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How Artificial intelligence will change the physical security?

 In the coming future, the physical security will be less based on the human staff and human labour. Many top security camera manufacturing companies are now focusing to introduce the feature of artificial intelligence in the security cameras.

The advanced security system these days have the feature to link images from multiple security cameras in the system and thus help the security guard and the officers to have in-depth understanding of activities going inside or outside the area under security camera.

With the Artificial intelligence feature incorporation, these cameras get the feature to learn like a human from the crime activities. The advanced security system comes with feature to detect the crime like if any person is trying to jump over the fence, the security camera will detect the incident and will alert the security officer and other staff.

Thus the artificial intelligence brings many more changes in the physical security system. They will helps in increasing the protection and the make the surveillance strict. Also, they will decrease the dependency of the security on humans and thus reduce the human errors in security. Along with the above changes, they will also give the real time crime detection feature and thus enhance the security.

In this guide, we are going to list you top 6 changes that the artificial intelligence is expected to bring in physical security system.

Top 6 changes that the artificial intelligences is expected to bring in physical security

With the introduction of artificial intelligence in the security cameras will result in enhancement of the security system and thus will make the area more secure.  Following are the changes that the artificial intelligence brings in the physical security system:

Video surveillance analytics

In the prior time, when the technology was not much advanced, the security camera were used to capture the video for the crime scene only after the commencement of the crime. They were not having the ability to capture the real-time crime scenes thus there was some compromise in the security system.

Also, before several pre-defined algorithm were used in order to capture the real time recording but it all failed. Later the security system manufacturing company namely Umbo-CV comes with an idea of artificial intelligence that makes the security machine to capture real time video and thus giving the feature of real-time surveillance.

Many time, the human security office do not pay the required attention to the video scanning of the area and may lead to the mis happening. But this security system with artificial intelligence overcome this issues as well. With the AI based security system, they have the feature to detect the anomaly and then alert the appointed security officer for the crime happening in the real time. This way it helps in preventing the crime. Since the security system is now more dependent on the artificial intelligence machine, thus there will be less human errors and no compromise in the security.

Access control system

For the physical security related issues, the intelligent access control is also comes under the solution. The security software utilizes the advantages of  the artificial intelligence and thus automate the complete security system making it monitor the facility.

When the security is machine dependent, it is automate the security of the area, and will help in the protection of the sensitive data and will also help in the diagnosis of the issues. In the case when the system find any issue, it will automatically recommend the solution as well and thus enhances the security.

With the help of access control system, the user will get the feature to take the advantage of multiple components and the failure points as well. It will track the complete security system all time and thus will alert the human allotted for the security purpose for any kind of anomaly and thus will reduce the chances of human errors.      

Drone and robot patrol

Before the innovation and introduction of artificial intelligence in the security system, there was need to appoint the human personal in order to patrol the area and for the surveillance purpose. The human officers with the help of some less advanced tools patrol the area and try detecting the potential threat in the area. Since, the human was solely involved in the surveillance process, there were more chances for the gap in the security.

But with the development of the robot and drone patrol, the system is self capable for the surveillance of the area and the robotic device patrol the area and detect all the potential thefts. Now there is no need to invest more on human capital and the robot will itself monitor the area. Also, the security missions like rescue and search can also be left on the robots and drones and since, there is mostly the involvement if machine, thus there is higher rates of success.

Automation of tasks

Artificial intelligence is itself capable to monitor the complete security system and thus allowing the organizations and the people to relocate their security staff in other field. Now the dependency of the security on the guard and security officer reduces as the AI camera have the ability to keep watch for hundreds of hours without any human error and thus making the security system even more sound.

Crowd monitoring

It becomes sometime difficult for the human team to monitor the crowd for prevention of any kind of crime. Also, there is requirement for the appointment of many more humans for the complete monitoring of the crowd and that also not guarantee for the error free. But with the artificial intelligence machine, multiple cameras and system will itself monitor the complete crowd and that too without any human error.

Decision-making capabilities

The AI based camera has the feature to learn and detect the anomaly like humans and that too without any compromise. The with their machine intelligence can make decision for the crime and alert the staff in real-time.

 The bottom line

So these are some changes that the AI based security system will bring in the physical security.             


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