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Types of Labor Dispute & Approaches to their Settlement

 What is Labor Dispute?


Before knowing about labor disputes, we need to understand the laws associated with labor. Although there are several reasons behind the labor disputes as well as there are several types of labor disputes, the major dispute is said to be the disagreement in the organization between the employee and the employer. These disputes are majorly caused because of the disagreement on the benefits, monthly pay, contract of joining, working hours, etc.


There are several negative impacts of the labor disputes like it leads to strikes by the laborers or the organization shuts down. This majorly has a lot of drawbacks for the comoa6 as the production will be shut with no profit and even many times the company has to be closed. Although the labor disputes hurt the organization, it is fair for the laborer side. The labor dispute is not always the dispute between the employee and the employers but sometimes it can be disagreement between multiple employees or even multiple employers. And since there are different types of disputes so they are differently understood.


History shows that whenever such labor disputes take place it results in the change of social, political, and even legal policies. These disputes originated because of the different opinions of the employees and the employers. But it is important to identify the labor disputes and fix them on time because it will eventually harm the company.


Types of Labor Disputes


The labor disputes are majorly divided into two types as per the origination of the particular dispute:


Interest disputes: The first type of labor dispute is the interest-originated labor dispute. These types of disputes originated due to the difference in opinion between the two parties. The interest can be regarding pay, vacation time, working hours, bonuses, etc.



Rights disputes: The second category of the labor dispute is rights disputes. These types of disputes are considered to arise due to abusing the rights of the employees. It also includes the expectations of fair wages, working conditions, and many more things. It also arises after the contract violation by the employees.


What Causes Labor Disputes?


To eradicate any of the problems, the major thing is to know the cause of the problems. The same is the case over here, to solve the labor disputes, you must know about all the possible causes of the labor disputes. So here we'll be discussing all the possible causes of the labor disputes.


1.Economic Causes: The first cause of the labor disputes is the economic-related causes that arise due to the compensation, bonus expectations, and other marginal causes. Other economic causes include the job security concern of the employees. Sometimes communication problems also become the reason for labor disputes.


2.Legal Causes: The second cause of the labor disputes is due to the legal causes. Whenever employers try to interfere from the legal influences, it abuses the rights of the employees. Other unapproved political changes and the union problem can be also the reason.


3.Psychological Causes: Now coming up to the psychological causes, it is caused by the difference in the motivation and lack of appreciation to the employees for their achievements. Also if the company is partial with the employees, then these kinds of problems may arise.


So these were the things that are considered as the major causes of the labor disputes but still, the cause which is considered as the biggest cause is the disagreement in the pay expectations. The difference between the compensation expectations by both the employer and employee leads to labor disputes.


For the employees, the thing which matters most after the pay scale is the working environment or the condition. If the employees are getting a poor work environment to work then labor disputes may arise. Also, the power struggle for the employees can be other causes along with the access towards some of the major services in the workplace.

So, summing up there are several causes of labor disputes. But the major concern here should be that if there are any sorts of labor disputes then they must be fixed as soon as possible. Here further will be discussing those settlement ways along with some prevention.


How to Prevent Labor Disputes


The most common saying" prevention is better than cure" should be applied to all the possible sectors. Here in this case it is very crucial to prevent any scenario such as labor disputes. So let us discuss the best way to prevent the labor dispute.


The employers must evaluate the wages of each of the employees very carefully and make sure they are following the current trend of the inflation pattern.

Make sure that the employees are getting a clean and properly furnished working place and all the employees, as well as the managers, are doing their job properly. Also do not forget to conduct frequent motivation sessions for the employees and also appreciate the employees and the managers for their achievements. Do not the labor unions of the company get drifted toward politics.


Settlement of Labor Disputes


Prevention is always the best option but sometimes despite the prevention steps, labor disputes happen. So now you must know how to settle these kinds of disputes. So here are some of the most effective steps to settle the labor disputes:


1.Collective bargaining: The very first step is to discuss the problem and finalize the possible solutions. This discussion especially takes place between employees and the management.


2.Grievance handling: This settlement process includes the disputes solved within the premises of the organization.


3.Conciliation: This is the step which a company takes generally when the discussion between employees and management isn't fruitful so a third party is introduced for the discussion and get the possible solutions.


4.Mediation: It is similar to that of the conciliation but the only difference is that the third party isn't included.


5.Adjudication: This is majorly considered as the final stage of solving disputes by allowing the government to interfere.


Therefore, this was all about labor disputes that one must know. Here we also discussed the possible causes and remedies and steps for the settlement. But still, it is considered an idle situation to not let these disputes happen.


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