Thursday, 17 June 2021

Top 7 best tips to do marketing on LinkedIn

 As we know that the world is shrinking and thus increasing the scope of marketing of your products not only in your local areas but in the world. Since with the internet, the world is connected now, it is possible for the businesses to promote their products and the services not only in their area but in the entire world.

The connectivity in the world has increased and this is a bit bad news for those who are marketing in B2B Company. But when the world gets smaller, the companies will get end-less opportunities to generate incomes.

In this guide, we are sharing you an idea to do marketing on LinkedIn. The first question arise that is it good idea to do marketing on linkedIn? Well the simple answer is yes. LinkedIn offers all the B2B companies with an effective tool in order to generate leads.

But the question is how? Here in this guide, we are sharing you all the tips that will help you do marketing on LinkedIn. So let’s get started.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn is a great professional social network providing the companies with a career platform development, professional connection industry discussion, and other business related activities. It is great idea to find your employees, customers, and partners alike on Linked.  

Is LinkedIn really effective?

As mentioned, the answer is yes. As per some reports, almost 93% of B2B companies found LinkedIn is most effective tool for marketing. And, this platform is also reported well by 64% of corporate website.

Linked offers not only the B2B companies but to other corporate companies to grow the network and thus promote your products and services well. 

How to do marketing in LinkedIn and generate leads from it?

So our point of interest in this guide is how to use LinkedIn for generating leads. Here are top 7 tips to promote your business on LinkedIn. So let’s get started:

Create Your Company’s profile:

Almost more than 500 million users are having profile on Linked. So this proves, it is a great platform for the companies to generate leads and promote the business products or services well.

By having an account on linkedIn, you will get a much greater access to global audience. Now getting access to global audience, all you need is having a account on the LinkedIn platform. Now the question is how to start your own profile on LinkedIn? Is it free to make account on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can make your account on LinkedIn for completely free? All you need is to visit the LinkedIn website. There hit on the Create a Company page option. Fill in your company details including the name of your company, the preferred company LINKEDIN URL, check in the verficiation and hit on the create page option.

After this, the LinkedIn platform will ask you to upload your company’s or your own’s picture. Though you can skip this steps, but uploading the logo of your brand will help you increase the visibility of your brand. Make sure the image is not the simple image but the iconic image of your brand that can be the logo of your company. Avoid uploading the picture of yourself, your dog, cat or any other. Try making it look professional.

Next step is to create an About Us section that explains most of about your company. The LinkedIn is having a character limit while writing the about us, so try to include the most crucial information regarding your company and not the invaluable information to complete the character limit. Though you are allowed to go over the character limit, but the best for your brand is to write the about us within the character limit.

Now fill in your information about the website, industry and other additional information including the URL of the website, company size, industry, company type and year founded. By this way, you can give the context of your company to your visitors conveniently.

When anybody will search for your company or similar company, the LinkedIn will show your given information. Also, here you can share your physical location so that make it easy for the customers to visit your company better. The location of your company will help you stay connected with the people in your local areas. Also, the location helps in building the trustworthiness of your company to a larger audience.

Post actionable content

Once your account set up on the linkedIn platform, start posting contents in order to generate more lead. But make sure that the content should be related to your company and should sound more professional.

Like in other platform, the content marketing is also vital on LinkedIn as well. There is need to schedule your post here as well and make it more optimized in order to make it approach the maximum number of the global audience.

Use the matched audiences feature

The content in LinkedIn platform like on other platform should be according to your target audience. Here also, there is need that you understand your audience very well and then customize the content as per their need. With this platform, you can put your content in front of very profitable and highly selective audiences.

Also, you can use the feature of LinkedIn’s Matched Audience tool that will help you retarget your content to the visitors that are already in your customer’s list. 

Search for individual

Sometimes the company needs only one connection in order to generate sales. Via this platform, you are allowed to make search for individual profile and cotact the individual profile.

Leverage group

Also, you can increase your connectivity and network by connecting to the groups related to your niche. This way you can share your content in the group related to your niche and get connected to your more selective audience.

Start your own group

Starting your own group on LinkedIn is another great way to generate more leads.

Use InMail

Though InMail is an paid feature but is an effective way to approach anybody on the LinkedIn.

The bottom line

So these are some tips helpful for the companies to generate lead via LinkedIn.        



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