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Top 10 best small business ideas 2021

 Those who are looking for small business ideas in order to start in 2021, this guide is going to help you. Here in this article, we are listing you top 10 best small business ideas 2021.

It is great step in everybody’s life to start their own business. It requires some investment along with lots of efforts in order to establish the business well. Only starting the business is not sufficient, there is need for much efforts and small investment as well in order start your own business.

But the efforts, investments, etc are all secondary. The first thing to consider is which business to start. There is need for much efforts in deciding the business field you would like to start your career in.       

In order to reduce much of  your efforts, here in this guide, we are listing you some small business ideas that will help you decide  the business field most suitable for you.

The business ideas we are listing here includes many online business models as well. We recommend you to choose the business field that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.  Also, before deciding your business field, make sure that you are having all the capitals, skills, and assets that the business is demanding for in order to start.

If you are having some skills and passion for becoming an entrepreneur, the all you need is a idea with room and soon you can grow you business and take it to the top of the industry.

Top 10 best small business ideas 2021

So given below are some small business ideas perfect for you and you can think investing efforts in any of these ideas:


When you are having skills and knowledge about particular topic that can be any including business, marketing, leadership, social media, human resources, communication, etc, then you can start your own consultancy business. It can be a lucrative option for the passionate and knowledgeable person to start their own consultancy firm. Grow your firm, hire some more consultant, an take your firm to the next level of growth.

Online reseller

With the digitalization of the world, the scope in online reselling is increasing day by day. Today peoples instead of going outside and purchasing prefer more on purchasing online.

Also, the online reselling business does not demand you to invest more. All, you need is to open your own website and start reselling product from other third party platform. On getting order from any of your customer, pass the order the third party seller and get your commission.

The business idea might sound simple but it requires lots of efforts, dedication, and some good sense of fashion. Only display the picky items having goof fashion sense and this attract more and more customers. When you get experience in this field, it is great option that will allow you turn this business in full time income for you.

Online teaching

As you know, due to the CORONA pandemic, schools, institutes, and universities all around the nation is closed. This has increased the demand for the online teachers. If you are having some teaching skills, then you can start your online classes. Teach your students on online platform like unacademy, YouTube, Vendantu, etc or can take your private online classes on video call platform like Zoom, Google meet, etc.

This business field requires very less investment and many option for you. If you are good in business studies then you can start giving online classes to business studies students. You are having option to choose any subject. Even in the case when you are not having great hold on any subject but having teaching skills and skills to deal with kids, then you can start giving online classes for primary or secondary class students as well. Also, English class is also having demand these days. You can always start giving classes on English language.

Online bookkeeping

This is another great online business option with less investment. If you are having a big collection of ebooks, then with the help of modern technology, you can start the business of online bookkeeping service as well. You can build your own bookkeeping website and invite people to subscribe you. After the subscription, allow people to read books from your bookkeeping online store.

Medical courier service / courier service

For this kind of business, all you need is your own vehicle and the knowledge of your local city. After this, you can start delivering medicines, groceries, and anything to people.

This service in medical field is having high income and your role will be to deliver medicines, transport lab specimens, equipments, and many more.

App developer

Of you are having good knowledge in IT department and know how to design applications or software, than this is perfect option for you. This business field is requiring less investment but requires high level of skills. If you find yourself suitable for it, then none of other option is more income generating then this.

Design your own application from the comfort of your home, launch it on different platforms and earn money.

Transcription service

This another great online business option where you will need to provide the transcription service to the needy ones. All you need is to convert the audio in text format in against of money. Those with good listening skills and having high typing speed, this option is more suitable for you. Just listen the audio and type the same that you listen.

Freelancing content writer

If you are having good language skills, and can make good content, then why not starting your career in this field? It is emerging field and many website owners and other requires freelancing content writers for their content writing project.    

Cleaning service

If you are a cleanliness loving person, then this is might be a good option. You can hire some cleaning staff and then offer home owners with cleaning service.

Professional organizers

In big cities, due t increased population, the space for living is decreasing. You can help people in organizing their lives in small spaces and turn it in your business idea.

The bottom line

So these are top 10 best small business ideas 2021!          

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