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Top 10 best small manufacturing business plans 2021

 Are you planning to have your own manufacturing units? But often the budget is a major issue to start any manufacturing unit. It is often considered that manufacturing unit requires a big budget. But this is not the fact; there are several manufacturing businesses that you can start in small budgets.

For those who want to have their own manufacturing business unit or those who want to set up their own manufacturing unit in small budget, here we are bring you top 10 best small manufacturing business ideas that you can start in minimal budget.

When you decide to start your own new manufacturing business, it involves a high risk of finance along with so much efforts. In the contrast, when you plan to start small scale manufacturing unit, though it involves much efforts but compare less financial risk. The small scale manufacturing business requires fewer fund and with your efforts, you can take it to a new heights. If you are new in business field, we always recommend you to start with a small scale business with fewer fund and less risks.

Here in this guide, we are listing you top 10 best small scale manufacturing business that you can start in less fund. So here are these small manufacturing business ideas:

Coconut Oil Manufacturing

Several people in the world and especially in India prefer to cook food in coconut oil. This increase the scope of growth in coconut oil manufacturing business. Also, this oil is not only used for cooking purpose but is also used in hair tonics, manufacturing oil, cosmetics, soaps, etc.

This is fantastic idea to start a small scale manufacturing unit. And, you can set up a coconut oil manufacturing unit in very less capital and that too in less than 1 lakh rupees. 

The main reason for less capital requirement in the set up of this unit is the low cost of the raw material. The primary raw material required in the setting up of the coconut oil manufacturing unit is dried coconut. Even when you maintain the quality of the oil, then you will also get the chance to sell your manufactured oil not in the local market but internationally as well because of its high demand and thus earn a great amount of money.        

And the demand of the natural coconut oil is increasing day by day because of the increase in peoples trend of using the natural oil. Also, this oil is more used in natural skin and hair treatment and thus increased its demand in the market. Thus providing he people with a great idea to start their own manufacturing small unit.

Detergent and soap manufacturing

The soap and the detergent manufacturing unit are another small investment business ideas and people can start it with very less capital. The use of soap and detergent is never going to decrease so investing in this manufacturing unit is also a great idea. Also, with a little bit of innovation like using some new kind of ingredient or smell, you can make the soap even more alluring to people and thus more profit.

All you need is to learn the way to make soap and set up your own soap and detergent manufacturing unit. The primary requirement is the soap manufacturing raw material. And the good thing is that in India, there are abundance of raw material available for making soaps and detergent and thus you can start it anytime with little investment.

You can start this manufacturing business even in your home in the case when you are having any spare room or can hire a small area on rent to set up the soap and detergent manufacturing unit.

Handmade cookies

People specially youths these days are more fond of cookies. And, it you add a little flavor like chocolate, it will take no time that your cookies become popular. This business also requires very small investment and it is great business ideas for those who love cooking and baking.

The cookies manufacturing business is one of the most profitable business as it requires only small area for setting up the manufacturing unit and very less raw material. With just small investment you can start your cookies manufacturing unit, be innovative and add some more flavor and start earning a handsome amount of money.

Candle and wax production

Whether it is deepawali or the Christmas, people love decorating their houses with fancy candles. So manufacturing fancy candles can also be a great idea for the business noobs.

Also, candles are even becoming popular for decorating homes in special occasions like birthday and anniversaries. And, this increase the demand of fancy candles in the market all year around.

Homemade chocolates

Almost all loves chocolates. It is even popular for gift purpose. Whether it is valentines day or any other occasions, gifting chocolates always looks fancy and decent. This is way the Homemade chocolate business Is also in trend.

You can start a manufacturing business for the homemade chocolate and start earning good profit in very small investments.

Papad making

Many people use to eat papa dint he end of their meal. And, with the varieties of papad, the trend of purchasing papad is increasing. It requires a very small capital investment and you can launch variety of papads like simple papad, black pepper papad, poudhina papad and many more and earn profit.


The demand of fertilizers is very high and if it is for organic farming, then it is having even more demand. The fertilizers can be manufactured with very less investment and help you earn very good money bu focusing on organic fertilizers.

Butter, paneer, Ghee, and other mile products

Processing milk and making milk products requires very less investment and can be sell at high prices and thus more income.

Soda and flavoured drinks

Youths these days love drinking soda and other flavoured drinks in order to cool themselves in the sizzling hot days. So if you are good in mocktails, then it is great small scale business idea.

 Disposable plates, cups, and crockery

This is another great small scale business ideas for starting business.

The bottom line

So these are top 10 best small scale manufacturing business ideas!


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