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MBBS in India vs Abroad

 When we talk about the best career, the medical field comes in top career option for students. The path for being a doctor ad owning a hospital starts from clearing the pre-medical entrance test and ear the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree. 

But clearing the pre-medical test sometimes becomes difficult for even brilliant students as there is very few number of government medical seats in comparison to the applicants for the Pre-medical entrance test. 


The good thing is that students can get their MBBS degree from private medical Colleges as well. But most of the private medical Colleges in India cost a bomb. They are much expensive for a middle-class family. Still, families in order to fulfill their child’s dream arranging the financial requirement for the private medical college fees. 


Now the family and parents don’t need to stress much about the fees of the private medical Colleges, as there are some MCI recognized Colleges in a foreign country also that offer the same MBBS degree but at a cheaper price. Even when you include the traveling cost, hostel fee, medical College fees, and other expenses, the study of medicine abroad will charge less in comparison to the private medical college in India. 


Since these international private medical Colleges are also MCI recognized and allow the students to practice in India, families are making more movement toward the abroad medical Colleges. Along with providing the cheaper MBBS degree that works the same in India, with these Colleges, you will get the chance of international exposure, clinical exposure in another country, a better quality of education, and many more. This is the reason why the medical degree abroad is becoming a popular option for students. 


Today in this guide, we will compare the MBBS in India vs abroad, their fee structure, hostel, education system, food, safety, and placements. 


MBBS in India- Requirements


In order to get admission in private as well as government medical Colleges in India, the students need to clear the 12th with physics, chemistry, and biology as mandatory subjects from the NCERT board or other state board. There is a need for at least 50% marks in PCB 12th board exam.


Admission to medical College will be allotted on the basis of NEET-UG scores. The students will also require clearing the cut-off of the NEET-UG pre-medical entrance test. 


For admission in Government Medical Colleges, there is a need for a high score in NEET-UG. While for the private medical College admission, clearing the passing criteria of the NEET-UG would be sufficient. Some private medical Colleges in India might demand high NEET-UG scores but there are several medical Colleges that require only the qualification in NEET, no need for high rankings in NEET-UG.


MBBS in Abroad- Requirements


The requirements for admission in MCI recognized Medical Colleges abroad are also similar to in medical College in India. The students need to clear the 12th with physics, chemistry, and biology as mandatory subjects from the NCERT board or other state board. There is a need for at least 50% marks in PCB and 50% marks in the English 12th board exam. 



 Also, there is a need to clear the passing criteria of the NEET-UG pre-medical entrance test. The ranking in NEET-UG will not affect much in the admission process in these international medical Colleges. 



 MBBS in India- Duration


The time duration for an MBBS degree in India includes 4.5 years of academics along with 1 year of mandatory internship.


MBBS in Abroad- Duration


The MBBS abroad may take 5 years, 5.5 years, or 6 years including the internship. 


MBBS in India- Fees structure


The government medical Colleges are very cheap in comparison to private medical Colleges in India as well as international medical Colleges. They charge between INR 11,000 to INR 7.5lakh for the complete course. 


While the admission to private medical Colleges for MBBS may cost you the bomb. They may charge up to INR 80 lakh along with additional donation fees. 


MBBS in abroad- Fees structure



 Though the medical degree abroad is also not cheap but is way cheaper than the private medical institutes in India. The fees of some MCI recognized Medical Colleges abroad start from INR 9 lakh per year including the hostel fees, tuition fees, and Indian food fees. There is no extra donation fee. 


MBBS in India- Education system


Some government medical Colleges like Maulana Azad medical Colleges, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, BHU medical College, and other top government medical Colleges are providing great clinical exposure along with excellent research facilities. 


Even some private medical Colleges like AIIMS institute, JIPMER, Christian Medical College, PGIMER, etc are providing world-class best medical clinical exposure with amazing research facilities having top rankings even in the world.


Unfortunately, several governments as well as private medical Colleges in India are not having that good facility that requires building an expert doctor. Though these Colleges are qualifying the standards set by the MCI but are not up-to-date and advanced as medical Colleges abroad. 


MBBS in Abroad- Education system 


The education systems in international medical Colleges are highly advanced. In these Colleges, the students get the chance to experience the most advanced medical instruments, tools, and machinery. Also, their students get much international clinical exposure. 


The MCI recognized international medical Colleges along with providing international clinical exposure and exposure to highly advanced medical technology, rewards the students with the MBBS degree that they can use to practice in India along with several other countries as well. 


MBBS in India- Hostel 


The hostel facilities in top medical Colleges in India are good. But many government medical Colleges are having really poor hostel facilities. 


The hostel facilities in private medical Colleges are better in comparison to government medical college hostels. 


MBBS in Abroad- Hostel


The hostel facilities in international medical Colleges are advances and high-tech. They are providing better hostel facilities to the students. 


MBBS in India- food


Like the hostel facilities, the food in top medical Colleges is good but in other government medical Colleges are not even passing the hygiene standard. 


The food facility in private medical Colleges in India is good in comparison to government medical Colleges. 


MBBS in abroad- food


The food facility in international medical Colleges is hygienically good but students may not like the international taste and flavors.  


MBBS in India- Placement


The top medical institutes in India like AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, Maulana Azad College, Christian medical Colleges, and other top institutes are providing placements in top hospitals, research centers, and other reputable jobs. There is a wide scope of private practice for experts from these Colleges also. Doctors, specialists, and experts from these Colleges can apply for top government medical jobs, professor jobs in government medical colleges, and other health-related administrative jobs as well.


Similar placement options are provided by other governments as well as private medical Colleges also. Students from these Colleges are allowed to practice anywhere in India and other countries that allow doctors from India. For medical practice abroad, the doctors may have to clear the exam set by the medical council of that country. 


MBBS in Abroad- Placements


With International Medical Colleges, students get more international clinical exposure. Most of the MCI recognized medical institutes abroad are also recognized by medical councils of several other countries also thus allowing the doctors from these institutes to practice in different countries. Thus they are having wider placement opportunities compare to medical graduates from India.


Challenges while getting admission in medical Colleges abroad



 The international medical Colleges have several benefits over private medical institutes in India but there are some challenges also that students need to face while pursuing an MBBS from abroad. 

  • The first challenge is College recognition. There are several medical Colleges abroad, you will have to find the MCI recognized Medical College. Also, make sure the College you are planning to admit to should be recognized by WHO. A degree from an unrecognized medical College is worthless and will not help you in your career.    
  • Being a doctor requires good clinical exposure. But some medical Colleges abroad are reported malicious as they are offering very little medical exposure to students. 
  • Local adjustment is another big challenge in front of students. The student will need to get adjusted according to the local language in that country. Also, staying away from family in an unfamiliar country for more than 5 years is not easy.  


The bottom line


These are some key differences between the MBBS in India in comparison to MBBS abroad. For those students who are looking to take admission in private medical Colleges, this article might help you understand the benefits of getting admission in MBBS abroad. Though there are some challenges also in taking admission in international medical Colleges, overall they will provide you better exposure and advanced research facilities.      


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