Friday, 4 June 2021

Top 8 best low budget business ideas that you can start with

 Starting your own business not only requires much efforts but a lot of financial investment as well. The financial factor sometimes becomes hurdle between the talented person preventing them from starting their own entrepreneurship.

Starting a own business requires much investment which is sometime snot possible for many people. But here we are sharing you top 8 best business ideas that you can start with minimum investment.

Now in order to start your own enterprise, there is no need to invest all of your saving, or take a bank loan. Instead with a minimal amount, you can start your own entrepreneurship.

Since the investment is very low, the risk of loss is also low letting you only earn money without the risk of loss of all your savings or loan amount.

Now contrary to the belief, starting a business is not like making path on the mountains. Instead, you can only invest your efforts with minimal financial investment and start your own enterprise. The below listed business ideas are having less investment and will allow you to focus less on the upfront and the logistic costs and help you target more on starting your business.     

With the following listed business ideas, it will be easy for you to start your own business with very low investments and make your entry in the new fields. You can either opt these businesses as your full time or can also start it as your side business along with your main business or job.

Though the below listed businesses requires less investment but needs efforts. You will need to put best of your efforts in order to do the marketing and provide the excellent service to your customers. The advantages of these businesses are that you can bypass the extra costs for the startup and start your own business within little expenditure.

Top 10 best low investment business ideas

Given below are some low-investment business ideas that will help you have your own business with minimal investment:


The trend of dropshipping is increasing day by day because of its high earning, low investment, and low maintenance. Buying stocks, picking it up, packing it, managing it, and then shipping it to the customers requires much investment and efforts. You will have to establish your own warehouse also to keep the stock. And managing the inventory is also very tiring and requires much efforts along with care.

The dropshipping is a new fulfillment model where you need to contact the third party suppliers and make them ship the inventory directly to the customer in your behalf. This way, you will do not need to manage the inventory and simply sent the stock directly to the final customer without getting involved in it in actual.   

In this business model, you will need to promote any product and make sale. After this pass the order on to your third party suppliers and earn your commission. Along with money, also this business requires only the business skills and no much effort in managing the inventory.

Simply make sales and pass the order to the supplier and get the order delivered directly to the final customer without being involved in the whole process.

Also, you can make your own digital website. There in your website, sale some products digitally from any other store. When any customer purchase it, send the order to the supplier and let him/ her fulfill the order on your behalf.

Though the dropshipping business model save your efforts in managing the inventory but requires you to promote your business and try providing the best service to your customer making them repeat the purchase form you only.

Also, you can start this business to check the product demand and if the product is fit for the market, launch your main business for the same product.   

Affiliate marketing

This is another great marketing option where you need to promote the digital product of other sites and make purchases via your digital site. On every purchase, you will get the option to earn commissions.

You need to invest in order to create your own site. Now promote the product of other sites like Amazon and get commissions on every purchase.  

Design and sell customized product

This is another best on-demand customized product selling business that requires low investment. All you need is to create a customized product like T-Shirt, mugs, caps, hats, etc with your own creative designs and sell your original art piece.

Sell a service

It is another great option for low investment startup. If you are having nay skill like content writing, web designing, or any other skill, sell it. Provide your service, do work for other and earn money.

YouTube channel/ website

It is also a great option for startup in the digital era. It do not requires much investment allowing you to build your own channel on YouTube or start any website. After this, you can earn by showing ads, or many more.

Cloud kitchen or bakery

If you lobe cooking then make it your way to earn money? People these days are becoming more fond of eating outside foods. So selling your professional style cooked food is great way to generate income. Also, you can start your own Tiffin center with low investment and supply people living away from home with your Tiffin and earn money.

Create your own fashion store digitally

It is also a low investment startup where you can curate best fashion products from other sites and sell it n your own site. When ay customer order for it, pass the order t the main supplier and let them fulfill the order in your behalf.  

Sell handmade crafts and goods

If you are good in making handicrafts, then why not making it your source of income? Make some antique items and sell it either on digital platform or offline.

The bottom line

So these are some low investment startup plans.  




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