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How to write business plan to run your lean business?

 For a good and successful business, there is need that the company or the entrepreneur is having a good business plan. The effective business plan helps in making the foundation for the business and thus increases the chances for the success of the business.  

Here in this guide, we are explaining you the method to write the business plan for the lean business efficiently and quickly with the help of business plan template in order to run the business successfully.

With the help of an effective and good business plan, the business man will get the guidance to operate and manage the business well. The business plan is helpful in getting the funding and also, with an effective business plan, you can get the partner for your firm.

Basically the business plan will provide you with the road map to run and propagate your business and get the success. It can be defined as the tool to impress or convince other to invest in your business or become your partner.

Here we are explaining you the business plan for the lean type of business. Though the lean type of a business plans are in less number but still they need to utilize the standard structure. In the lean kind of business plan, you need to focus mainly on the summary of the most important points related to the key element of your business plan. The preparation or writing of lean business plan will hardly take one hours and you can make the complete business plan in single page.

The lean kind of business plans are fast to make, need high level focus, and it contains majorly the important points related to the key elements only. Though rare but sometimes the investors and lenders may ask for information in this kind of business plan also.

Format for the lean business plan

The lean business plan is helpful for those who are wishing to create a fast but effective business plan quickly and start their business as early as possible. The lean kind of business plan is relatively simple and you are allowed to make changes in or refine the business plan more frequently.

Basically this kind of lean business plan is generally prepared on the charts using some handful of key elements and associated important points in order to describe the value proposition of the company, its infrastructure, finances, and the customers. The lean business plan is helpful in visualizing the fundamental and trade offs facts related to the new business or the company.

The entrepreneurs are allowed to write the lean business plan using the different type of startup template. The internet and web is full of the templates for the lean kind of business plan allowing you to create the effective and quick plan for your business.

Here in this guide, we are discussing you the nine major components required for the modeling of the lean business plan. SO these are as follow.

The components for writing the lean business plan

Given below are the nine formats required for the writing of the lean business plan:

Key partnership

In this section of the business plan, write about the name and the description of the other services and the businesses you are going to work with or you are planning to run your business. Here in this section, note down the information related to the manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, and similar strategic partners.

Key activities

This section is important for the competition point of view. Here in this section, you will need to write down the ways that your company or the new business in going to gain a competitive advantage. In this section, the business man need to highlight the things like direct sale to the customers, use of latest technologies, etc.

Key resources

In the Key resources section, the business man need to list out the resources that the company is going to utilize and leverage in order to create the best value to the customers. The most important assets that a company owner need to enlist in this section includes capital, staff, and the intellectual properties. Also never forget to enlist the leveraging business resources that might be available to veterans, women, HubZone businesses, and the Native Americans.

Value proposition

This section will help describing the compelling and the clear statement about the new company that how it is going to provide the unique value to the customers and the market.

Customer relationship

In this section for describing the customer relationship, the business owner or the entrepreneur is need to describe how the company use to interact with the customers and vice versa. Also explain if the interaction is personal or automated? Do not forget to mention the type of the interaction if it is online or offline? Think carefully and describe the customer experience with your company from the start to the end.

Customer segments

This Section also plays any important role for the organization of the business. It will help the business man to understand the target customer of their company. In this section, the owner or the entrepreneur after thorough study detail about the segment of the target customers. It is not possible that all the businesses serve all the segment of the customers. So here be specific and mention the segment of the customers that your company is going to serve or planning to serve.


In this sections, enlist the methods via which you are going to interact or communicate with your final customers. In general most of the companies are having a mix of channel that they use totalk with their customers.

Cost structure

Here in this section define the strategy that your company is using in order to reducing the cost and thus maximizing the value of the product or the service.

Revenue streams

In the Revenue stream section, explain the way that your company actually going to make money or earn revenue.

The bottom line

So this way you can write the lean business plan easily.  

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