Monday, 7 June 2021

MBBS in abroad

 The trend of medical careers is increasing among students. Now every second student after their 10th opt Science biology and dream to be a doctor. But due to limited government medical colleges MBBS seats, the dream of many students for being a doctor remains unfulfilled. 


Though there are several private medical colleges in India also inviting students for the MBBS course. They are also offering similar MBBS degrees but most of them are too expensive for a middle class student. Private medical colleges in India in order to provide the medical science and health science degree or we can say the MBBS degree charges in several lakhs which is sometimes difficult for the middle class family to arrange. 


The good news is that there are several medical colleges abroad also that are offering the MBBS degree at affordable prices. This is the reason why the trend for applying to study MBBS abroad is increasing in a recent couple of years back. 


Why students are moving toward abroad medical science/ MBBS study?


As per the report by MCI (Medical Council of India), there are a total of 542 medical colleges including both the government and private medical colleges. All the private, as well as government medical colleges in India, comprise a total of 79,885 seats for MBBS degree which requires the students to clear the NEET (national Eligibility cum Entrance Test). And the seats for medical science study in India are just a fraction of students applying for the NEET exam. 


This makes the students willing to be a doctor to look abroad for the Medical science study. Also, the medical colleges in other countries offer MBBS degrees at a cheap cost in comparison to private medical colleges in India. 


How to get admission to Medical colleges abroad?


There are some requirements that students need to fulfill before in order to get admission for the medical science course abroad. Though different countries have different guidelines and different sets of rules and regulations, here we are listing the general eligibility guidelines that Indian students need to know who want to pursue the MBBS from the international medical colleges. 

Where the students can go for the MBBS course abroad?


There are several destinations for the students who want to pursue their medical course in abroad countries. While selecting the international medical college for the MBBS degree, there is a need to consider different factors like cost of studying, how much that country is popular among Indian students, living expenses, solid curriculum-based education, and MCI recognized universities.

The popular choices among Indian students for international medical colleges include colleges from China, Russia, Nepal, Ukraine, and the USA. 



In most of the international medical colleges, there are better infrastructure and advanced medical technologies giving the students with international exposure. The students in International medical colleges are getting better clinical exposure.


Also, there they get the chance to use advanced medical technologies most of which are still not available in many medical colleges in India. 


Since there are many Indian students who take admission in international medical colleges, there in abroad medical school also, you will get Indian friends and Indian circle. Some colleges are having a facility of Indian food for Indian students as well. 


Language may be sometimes become trouble as you will need to speak with patients in their local language. But most of the time, with the English language, you can survive easily in a new country also.   

 The bottom line


So this was a complete guide on how, where, and why to get admission to international medical colleges for an MBBS degree. I hope this article is helpful for those students who are planning to pursue their MBBS degree from abroad.  


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