Thursday, 8 July 2021

How to find a perfect business idea for you?

 Do you want to own your business? Awesome, it is a great career option providing multiple opportunity to take your achievement to the next level. Almost all who want to own their business, they know that owing a business I a great career option, but they are confused for the business idea which is perfect for them. Starting a business is good but it might require much of your efforts to decide the niche for the business.

Here in this guide, we are trying to help all who are confused for the business idea they should pick. In this guide, we are going to help you in selecting the best business option for you and will help you know how to get the best idea for your own business.

Those who all are on this page reading how to find the perfect business idea, then here you will figure out what is the niche perfect for your business and how can you actually know the niche you should work on.

Before going ahead in our article, first for those who have confusion that is  this perfect time to start a business, well, there is no bad time for launching your business. You with your business skills can start in your preferable niche any time but it is preferred to start a business in strong economic time. Also, if you are having a good business plan, then starting a business in poor economic time and tough time can also be a smart decision. Start a business in tough time is also a good option as many of the people reluctant to launch their business in that time and thus help your organization to get more notice. So the point is that no time is bad, you can start your business anytime but should be with a good business plan.

 Identify the niche that gives you the most satisfaction

In order to figure out the best business option for you, first take a pen and paper and write down all the activities, work or performance that makes you happy. In the paper, note down each of your talent like if you are good in fashion, good in jewelry designing, you are good in technology and computers, good in dealing with people, or anything. Do not over think, just start your business deciding work calmly and then note down five to seven thing that you love doing the most.

After completing your list, now its time to consider all the option. Think of your personal life as a father, mother, husband, wife, daughter, or son and then think which work option is good for you. Now switch your thinking to your business life and then decide which business option is more realistic and effective. Even if you are having a unrealistic business option and you are having a bit of idea to strat it, just built it on paper and go ahead with your dream project.

Once you select the business option that you love to do, you will never need to work in fact you will do what you are satisfied in. For example if you love travel, then perfect business option for you is something that is having more travel work like travel blogger, or may be a guide, etc and this will help you do what you love and not you are frustrated of.   

Identify the niche that you are not good in

Now keep the paper having he list of niche you are good in aside. And take another paper and make a list of things you are not good in or you are frusttating of.

Like in the above paper, here also do not over think, simply note down the list of the things that you are frustrated of and do not love doing. It can be anything like you do not like dealing with people, you are not fond of kids, you do not like to have a direct contact with the public, you do not like to travel, etc. Simple list out five to seven thing that you do not love doing.    

You might be thinking that why we are asking you to make a list of thing that you do not love. Well, sometime a good business idea might come out of the thing we do not love doing. As solutions comes out of problem, it is possible that you can also drive some solution out of the things that you are not fond of. For example, you can innovate a device helpful in limiting the odors of spoiled diaper and keep the house smelling good all the time even with toddles and new born babies.

You can take inspiration for Edison who innovate the bulb and help removing darkness. This is simply an idea, you can go ahead with any of your problematic area and find out the solution.

Now think for the world’s biggest issue

From your personal life, now switch to the world and think for the world’s biggest issue. As mentioned above, solutions comes out of problems, try figure out the solution for the global or national issues. For example, you can innovate a machine that can convert sea water into drinking water and thus can help the world in fighting the drinking water issue.

Make sure your idea should be having solution for the issues that are going to affect in future. Try figuring out the solution for big problem as solution for small issues will last only for short period but the solution for long lived problem will help you gain popularity and yes the income for long time.

The bottom line

This way, you can find out the perfect business idea that will not help you generate money and popularity but will serve the nation and the world as well. In fact, the business idea you get following the above instructions will help you do what you love. 


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