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What is Cyber Monday & Black Friday?

 We have often heard about cyber Monday and Black Friday but are you aware of the fact that when doing this cyber Monday starts and when do Black Friday deal with the end. So, if you are also curious about knowing about the facts of cyber Monday and Black Friday then you just landed on the best article where you can learn everything about it.


Starting with the great deals of Black Friday, it majorly deals with the great discounts on expensive goods such as electronic items like laptops, phones, TV, fridge, etc. But on the other hand, Cyber Monday had deals regarding smaller appliances such as vacuums, mixers, clothing, and many more. So, the major questions in a consumer's mind will be that, if they both are the sales events, what could be the difference between both of them and which day can provide you the best deal ever.


What is a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday?


So, first of all, you must know about the exact timing when these black Friday and Cyber Monday begin. So, black Friday begins immediately after Thanksgiving from the holiday shopping season. This season's deals are so impressive that the shoppers, especially those who love to bargain, will surely break down the doors of the retailer's shop. Although the past scenario was totally in this way, in the last few years it has morphed into online shopping. And not only the last few years, but even this year online shopping is going to be important because of the Covid rules imposed for maintaining distances.

So, every year the first Friday immediately after Thanksgiving is considered black Friday and on this day the retailers begin their holiday shopping season. And the deals that are going to be made during the season start flooding the market from the preceding weeks itself.


Now, talking about Cyber Monday, it is the first Monday observed just after Black Friday. We don't have any fixed date for Cyber Monday or even black Friday because every year it shifts.

But although the days are defined, the retailers still start the promotion of the deals from the preceding weeks and continue it till Saturday and Sunday as well. But as the name itself suggests, Cyber Monday is an online affair. This move was made to promote online shopping in 2005 when the internet was not so trendy.


Cyber Monday was mainly introduced to help the small retailers to compete with the big names on black Friday but after this, the big names jumped into cyber Monday too. This is the reason why it has now become hard to differentiate the deals but when it approaches everyone is struck by the two monster sales events of the year.

But this doesn't mean that there is no difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday. You still can make a wide range of differences that we will be discussing further.


What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


Yes of course the first difference will be the dates of both the sale events. The other major difference that exists between both the major events is that Black Friday deals can be found online and also in the stores but Cyber Monday is totally dedicated to the online platform and can't be seen anywhere offline.


But this year it's going to be more confusing than ever because this year the physical purchase will not be in execution so both of them have to use the online platform and hence it will be tough to identify which sale is running on. But there's a way of getting it down through the different brands.


Another difference that you'll be able to catch is that some tech appliances will give you the best deal that their entire goods sell before Cyber Monday. But few of the retailers do not let the price go down too much during black Friday and then suddenly decrease it on cyber Monday to sell all the stock. The next difference can be caught through the type of items and the discount levied on them. Black Friday has massive items so no one even notices the deals on the smaller items. But during cyber monday discounts are even seen in the smaller items. For example, if you are very interested in buying clothing products then it will be worth waiting for Cyber Monday.


Cyber Monday can provide you with the best deals on small appliances or goods. If you are waiting for the households then waiting for cyber Monday is good for you. And if you are waiting for heavy appliances then don't wait for long and grab your deal right at black Friday.


So, now since you might have acquired the idea about Cyber Monday as well as black Friday, you must also know about the store or the platform which would be more suitable to acquire the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As per the trend that has been observed in Amazon and the best buy, it is noticed that both the week will bring deals on the same types of the products but the brands and the models will keep on changing.


If you are not sticking to a particular product then you are going to get a variety of deals on the products of different brands as well as the models you won't regret. Also every time the consumers cannot be sure about which product is going to be discounted in the upcoming cyber Monday of black Friday so people can rely on the previous data as well.


Hence, all you need to grab from this article is that Cyber Monday & Black Friday are the two giant shopping holidays that provide the best deals of the whole year. Thus the deal includes all the possible items a person wants to buy. Moreover, black Friday is for your big electronic items which are on normal days expensive and cyber Monday is for smaller household appliances.


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