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Corporate crime

 What is Corporate Crime?

Just like the other illegal activities done in various sectors, the same can be done in the corporate or the business sector which is known as corporate crime. These types of crimes are majorly done by the corporation or any one of the heads or personnel directly related to the particular business. It can also be committed by those individuals who represent the company or act on the behalf of the company.

Also, corporate crime can be committed by any of the employees or any person employed by the company if in this the crime is benefiting the company. Corporate crime is also referred to as white-collar crime that means an organized crime. It is known as an organized crime since it is done during the time of legitimate business work. Another major reason is that this kind of crime does not include any kind of violent crime. This particularly includes money laundering, fraud, etc.

Corporate crime also includes a different type of offense also known as state-corporate crime. In this type of corporate crime, the company that depends upon the state financially commits a crime to get benefited illegally. The major persons who are charged for the corporate crime are the principal and director of the company and even the whole company can be organized for the same. But in some cases, these crimes are also committed by the employees of the company even without the owners knowing about the same so blaming the owner is not always the right thing.

As we discussed, we refer to corporate crimes as a white-collar crime because it is a type of non-violent crime. Whenever we refer to something as white-collar that means the thing I'd performed by someone who is engaged in professional work or is doing low-wage jobs. The people who are generally charged for corporate crime majorly belong to the upper or lower class in society and are related to a professional field. Also, corporate crimes as not included in other crimes involving violence such as murder or kidnapping.

White-collar crime is simply anon violent crime that is unethical. It also includes bribing law enforcement and government officials.

If the organization is set for performing the crime then the business entity can be directly blamed for the same. But still, the orate crime can be done by the various levels of the organization such as BOD, officers, managers, and employees. So, this proves that corporate crime can be performed by anyone related to the corporate and anything related to the corporate.

Crime is originated by the unethical practices for the good shake of one owns or the benefits of the organization without considering the wellness or harm of other people. There are majorly three broad categories of corporate crime.

Types of Corporate Crime

Corporate law is majorly divided into 4 major groups as mentioned below:

1. Crimes involving employees:

This is the most harmful type of corporate crime for the company or organization. This type of corporate crime is performed mainly by the employees working in the company.

2. Crimes between firms:

This second type of corporate crime which crime happens against a firm. In a simpler explanation, a crime happens against a particular firm by any other firm.

3. Crimes against societies:

This is also known as the most dangerous type among all four. In this type of crime, the major suffering is nearby the society.

Types of Corporate Crime

Now let us see the narrow division of corporate crime.

a. Violence against employees:

In this type of corporate crime, the victims are the employee working in the organization who suffers the repercussion of the deeds of the company. For example, any illness caused in the employees because of the gas leak or any similar deformities in the factory comes under this category.

For this type of corporate crime, the personality to be blamed is the company executives. So that they make the proper arrangements for the safety of the employees working in the organization. The working place should be always made better and safer for the employees to work because the employee square feels safer on the road than at the workplace.

b. Violence against shoppers:

Many of the consumers suffer from deadly diseases or are killed due to the consumption of unsafe products. The major thing which is not followed here is selling the expired product even the date is over. This is why we must keep in consideration that we sell the products within accumulation.

c. Corporate pollution:

This type of corporate crime also has a direct and deadly effect on civilians. This is caused due yo the contamination created by the organization.

Also in many cases, this crime is done intentionally for the sake of profit which has harmful effects not only on the environment but also on the people living nearby.

d. False advertising:

The product owners generally use false advertisements sent to lure shoppers to buy their products for their company's advantage and benefits. You can find two types of false advertising, in the first one, the product owner gives the wrong details about the contents which can be harmful to many of the consumers. And in the next one, the product is simply overhyped.

Hence, although corporate crime is related to the nonviolent crime done in the workplaces, corporations, company or organizations, still the one who performs the crime is equally considered as the criminal for not only breaking the rules but also for harming a square of people directly or indirectly related to the organization. So, the one who performs the corporate crime is also a criminal and will be equally punished as per the laws. Also, the corporate sector is the need of many people, so it must be made a safer place to work and even to get products and services from.

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