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The Theories of Communication and their different roles in the corporate world

 Are you looking for various types of communication theories? Every employee is bound to follow some rules and regulations to build a culture for them. These rules and regulations will help the system be perfect and comfortable to work. Here is a thing which you should know about communication channels. If the work environment is casual, then the performance of an organization is less effective and less efficient business communication. 


Making use of different traditional approaches, you may easily know about the ways of effective communication. These approaches are probably called communication theories. These theories are given a path to make a road map for any organization. 


Communication Theories and their Roles in the corporate world


There are different types of theories worldwide, which you need to be aware of. Let’s look at the Business communication theories and their roles.


Cognitive Dissonance Theory


This theory was proposed to avoid the experience of dissonance, which is not acceptable for them. It is applicable for people who are debatable, without listening to anyone.  


Communication Accommodation Theory


The theory covering all the motivational aspects also results from the transference of communication styles between two people. Theorists have proposed two styles of communication in two ways which include convergence and divergence. 


Ethnic background people are willing to transfer their styles through divergence. They will highlight the importance of their identity in a group. Helpless people are transferring their communication styles through convergence when they need social acceptance.


Coordinated Management of Meaning


People are creating meanings through their coordination and conversation. When the stories are made, there may be chances of getting coherence. When these are made alive, there may be chances of coordination. The theorists have proposed a strong relationship between the personal and our society. By following those, people can draw meanings from the messages which are conveying to them.


Cultivation Analysis


Cultivation theory focuses on mediating factors of communication proposed by television. It is a major part of communication, people of modern culture getting information from mediated sources rather than the direct source. These mediating sources will help to develop a sense of reality through which mediums are effective. It is also having some side effects like excessive interaction which may create violence. 


Cultural Approach to Organizations


The cultural approach is based on the importance of culture, maybe assuming that people resemble animals. They will propose every organization which has different symbols to convey a particular meaning. This culture is an organization that is represented by stories and spirituals. 


Symbolic Interaction Theory


The symbolic theory was proposed to communicate by creating symbols and their meanings accordingly by the association of events. This theory was derived from American pragmatism, which is from the work of George Herbert Mead. 


Dramatism Theory


Dramatism is comparing the communication using a drama. To make dramas, we need a script, situation and actors etc... are demanded by theory. This theory was presented by Kenneth Burke, which is a Meta method of analyzing human relationships. It indicates that a successful rhetorical critic provides meaningful communication by developing a sense of identity among them.


Expectancy Violations Theory


Expectancy violation talks about the ways of developing nonverbal messages. It was proposed the rules of communication are violated; it may be taken favorably or unfavorably by analyzing the situation. It also considers how the receiver has perceived the violation and imagination formed about the violation.


Face-Negotiation Theory


Face Negotiation theory is talking about the ways of facing conflict situations. This is on individuals as well as collective level, concerned with the face management to be stressed on how people conflict their situations in their culture. It describes two ways of conflict negotiations between different cultures: one is the self face and the other one is the other face.




Groupthink is a theory where theorists propose a groupthink process when highly committed people are facing problems and unable to handle the situation. It was proposed to avoid sharing unfamiliar ideas with the group members. When the situation is bad and making wrong decisions, at that time, people may make wrong decisions and then it shows longer effects.


Muted Group Theory


Muted group theory proposed that when compared to women, men are served better by their languages like European Americans than African Americans. Due to this, men are proffered clearly when compared to women in different experiences. This deficiency in their languages may lead to women not telling their feelings and expressions in public.


Organizational Information Theory


This theory was proposed to make communication in a proper way. The members may interrupt the information through their process of making the selection of information. The organization is considered to be successful if it avoids those types of ambiguity.


Relational Dialectics Theory


Relational Dialectics indicates the importance of communication in relationships. It is the fact that people are facing to push and pull their desires, to have security and openness in their personal relationships. People can’t balance their desires in their life; it may be some time the impact of communication freely.


Certainty Reduction Theory



Certainty Reduction is wishing to remove their uncertainty of different situations, expressed by their behavior and their thinking. They are not clear about their behaviors in front of people in some critical situations. This uncertainty is found both in relationships as well as individuals' lives. According to this theory, people need to communicate to reduce those types of uncertainties.


Social Exchange Theory


Social exchange theory proposed the major aspects of a relationship which is the satisfaction of both the people's self interest. This is expressed by self disclosure which is not a bad thing in their relationships. These views interpersonal exchanges corresponded to their economic exchanges where people are getting satisfied after proper return on their investments.


Social Penetration Theory


Social penetration is a theory which proposes that relationships develop in unpredictable ways which is the primary way that relationships are self disclosure. It develops closer relationships which are threatening for individuals.


Organizational Information Theory


For organizational information theory its real importance to have necessary information which require achieving their goals. This theory talks about the behavior as well as productivity which are affected by communication within the organization. The main objective of the theory was reducing the doubts in order to extract the information related from the extra ones.




These are some of the communication theories which were proposed by different theorists in their point of view. It is not necessary to accept but at the same time, they may be controversial too.


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