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MBBS abroad collages

 The craze for a medical science degree and MBBS degree is at the top. Also, with the decline in the health condition of the general public, the scope in medical science has increased multiple folds. Unfortunately, with the increase in the scope in medical sconce, there is no increase or comparatively less increase in seats for MBBS courses in medical colleges. 


As the seats for MBBS are low in India in comparison to students applying for the medical colleges, the trend to go abroad for pursuing the medical science course is increasing among youths. Students these days instead of getting admission in private medical colleges in India, preferring to take admission in abroad medical colleges. 


The reason for this migration toward abroad medical colleges is the lower cost and better infrastructure in international medical colleges. There are several countries where medical universities are offering the MBBS course at a cheaper cost. 


Here in this guide, we will discuss top international medical colleges according to budget and MCI passing ratio.    


Top 5 countries for Indian students for pursuing MBBS course at a cheaper cost


MBBS is the most preferred degree by science biology students. Along with good payments, the doctors are often considered next to god for saving lives. This is the reason for the increase in trend of this prestigious course. 



 Unfortunately, India is having fewer seats for MBBS in medical colleges in comparison to the aspirant students. This makes the students look outside India for the MBBS degree. 


The Good thing is that the foreign countries are providing the MBBS degree at a low cost in comparison to private medical colleges in India. Following we are listing countries and their medical colleges offering MBBS degrees at low cost.


MBBS in Russia

Russia is among the top countries which are preferred by Indian students for medical college admission. The country is known to offer a top-notch medical education system at affordable prices.


The plus point with the medical colleges in Russia is that their medical colleges are MCI recognized and are also authorized by WHO and UNESCO. Thus the students from these colleges are allowed to practice in India and other countries as well.

 Along with low tuition fees in medical colleges, the daily expenses are also low in Russia thus making the complete MBBS degree affordable.


MBBS in Ukraine


In the last couple of years, the popularity of Indian students taking admission to medical colleges in Ukraine has increased many folds. The medical schools in Ukraine offer MBBS degrees at a low cost along with providing wider exposure to the latest medical technologies. Their high standard of medical science education makes this country one of the topmost destinations for medical aspirant students. 


Along with low-cost medical science tuition fees and high infrastructure, the government in this country is also very supportive of international students. The government there ensures that the international students in their country are not deprived of any kind of facility throughout their studies in college. In Ukraine, students will get much support for medical studies in terms of finance, research, work, and development.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan


When it comes to low cost medical degrees, students are also preferring Kyrgyzstan for their medical science studies. It offers the MBBS degree at a comparatively low cost in comparison to other countries making it one of the popular destinations among medical aspirants students. 


The benefit of getting admission to the colleges in this country is that the degree offered here are recognized worldwide making the students practice anywhere in the world.

MBBS in the Philippines

The Philippines is another destination popular in India for providing an MD degree to the students which are equivalent to MBBS in India. The country is popular among medical aspirants from India for its top-notch infrastructure, high-quality studies, the best training, and research facilities, and good global reputation.  


Here in the Philippines, students will get the chance to earn the MBBS degree at compare low price with high quality of education. 

MBBS in Chine

The medical schools from China are having a good global reputation and are known to offer affordable MBBS courses along with quality academics. Though China is a communist country, still is attracting lots of students from India who want to pursue the MBBS course. The reason for the popularity of this destination among Indian medical aspirant students is their high-quality education system and use of advanced medical technologies.


There are several more destinations also like Germany, Belarus, Bangladesh, Georgia, Armenia, America, etc that are popular among medical aspirants from India. 


MCI examination


The students who are planning to gain their MBBS degree from international medical colleges should know about the MCI examination. Every medical student who has passed their MBBS course from an international MCI recognized medical college will need to cross the licensing exam after their MBBS degree in order to practice in India. The exam is known as the MCI screening test. 

The MCI passing ratio is 14.22%. The highest MCI passing ratio is seen in Russian medical college students.    


The bottom line


So these are top countries along with their medical colleges that are popular among medical aspirant students in India for medical science studies abroad.    

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