    

Avoid smoking or passive smoking

The cigarette smoke is having very negative impact on your skin. It contains several toxins that can cause much stress to your skin making it dull and not attractive.

Drink more water and keep it hydrated

When you drink more water, you are hydrating your skin. More the skin hydrated, more it look glowing and amazing. So in order to make your skin glowing, the hydration factor is very important. Drink more and more water, eat fruits with high water content, and keep your skin hydrated.

Take probiotics and antioxidants

Vitamin E, lemon, Green tea, etc are having high amount of antioxidants and probiotics that helps in making skin look younger and glowing.

The bottom line

SO these are some important tips to keep your skin glowing at home!


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