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How to handle dating in the workplace? Is it Legal or not?

 For many people, this topic won't bother them much as they think that personal and professional life has to be kept separated from each other. But the fact is that these things do have certain crucial roles to be played in your workplace. This topic is majorly tricky for HR professionals. This is so because then they have a responsibility to protect their employees from sexual harassment and remain respectful in the workplace. So here in this article, we'll be discussing all the possible rules to regulate dating in the workplace and set some required boundaries to maintain a professional environment.


Can employers regulate workplace dating?


In many workplaces, relationships are regulated by HR professionals by implementing a formal policy for regulating the relationship. Still, there are many professionals which are against prohibiting dating in the workplace. This is because such strict policies might result intolerant to the employees and can encourage frustration in employees.


It is majorly observed that instead of prohibiting or implementing strict rules, regulation of such activities will be proved as the best way to solve the problem arising due to it. This is why proper guidelines and procedures should be made to regulate dating in the workplace. So, a formal process should be implemented in the workplace to save the employees from harassment from dating in the workplace. So, here we'll be especially discussing those guidelines which you can adopt for your organization to establish proper dating rules.


The first thing that you must include in your guidelines is to encourage transparency. This means you need to make the employees feel safe to convey to the managers if in case they are dating a co-worker. The romance policy of the workplace must be able to establish a good and humble connection with the employees so that they can be honest in stating the fact to the managers. And after the management is aware of any kind of relationship between the employees then now it's their turn to ensure that they abide by the company rules regarding it. Even the great HR professionals suggest that the relationship in the workplace must be kept open from the very beginning so that transparency would be maintained between all the members.


The second stage is maintaining professional behavior. This means that the employees engaged in relationships must not forget that they are at their work and at that time the work should be their priority. The employees need to act professionally in the workplace and avoid the public display of affection, flirting, or other activities.


The policy that you'll be making for relationship management in the workplace must include the definition of sexual harassment. So as per the head of the organization, you need to make sure all the staff members are safe and are not under any kind of sexual harassment. This is one of the very major concerns that must be addressed, even some of the organizations are maintaining such data through the apps.


In the next step towards your policy formation, you need to make sure to conduct regular seminars. You can arrange such seminars that will teach your leader's team to manage dating in the workplace. Once you are done with the rules and regulations of workplace dating now you need to make sure that your staff is executing each of them. So, this was how you can regulate dating in your workplace.


Can an employer fire you for dating another employee?


The employer is going to fire you or not for dating a coworker depends upon the written policies of the company. If the company's policies have prohibited dating or romance in the workplace then in such case the employer has the full authority to terminate the employees found dating in the workplace as per the guidelines of the company. This is majorly found in the organizations nowadays where the employees at two different levels are found each other and this can be for professional benefits as well. Sometimes the lower-level employees are seen dating the managers to get the promotion which is invalid in the organizations this is why such laws are made.


This way of dating is unethical if it is done for promotional activities. This is also the major reason why dating superiors is not allowed in the organization. Apart from superior dating, if in the case an employee is dating someone of the same level then the probability of getting fired is very low but again this will depend upon the rules and regulations of the place where you are working. This is because if the company clearly states that not any kind of dating is allowed then you'll be instantly fired even on dating an employee of the same level.


But still, there is a way in which you can escape getting fired from the workplace. In many of the workplace, the labor code is given to the employees under which their privacy is protected outside the workplace and it includes dating as well. So the organization cannot interrupt your dating life apart from the working hours.


Is dating in the workplace illegal?


The answer to this question depends on the fact to which city or country you belong to. This is because there are many countries where the workplace relationship is allowed but there are still some places which strictly prohibit these kinds of activities. Especially in the US the companies outside have this policy that prohibits the coworker from dating each other. It is also found that if any of the employees are found to be engaged in a relationship then the company is going to fire both the employees. Despite such strict rules and regulations, workplace relationships are now becoming a trend in many parts of the world.


So, if you are also engaged in a relationship at your workplace then make sure that you go through the company policy thoroughly else you can potentially be fired if the activity isn't allowed in your workplace. Also, these activities aren't illegal or banned by any national policy but can be prohibited in many of the workplaces. 


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