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Examples of successful entrepreneur ventures

 If you are a young entrepreneur who is fed up with the nine-to-five rat race, you should start thinking outside the box. You need to find an idea that allows you to start your own business, so you can choose your working hours and even your salary. The important thing is to make sure that it doesn’t cost you a lot of money in the beginning. With this in mind, I created a list for young entrepreneurs, which listed 10 startups that can start a business for free or cheap.

Chabot Builder Agency

Chat bots are all the rage, and companies of all sizes use them as part of their marketing, sales, and customer service teams. These robots enable companies to cut costs while increasing revenue. What many of them dont know is that creating chatbots is not as difficult as it used to be. Now, with platforms such as Chatty people, you can create enterprise-class chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing. (NLP) Within a few minutes, there is no coding or programming knowledge at all. With the above in mind, creating a chatbot building mechanism is easier than ever. You can create a Chatty people account for free and provide services to businesses of all sizes.

Most importantly,

  • as your agency grows,
  • you can upgrade your account
  • course
  • increase your price.

2. Online retail consignee

If you have cameras, computers and a true love for fashion, you can integrate them and start your own online business. First collect all the old clothes you no longer wear that you have accumulated over the years, and take professional photos. You can publish your products on eBay or create your own personal store through Shopify or Wordpress. The opportunities to make money through this type of business venture are endless, and most importantly, you dont have to limit yourself to clothing.

You can also sell

  • antique
  • furniture,
  • childrens accessories,
  • gardening equipment and more.

3. Instagram consultant

Instagram is one of the social media channels, if not the most popular, it is the same as Facebook and Twitter. Many companies now choose to make visual presentations on social media, which means they spend more time on sites like Instagram and Pinterest instead of social activities on Facebook and Twitter. However, creating Instagram followers is not so easy. It sounds like if you have a business, you will want to quickly gather followers. This is why these companies hire Instagram consultants to do everything for them. With this in mind, if you like Instagram, own a smartphone, have a solid following, and do

 Some basic marketing,

  • You can easily become an Instagram consultant without having to invest a huge amount of money.

4. Writing and editing services.

You do not need a formal education to become a copywriter or editor. In fact, you really only need a computer. In other words, to get more paying customers, you need motivation, perseverance, and the right support system. If you can get your existing customers to write recommendations that highlight your skills, you will most likely see new customers come in. Once you have established a customer base,

 You will notice that

  • They often need to write new content, and you may also start charging more.

5. Blog or video blog

If you have a specific skill set or an expert in a specific industry, why not teach others? Blogs are a great way to share information with people. Although you may not see how to make money by giving people free advice, the opportunities are truly endless. You must first increase the number of visitors and collect loyal followers. Once you have it, you can sell advertising space to the company and sign up for programs such as Google AdSense. In addition, you can also create e-books or print copies and sell them on platforms such as your blog and Amazon. Also, if writing is not your business, dont worry.

  • You can complete all of the above operations in video rather than written format.

6. Business and life coaching

If you are more introverted, you may be more calm, behave more calmly, and have a tendency to think earlier. You speak or act. If this is the case, you should consider engaging in consulting work. Your ability to internalize events and listen means that you have all the necessary skills to become a business or life coach. Although the law does not require you to complete life coaching training, if you want certification to prove it, you can. customer.

  • If you choose not to participate in this course,
  • There is little or no management cost as a life coach, you can consult by phone or online.

7. Graphic designer

If you are creative, have a computer, and know how to use design software, free graphic design may be a good way to make a living. Digital businesses are on the rise, and with it there is an increase in demand for logos, website designs, and other marketing materials. If you have creative talents but no experience in designing software, you can take a short-term online course that is usually cheap,

You can study by yourself.

  • Many graphic designers are self-taught; you only need patience and time to get started.

8. University Application Counselor

Similar to life or business coaching, the University Application Counselor is good at providing one-on-one advice to each client. If you think you can provide good advice, have strong organizational skills, and want to help young people take the next step in their careers, then you can provide the services of a college application consultant.

All you need is a computer,

A love of research, and an understanding of the education system.

9. Tutoring

Tutoring is a job you can complete completely online. All you need is a computer, a website to promote yourself, and a specific set of skills you can provide people with. For example, if you are a math master, know another language, or have a college degree, you can teach students via Skype or phone.

In addition to being almost free to start,

  • you can also charge a fee of $100 per hour according to the needs of your students.

10. Photographer

Photography is a hobby that many people think, but in fact, it can become a very profitable profession. If you already have a camera and your friends often ask you to take photos at their activities, then you may already have the requirements to transform your hobby into your career. First, create a website and upload your best portfolio. Photos and your contact information. If you want to go further, please seek marketing help. You will find customers lining up at the door to pay for your services. FinallyStarting your own business can be challenging, but as long as you have some motivation, perseverance and a little business sense, you can not only choose your favorite career, but you can do it without spending a lot of money.

  • Choose one of the above options to start, and remember to build as many networks as possible to keep up with the latest trends in your industry.


The bottom line

SO these are some examples of successful entrepreneurs!

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