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Top 109 best food items to increase the immunity in COVID - 19 pandemic

 With the attack of COVID – 19 pandemic, the value of immunity has increases much. People these days are working and modifying their living habits and eating habits in order to increase the immunity.

Also, having high immunity is becoming to protect people from COVID – 19 infection. As you know the infection is very fatal and can lead to severe circumstances. When you have good immunity, you stay protected from the infection.  

Not only the COVID – 19 infection, but the high immunity will keep you protected from other infections as well. When you stay healthy, it will make you feel more strong to fight the challenging conditions. Also, you do not need to visit the hospitals again and again as you know the going to hospitals these days are not less than any risk.  

In order to help you with stronger immunity, here in this guide, we are listing you top 9 food items that will help you develop strong immunity and thus help you protect your family from the COVID – 19 severe cases.

Top 10 best food items to increase the immunity against the COVID – 19 virus

The world is facing the COVID – 19 pandemic. Those who are having good immunity are protected from the severity of the corona virus while those with compromised immunity have to face the worse circumstances. The corona time is requiring people to increase their immunity in order to fight strongly with the COVID – 19 virus.  So in order to help you, here in this guide, we are sharing top 10 best kitchen food stuffs that are easily available in your kitchen and this will help you develop strong immunity and stand strong against corona virus.

Vitamin C rich fruits like lemon, orange, etc

The value of Vitamin C has increased much these days. People are learning the value of immunity and the role of Vitamin C in increasing immunity. Many people are now focusing more on eating Vitamin C when they catch cold in order to improve their immunity.  

 The Vitamin C functions by increasing the number of white blood cells and thus helps in increasing the immunity of the person. Almost every citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C content. Some of the examples of Vitamin C rich fruit includes oranges, grapefruit, clementines, lemons, tangerines, limes, and many more.  

Since body do not product Vitamin and also not having ability to store it, the person require to intake vitamin C daily. The required dose for Vitamin C is 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men.

Note: Though Vitamin C is fruitful in increasing the immunity but are not having proven role to fight against COVID – 19 virus. So in case of suspect, do visit your doctor and follow the prescription as mentioned by them.

Red bell peppers

Not  only citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C content, bell pepper is known to have 3 times more Vitamin C in compare to most of the citrus fruits. The bell pepper along with having rich amount of Vitamin C is also known to have high amount of Beta carotene as well. Thus helping the peoples not to have only the enhanced immunity but glowing skin as well. 

This vegetable will help the users to get enhanced immunity along with healthy skins. Beta carotene in body is known to convert into Vitamin A which Is having role in improving the eyesight and the healthy skin of the person. So by eating bell peppers on daily basis, you will not only get the healthy skin but the enhanced immunity and the strong eyesight.


It is another immunity booster vegetable in our list. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E and is also known to have high amount of fiber beneficial for keeping your gut health. The role of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E is in boosting the immunity along with helping in maintaining healthy skin, sharp eye sights, and better health. The high amount of fiber content in the broccoli will help in keeping the gut healthy. When the gut is healthy, your immunity will be more.

In order to maintain the nutrient level of the broccoli, try cooking it as less as you can. Some researches supports that steaming is best way to cook broccoli keeping the highest level of its nutrients.


The role of garlic is mentioned in almost every culture and cuisines. It is not only used to add the zing in the taste but will help in boosting up the immunity of the person. The garlic is known to contain a sulfur containing compound namely Allicin that will help the users in boosting the immunity.


The role of ginger in boosting the immunity is even mentioned in the Vedas. Ginger along with enhancing the flavor of your food will also help in reducing inflammation, and boost immunity. Also it is having role in decreasing the cholesterol level and help in reducing the chronic pain as well.


When we were kids, we used to watch the cartoon series namely Popeye the sailor. In this series, the main character Popeya used to eat spinach in order to boost up its energy. Well the role of spinach in boosting energy is not known but is helpful in boosting the immunity.

Spinach is packed with several antioxidants, minerals, and beta carotene that are helpful in maintaining the good health and boosting the immunity.  


Yoghurt is easily available in every kitchen and is delicious as well. Having yoghurt in diet is known to increase the immunity and thus making you fight well with any kind of illness including COVID – 19.


Almonds are irritating in omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, and some amount of Vitamin C which are known to improve the skin, prevent aging, and helps in boosting the immunity.


The role of turmeric is not hidden from any culture. Now scientists are also favoring turmeric in diet to enhance the immunity.

The bottom line

So these are top 9 best immunity boosted food stuffs easily available in every kitchen. 


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