Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Four Vs of big data

 In the competitive world, every organization need to use the big data technology in predicting the future demand and thus beat the competition better and grow well without any limit. But in the case when you are organization is facing the issue of large and unclean data bases and your company requires to go for a specific solutions in order to do analysis and thus manage the big data.

Before going deep in the big data, the first thing you should understand what big data is? Big data is large data bases which include both the structured as well as unstructured data bases.   

The four Vs of big data are used to describe the characteristics of the big data which generally includes Volume, Variety, Velocity, and the veracity. But later a fifth characteristic also added in the four Vs in order to describe the characteristic of Big data.

Here in this guide, we will discuss deeply on the four Vs of big data, what they are, and how they are useful in describing the characteristics of Big data.

The world has become digitalized and this makes the use of internet very common. Now people searches for every small things on internet and this lead to the formation of large amount of data. The internet records all the information and our searches like Google searches as well as the online shopping habit. These all data are recorded and then used for the prediction of the future demand.

The companies who have adopted the use of big data get the option to better understand the future trend in the market and thus they can prepare in order to meet the customers demand.

More the companies use and manage the big data, better they will get the option to understand the future demand and thus perform well in the market. Thus for the better understanding of the big data, the company requires to understand the four Vs in order to understand the characteristics of the big data. 

For making the big data useful for the company, it is important to understand their characteristics and thus need to study the four Vs of the big data.


The first V refers to the volume of the data and this defines the volume or the amount of the data. In the digitalized world, every second data is generated. People from all around the world are making searches every minute and this lead to the generation of more amount of data.

The tetra byte and pent byte term is used to describe the size of the data and then using this term, they are further used for the processing. The volume and the quantity of data is very crucial aspect in the processing of the big data.

With the increase in the amount or the volume of the big data, new technologies were developed in order to store this big amount of data. There is development of the multiple storage media and cloud drives in order to store large amount of data.


The V of big data refers to velocity and it describes the speed of the generation of data. With the velocity of big data, it describes the speed or the rate at whicht he new data is generating.

Whatever you do on internet whether it is any search on Google, reacting on the social media post, online shopping, sending any kind of text, purchasing of credit car, searching for new car, etc or any thing else, all leads to the generation of data. And these generation of big data speed is referred as velocity.

The speed of the generation of big data also plays an important role in understanding the characteristic of the big data. It helps in understanding how fast and how many people are making search for a particular subject at what rate. Compounding the data generating activity by the entire population in the world that are doing the same and more will help you understand how important the velocity attribute of the big data is.


The next attribute that describes the characteristic of the big data is variety of data. The big data is generally of three variety which includes structured, semi structured, and un-structured. There is requirement of algorithm in order to process the different variety of data and the use of algorithm depends on the data type which is required to be processed.

The processing of data helps in understanding the meaning of the data and thus make it useful for determining the future trends. The processing of the big data depends on the variety of the data.

The excel sheet like data is a kind of structured data that can be fit in Performa and can be easily processed. But all data are not structured. There are also images and other unstructured data that can not be fit in Performa. There is need for different method in order to process this kind of structured data.

There are technologies available that helps in processing all kind of data either structured or unstructured and this make it possible to make all kind of data accessible or useful.       


The next attribute of the big data that is veracity refers to the trustworthiness of the big data. It helps in understanding whether the data is high quality or of accurate or not.

When we process the big data, it comes from variety of sources. The trustworthiness of the source of the big data depends on the veracity of the data. Higher the veracity of the data, better will be its chances to predict the right trend and more it will be useful.


The additional V of big data that is value refers to the value of the big data. It actually refers to the strategy in order to drive value from the big data and how the big data can be used to yield insight and thus help in decision making process of the organization.    

The bottom line

So these are all about the 4 Vs and the additional v of big data!


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