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Top 5 Best International business ideas and opportunities

 The COVID pandemic resulted in a dramatic slump in the economy last two years. But now the economy of the world is again getting on track and improving slowly. And, this creates a large number of international business opportunities for the people. If you are thinking that you need to be wealthy in order to start an international business, then no, here we are listing you some best international business ideas that you can start with minimum investment and soon get wealthy.  

Here in this guide, we are listing you top 5 best international trade ideas that you can start with. So let’s get started.

Top 5 best International Business ideas and opportunities

Following are the best business ideas that you can invest in and trade in international market:

Export and Import

This is one of the best business opportunity to start in International market. In this business type, the business man will need to buy the goods from the local market and then sell it in abroad or buy the products from the international market and sell it in India or own nation. 

Selling good or buying good from international market is one of the oldest international trade idea but is still very successful plan to start with. You will need to invest a bit of the capital and here you can start with your international trade business. But make sure, before starting the trading business in international market, make sure you have read and understand all the trade associated rules and regulation and you are aware of all that facts.

Where ever you are planning you trade ij, make sure your business is following all the rules and regulations described by that nation. For all international trading business, there is need that the business follows the rules and regulations of the nation where you are planning to sell or buy goods. In order to avoid any kind of issues, it is advised to make sure that there are no trade associated barrier with the country you are planning to trade with.

This business is very benefit generating but make sure all the things go in right direction. Also, gather full information related to the parcel delivery system in order to easily get or receive your parcel.


Those who are dreaming to have their own international business, then licensing is also a great idea for the. In this kind of business, you will need to sing a agreement that states that you will use the patent and brand name of other company that is situated in abroad and then sell your produce with the abroad company name in your region. For example, a greeting company can use the brand and patent of Lion king and Simpsons type company on their greeting card.

Whenever any company signs such agreement, they get the license to use the brand name and the patent of other company. Along with the license, while the agreement signing process, the company will also need to ensure that they will follow all the terms and regulation as mentioned by the company and they will use the image and brand of the company for good purpose only.

In this kind of business, you will get the option to use the name and brand of the company that is established in other nation. By signing the agreement, you will get license to use their brand name and thus you can earn more profit from their brand name.          

Also, in some case, the company can get the exclusive right to use the brand name of other at their home country in order to earn more benefit on their brand value and thus help in beating the excessive competition.


This is another kind of foreign business trade idea that you can easily go for. You must have eaten form Dominos and MacDonald’s, but these are foreign brand. The place where you eat in name of dominos and Macdonald’s are actually their franchise in your area.

Like these companies, there are many more companies also that are established in the foreign market and allows other nation to start their franchise in their nation. When you open a franchise of such great brand, you will instantly start getting benefit from their brand recognition and thus offer you a great business idea for foreign trading.        

The marketing work will be done by the brand whose franchise you are planning to get in and this will help you enjoy all the benefits. It is a great and amazing way to expand your business.

Also, in the case when you are having a fast growing business and has covered all the market in your nation, then you can franchise your market to other nation people and expand your business in abroad as well. 


In this kind of international business idea, the company with the help of 3rd party does some work in other nation. This helps in lowering the cost of the labor and get access to better skills. The labor cost is high in US, so most of the US based companies generally outsource in other countries like china to work for them.

Custom consultancy

In the case when you are having good knowledge regarding the trading in international market then you can use your knowledge in making money for you. You can establish a consultancy firm where you can advise all the importers and exporting traders in order to enhance and run their business.

The foreign associated trade regulations keeps changing from time to time. In that case, most of the foreign traders unable to keep up with the changed regulation. You with you consultancy firm can help all the international trader to stay up to date with the changed foreign traded associated regulation and prevent them from paying the fines.

For this business, you will don’t need to invest much but need to have the sufficient knowledge and enough capital to set up the office and get the certificate to start your consultancy form.

The bottom line

 So these are top 5 best international trading options 2021!     

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