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Top 10 Computer tools every business needs

 When running a business, having the right tools for the job can determine success or failure. However, choosing the right business tools is not easy. The secret is to find the right combination of tools to help you run your business in the most effective way.  you and reduce wasted research time, we have compiled a list of the best business tools.

Business Meeting App

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, millions of employees around the world are working remotely. This means there is no meeting with your teammates, you want To have a face-face-to-face conversation, the following meeting tools will definitely help you


Zoom is popular around the world during the suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and for good reason. If you want to talk to your team Online meetings, creating video webinars, sharing screens with your IT team, or conducting virtual training courses. Zoom is your tool. Zoom’s daily active users have increased from 10 million to more than 200 million in just 3 months In addition to enterprises, teachers also use Zoom to teach online courses and teach students virtual forms.

Main Zoom function

Host meetings of up to 25 people, and unlimited number of meetings. Share with files in 2018 Gartner Peer Insights meeting solution customers Choose.


Free but limited features Pro plans from Pro (14.99/month), Business (19.99/month), Enterprise (19.99/month)

Google Meet

Next is Google Meet, which is a cleaner and faster video calling version of the Google Hangout app. If you are connected to the Google ecosystem, this is a good alternative to Zoom. Just set up a meeting and share the meeting link with your colleagues to start a video meeting in a few seconds. Google, you don’t have to worry about security, and you can rely on its infrastructure to provide a seamless video conferencing experience every time you test.

The main function of Google Meet

Encrypted video calls to increase security. Join offline meetings. Real-time subtitles and noise reduction

(price:). Paid plans start at $10 per user per month. Corporate Communication Applications Communication is the key to the success of any organization. To easily share ideas, brainstorm and daily chat, please use the following communication tools:


If you work in a startup, we must have heard of Slack. Slack is a fast messaging application that allows team members to create channelsbased on interests, projects, or departments, and interact with colleagues in a simplified way. Due to its affordable plan, Black has quickly become the messaging platform of choice for startups and small businesses. Slack has more than 35,000 paying companies, including IBM and Airbnb, and has more than 8 million monthly active users. It is an excellent communication application.

Slacks main function

Make voice and video calls to connect more than 2,200 applications for additional functions, search for messages, files, etc.


4. Microsoft Teams

Teams, a business application consists of one and only Microsoft chat. The team has more than 44 million daily active users, up from 20 million in November 2019, and is part of the Office 365 suite. In addition to messaging with colleagues, Teams also supports audio and video calls. Employees can share and edit PowerPoint, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc., and centralize the entire workflow under one roof.

The main function of Microsoft Teams

Hold meetings with up to 250 participants. Integrate with all Microsoft applications. Provide mobile applications.  Business document management tools We all know the importance of documents to businesses. From creating a proposal to a business plan, everything needs a good document. Choosing your document management tool is crucial because it can help you organize information in one place, reduce reliance on paper documents, and speed up your workflow by 10 times. Choose one of the following document management tools for a better document experience



Modern teams use modern document editors like Bit to help them create, manage, share, and track all documents in one place. Organizing content in different workspaces and folders, collaborating and chatting with colleagues in real time, storing all multimedia assets in a content library, and creating interactive documents, all come from this powerful platform. Through smart search, quickly find what it is. Seek and improve their productivity in a variety of ways. Give it a try (because it has a free version) and see for yourself the power of Bit! Content library interactive documents (more than 100 integrations) Better organization automation design Powerful search for customer-oriented brand documents, potential customer capture and website embedding real-time notifications


Free plan with limited functions The plan Pro from: Standard ( $12/month), Plus (20$/month), Enterprise (contact sales)

6. Google Drive

If you have a compact computer and don’t have a lot of files to process, you can use Google Drive to get out of trouble. As a free content storage and document collaboration suite, Google Drive provides office applications for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Its free plan provides 15GB of free storage space and provides smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

The main features of Google Drive

AI-enabled search is integrated with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Available mobile applications


(Free plan with limited features) Pro plans from: 100GB ($89/month), 1TB ($479) /Month) Start mo), 10TB ($ 4799 / mo) Commercial project management tools Project management tools help managers manage resources, assign tasks, track project deadlines, and successfully deliver projects. The following project management tools are our first choice:

7. Mavenlink

As one of the most highly rated project planning and management tools on G2crowd, Mavenlink can provide many things. Use this all-in-one software to automate project planning, management, accounting and collaboration. Use detailed Gantt charts and task lists to monitor your projects. Thread communication (key function of Mavenlink) Business intelligence, time tracker, resource management and Jira, Slack, Salesforce, etc. Integrated monitoring tasks, projects and resources

Pricing: (free but limited functions) Payment plan starts from: Team ($19) /Month)), Professional (39 USD/month), Premiere (contact sales), Enterprise (contact sales).

8. Paymo

 Paymo is an all-in-one project management software, a feature-rich project management software. Time tracking, planning, project scheduling, resource planning, collaboration-Paymo does it all. Project managers use Paymo to monitor all operations related to the project, assign tasks, and allocate resources in real time. Managers can also create estimates based on project plans and share them with customers.

Main function

Track all expenses during the project and add them to your invoice. Automatic time tracking and sharing schedules with customers. Use Gantt charts to schedule and monitor tasks.


Free but limited-features paid plans start from small offices ($9.56/month), business ($15.16/month)

9. Miro

Miro is an excellent digital whiteboard designed for remote and distributed teams design. Just like on a physical whiteboard, add text, notes, pictures, diagrams, drawings, prototypes, spreadsheets, etc., or use templates to quickly start your brainstorming session. Miro has an infinite canvas, which encourages the free flow of ideas, so that your creativity and imagination are not hindered by anything!

Main function

Asynchronous real-time collaboration More than 7 million users worldwide


Free but limited functions. Paid plans start from: team ($8/member/month) and enterprise ($16/member/month). Enterprise (custom pricing)

10. Microsoft Whiteboard

Few people know that Microsoft also provides a digital whiteboard solution called Microsoft Whiteboard. This digital canvas helps teams collaborate anywhere in the world and exchange ideas on a whiteboard, just like in a physical office space. The whiteboard content is safe in the cloud, and you can log in to the same or different devices to continue working at any time. If you have a Microsoft Surface stylus, you can use it on the digital whiteboard to make diagrams or sketches.

The main functions of Microsoft Whiteboard Mark your whiteboard as non-erasableusing a stylus, keyboard or ballpoint pen.

Security Level Price: Free with limited features. The paid plan starts with: You can get it by subscribing to Microsoft Office 365, starting at $99 per year.

The bottom line

So these are best 10 computer tools that every business needs!


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