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What are the advertisement and their types?

 Advertisement is kind of promotional information that can be either on television, newspaper, pamphlets, or any hoarding, all their aim is to promote any product and service and persuade people to buy that product or service.

In simple words, we can say advertisement is a communication method for a company with which they can deliver their product or service messages to target audience and potential customers. Advertisements are generally paid and company need to pay to those who are informing people or awaring people for any kind of particular product brand, or service.

Advertisement is having much impact on the customer’s buying behavior. They are generated in a sense in order to promote any kind of product or service and to influence public to buy the product or service.

Advertisement has now become an important tool in the marketing strategy. It is not possible to let people know about the product and service without marketing them and advertisement is the most powerful marketing tool.

Types of advertisement

Advertisement can be done via several methods including the television, radio, direct mouth to mouth, newspapers, pamphlets, social media posts, hoardings, by any social media influencers, email marketing, social media marketing, via mobile messages and call, in the form of entertaining messages, magazines, websites, content marketing, and many more. In general, there are four categories of advertisement. These four categories of advertisement are:

  1. Display advertisement
  2. Video advertisement
  3. Mobile advertisement
  4. Native advertisement          

Display advertisement

This kind of advertisement is often referred as banner advertisement. They are generally in the form of small digital banners or billboards that are placed in the area with more exposure of public and the banner showing the promotional content, keyword, or the website or other information of the product or service.

The display advertisement may include either a simple image or a animation. They can either is shown on websites, either in horizontal format at the top of the page or in vertical format in the side of the page.

This kind of ad is good for fast telling the story about the product or service and is the most convenient way to promote any kind of product or service. They includes very small text and very picky picture of the product or service which should be attractive enough to get the attention of the viewers.

Video advertisement

This is another kind of advertisement and is also having great impact on the behavior of the customers. In today’s era, video advertisement is the most common and popular kind of advertisement category and are generally shown on Televisions, social media feeds, instagram feeds, facebook, and many more.

The video advertisement can also be shown on display boards in rush areas. The video advertisement includes a video with a sense for promoting any product or service. The success of the video advertisement depends on the message it delivers and how entertaining it is.

Though this more complicated kind of advertisement, still is the best way to get the attention of the customers. They need to be catchy and entertaining with a promotional message for any product or service.

This ad category is having several benefits over the display advertisement as here the brand owner can present a complete story regarding their product or service and can deliver much more information which is probably not possible with the display advertisement.

In order to make video ad more successful, it is recommended to let any influencer like actor, athlete, or any other famous personality to promote the product in video.

The video ad was generally showed on television, but now it can be posted on social media like instagram, facebook, and many more. Social media platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter, YouTube are much popular and can expose your video ad to millions of users. Thus is a great platform for video ads.

In YouTube, Instagram, and other social media, the video ad is generally shows to the people before, mid, or after the relevant content they are already watching. Basically, as per the today’s advertising requirements, video advertisement is the excellent method for the promotion of any kind of product and service. For the success of the marketing campaign, all needed is the catchy content, entertaining video, and powerful message.

Mobile advertisement

It is another kind of advertisement category which is also becoming popular these days. Mobile and smart phones are becoming very popular these days and almost every person these days are having their own mobile or smart phone. So advertising via the mobile is another excellent way for promoting any kind of product or service.

The least complex method for product or service promotion with mobile is via calling and messages. The company can send messages to target customers regarding the promotions of the product or service.  Also, in order to improve the impact on the customer, the company can call the potential customer and promote their product or service and persuade them to buy.

Other then calling and messages, video advertising messages, social ads, apps, searches, display ads shown on mobile, etc are also comes under the category of mobile advertisement.

Native advertisement

The next advertisement category is the native advertisement. These includes integrated promotional ad content in between the content. They are generally less disruptive and are integrated in the relevant video or content in the form of sponsored ads.

This ad content matches the style of the content or the video and are presented in the front of the customers in the form of sponsored ad. The popup ads are ads and autoplay videos are generally disruptive and annoying and can have negative impact on people. But the native kind of ads are non disruptive and are integrated in the video or the content and matches their style.

The bottom line

So these are some most popular categories of ads. Other advertisement methods includes email marketing, content marketing, social media posts, and many more. 


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