Types of business communication

The communication system in a business plays the role of heart in the success of the company. A proper communication system is required in order to keep all the organizational processes, performances, and the production optimum. The effectiveness of the communications impacts majorly on the performance of the company and it plays major role in deciding the happiness of the employees and the relationship of the company with its employees as well as clients. Thus it plays a major role in the brand identity and the net earnings of the company. 

Despite of their major role in the performance, production, and the over all success of the company, still more than 57% companies in US are not having an effective and dedicated communication system. And, a survey also suggests that more than 60% companies in US are not evaluating the outcomes of their internal communication system.

Due to poor communication system, more than 65% employees and the staff of the company stays disengaged or are not getting proper information regarding what is happening in the company? what project the company is working on?, what is their role in the company?

The poor communication system in the company is not only making the staff disengaged, but is also hampering the success of the company and is also the reason for the increase in the stress level among the employees. 

In order to improve the communication system in the company, there is first need to understand types of communication. Here in this  guide, we are going to discuss on types of business communication.

Types of business communication

There are majorly four types of business communication. These are:

  1. Upward business communication
  2. Downward business communication
  3. Lateral business communication
  4. External business communication

Upward business communication

Upward communication is a type of business communication that moves from downside to up side. In the form of reports, the information in upward communication comes from the employees level to the manager and from mangers to top level executives or the owners of the company. The upward communication helps the top level officers, executives, or the directors of the company to keep their eye on what is going on in the company.

Pros of upward business communication:

Since the information moves from the down staff level to the higher managers and in the end to the top directors of the company, this helps the top executives or the directors of the company to understand and know the demand of the employees of the company. This will make the directors to assist their employees and this will help the employees to feel valued and thus will give their best efforts for the growth of the company.  

It will help the management to identify all the issues generating in the lower staff level early before it worse.

This type of communication helps the employees to share their innovative ideas with the company chiefs and this will help the company grow faster.

The upward communication system in the company helps in fostering a harmonious and friendly atmosphere where all the employees are free to share their ideas and thus contribute in the faster growth of the company.

Downward business communication

It is another kind of business communication where the information flows from the higher executive team to the mangers teams and from managers to the employees.  In this communication system, the information flows in a predetermined hierarchy form from the top level to down.

Pros of Downward business communication

The downward business communication provides the best pathway for transferring the essential information like explanation for the complex issues, instructions, change in the policy of the company, new rules, any other operation details and many more. This communication types helps disseminating the necessary information to all the employees in the downward flow.

In the downward communication types, the manager will be empowered to carry on the required and the appropriate authority.

This communication type helps the company to easily reinforce the company specific rules, standards, and disciplinary consequences in order to uphold the compliance.

The downward communication system is an easy delegation of the basic responsibilities.   

Lateral business communication

The lateral business communication is another kind of business communication where the information moves across different employees and the departments of same status within the institution. In this kind of business communication system, the information moves from one employee to other employees and from one department to other department of equal status.

Pros of lateral business communication

The lateral communication system is also essential in a company for sharing the information, for solving several problems, and for coordination of all the organizational tasks.

The importance of lateral business communication increase several more times in large organizations where there is need to maintain the interdepartmental coordination.

Lateral communication is business is helpful in synthesizing organic communication system that serves as a morale boosting and rapid communication system.

This type of communication is required for eliminating conflicts and misunderstanding between employees.

It is helps in providing the social as well as emotional support to the employees.

External business communication

The external business communication is a type of communication for moving the information from the inside of the company to outer parties like customers, vendors, clients, investors, prospects, sponsors, partners, regulatory bodies, lawmakers, consultants, the media, and general public.

Pros of external business communication

When performed well, the external communication helps in creating a positive image of the company in public which is more desirable to attract more customers and stakeholders.

It is essential for maintaining the relationship of the company with the customers.

Better the external business communication, better will be the reputation of the company among customers and the public.

The bottom line

So these are major types of business communication! 



Major business organization forms

 While starting a business, choosing the form of the business organization is one among the important decision which will further decides many more factors. The form of the business organizations impacts majorly on different factors and it will also play a major role in deciding the future of the company.

There is required to align your mission with the type of business organizations in order to achieve the desired success. So in order to choose the best form of the business organization as per your goals, you should first understand the major types of the business organization.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on major forms of business organization.

Major business organization forms

There are basically four forms of business organizations. These four forms will impact several factors of the business like:

How the organization will be taxed?

What will the operation costs in the business?

What will be the legal liability on the business operators?

What will be the costs for the formation of the business? 

The four forms of the business are:

Sole proprietorship



Limited liability Company (LLC)     

Sole proprietorship

Sole proprietorship is the most simplest and the common form of business organization or the business ownership where the entire business is operated by single owner. In the sole proprietorship kind of business, all the organizational operations are handled by the single owners and they will be responsible for all the profit as well as loss in the company. In this kind of business form, the operation and all the decisions of the business entirely depends on the single owner. And, thus the single owner will have all the power to take any decision for growth of the company.

Pros of having the Sole proprietorship business

The major benefit of having the sole proprietorship business is that all the profit will goes to the single owners. Since the entire company is managed by single owner, thus the owner will be the one to enjoy all the profit and they do not require to share or split their profit with others.

As mentioned, all the business operations in sole proprietorship kind of business organization will be solely handled by single owner. And, thus they will be having all the power to run the business they want. They do not need to consult or consider others opinion in order to run their business. All the decision of the organization will be taken by single owner and they will have all the power to decide the direction or the decision of the business.

The sole proprietorship business kind is comparatively easy to start and can be start with few assets.

Less paper work is another benefit associated with the sole proprietorship business. The owner does not require to register their business with any of the government authority. With minimal or no paperwork, the sole proprietorship can be started.

All the assets and the company belongs to single owner and thus the owner of the business will have all the power to start or stop the business any time.

Cons of sole proprietorship business

For all the losses and debts, the single owner will be solely responsible.

In worst case scenario, the owner might need to use their personal assets or the properties in order to fulfill the liabilities.

In sole proprietorship, the ownership is quite tough to transfer.

There will be no distinction between the business and the personal income.


Another kind of business organization is partnership. Partnership can be further of two types: General partnership and the Limited partnership.

In general partnership business form, all the owners will invest their money and efforts and all will be equally liable for all kind of losses as well as debts. The general partnership do not requires much paperwork. All needed is an partnership agreement with signature of all the owners and business can be started.

But in limited partnership, there is needed formal agreement. In this kind of partnership business form, the liability of any of the owner can be limit depending on their investment or efforts.    

Pros of having partnership business form

In partnership, the owners will get extra sets of hands for running the business. The work pressure of the business will not be on the single person and all of the owners can contribute in growing the business faster.

Share resources and investment will helps in easy collection for the funding required for starting a business.

Distribution of liability on more than one owners will reduce the burden from single person.

Each owner can manage the particular organizational work depending on their skills.

While deciding the future or making business plan, opinions from more than one owner will help in taking better decision for the company.

Cons of partnership

Error by one owner will make other owners to face losses in business.

Selling business will be difficult.

Conflicts and disagreements while deciding business strategy or taking any decision for the business.


It is another kind of business model which is considered to be a legal person. The profit generated in a corporate business is taxed as legal entity and the income distributed to the shareholders are again taxed as their personal incomes.

Pros of corporate business

Limited liability of the owners to losses and debts

All the profit and the losses is of the corporation

Easily transferable to new owner

Owner does not require using their personal asset for paying debts.



More paperwork and formalities

Income taxed twice

Limited liability company (LLC)

It is kind of partnership business which combines the pros of corporate and partnership business.


Limited liability of the owners

No double taxation



Complex and comprehensive agreements

Expensive to establish

The bottom line

So these are four major kind of business models! 


What are the advantages and the disadvantages of partnership business?

 Are you planning to start a business with one of your friend or relative? This kind of business where there are two or more owners comes under the category of partnership businesses.

Partnership is a type of business model where the organization gets operated by two or more partners and business gets owned by more than one owners.

Partnership is also a kind of marriage where the partners will need to manage their professional life and the organization together. There are four types of partnership. These are:

General partnership

It is the most simple and basic type of partnership business where two or more partners decides to work together for a business just by signing the partnership agreement. In this type of partnership business, all the partners are having equal liability and they all are responsible for all the profit as well as loss in the business.

Limited partnership

This type of partnership businesses are registered type business authorized by the states. In this partnership business, one of the partner is active partner who is solely responsible for all the operation in the business while the other partners only invest money but do not participate in the  business activities actively.

In this partnership business type, the limited or the silent partner invests only for the returns and they cannot lose more than their investment. The limited partner in this type of partnerships are not responsible for any kind of debt or the liabilities.

Limited liability partnership

It is more similar to the general partnership business where all the partners actively participate in the business activities, but here in this partnership business, the liability will be limited for one other’s action.

In this business type, the partners will be liable for bearing all the debts and losses in the business, but will not be liable for bearing the errors by any of the partner.

Limited liability and limited partnership

It is a new pattern of partnership business where one active partner will manage all the business activities, but will be having limited liabilities. This is kind of limited partnership where all the partners will be having the responsibility of the liability protection.

These are some types of partnership. Before entering in the partnership, it is advised to learn the advantages and the disadvantages before entering the partnership business. Following we are listing some general pros and cons of the partnership business.

Advantages of partnership business

Following are some cons of entering the partnership business:

Extra sets of hands

Yes, this is one of the major benefit of partnership business. In the partnership business, you will get an partner to work with and to make effort with in order to promote the business. All the business activity will not be only on the single owner.

In businesses, a single owners requires to juggle with multiple tasks and they need to tackle the constant busyness, smoldering problems, and late night works. But having a business partner will help you divide all the business operations and thus more time for yourself.

Having a business market means having a set of hand with whom the business work can be divided. This will help the business work to be done faster and more time for personal lives.

Benefit from extra sets of skills

More the partners means more sets of skills. Each of the partner is having some special skills and thus can contribute in the promotion and the growth of the business. For example, if you are good in promotion and marketing, but having less knowledge related to products and service. Finding a partner with good knowledge of products and service will help you run the business successfully. Your partner will manage the products and services and you will manage the marketing and promotion work and thus get better outcomes from the business.

Less financial burden

It is one of the major benefit of the partnership business. Even in the case of loss, you are not the only person liable for the losses. All the losses will be divided in all the partners and thus the financial burden on single owner will be reduced.

Less paperwork

In order to enter the partnership, you will not require to done with lots of paperwork. A simple partnership agreement with signs from all the partners will allow you to start your business.

Less tax forms

In partnership business, there is no such extra business entity tax. All the partners will need to fill their individual tax depending on the income from the partnership business.

Disadvantages of partnership business

Here are some of the cons of partnership business:

No personal decisions for the business

Since the business will be operated by more than two partners, the decision for the business will also be taken by all the partners. You individually cannot take any action for the business without confirmation from other partners.


When in a partnership, you might be required to tackle with several disagreements with the partners. Sometimes, many partners might need to face major conflict in the workplace and you all might get sick of working together.

Splitting of the profit

No matter who works more, who works less, the profit in the end will be splited equally among all the partners. Even if you contributed more in the growth of the company, still all the partners are going to have the same profit share.

Individual Tax

Taxed individually is no doubt a pro, but is con at the same time. Business tax is comparatively low. Combined tax paid by all the partners might be more then the business tax.

The bottom line

So these are some advantages and disadvantages related to the partnership business!



What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the sole proprietorship?

 Sole proprietorship is a kind of popular business most often seen in small and medium sized business and is among one of the most popular business style in the world. It is a kind of business where one person owns all the assets, and the ownership and the affairs of the business. The only person who owns the company is solely responsible for all the profit as well as loss in the company.

Today, here in this guide, we are listing you some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of having a sole proprietorship:

Advantages of sole proprietorship

Following we are listing you some of the advantages of owing a sole proprietorship:

Easy establishment

The major advantage of the sole proprietorship is its easy establishment of the business. In order to start a sole proprietorship business, there is not much requirements for the specific registration purpose. Simply with the legal identity of the businessman, one can start the sole proprietorship business. Thus this business type do not require any specific registration, instead one can start it with any adhaar card, or the PAN card, or any other identity of the business man. In order to create and protect the identity of the business, one can easily get the Trademark registration or the UDYOG AASHAAR REGISTRATION but these are completely optional step.

Easy operation

Since only one person is the sole responsible for taking all kind of decisions and for dealing with all kind of affairs, the operation of the sole proprietorship business is kind easy. As all the affairs of the business is solely related to single owner and thus can easily operate the business. More the owner of the business, more will be opinions and this make the business operations more complicated. As the sole proprietorship business is having only one owner, thus they can take the decisions on their own opinion and do not need to consider the opinions of others. This makes the operation of the sole proprietorship business very easy.

Profit to one person only

Another benefit associated with the sole proprietorship business is that the single owner might need to work hard but will be the sole beneficiary of all the profits. In the sole proprietorship business, single person is the owner of the business. That individual person is responsible for all kind of affairs, dealing, work, and other and thus enjoys all the profit of the business alone as well. Since sole proprietorship is the single person company and thus all the profit goes to that single owner only. Other then sole proprietorship business, all other businesses, whether it is partnership or corporations, are having two or more than two owners and thus the profit also divides in them.

Taxation and compliance

Since the sole proprietorship businesses are the most simple kind of business with one owner and thus it does not require any kind of registration from the government authorities. This is why the compliance requirement with the sole proprietorship business is minimal. Other business types like corporate businesses etc are registered with government authorities like Ministry of Corporate affairs and thus need to fill much compliance. But this is not with the sole proprietorship business and thus they enjoy the low compliance.

Also, the sole proprietorship business requires to fill the income tax returns of the firm only in the  case when the income is more than 2.5 lakh rupees per annum. And, in the case when the sole proprietor of the business is more than 60years of age, then they will need to fill the tax only in the case when the net income is more than 3.0 lakh Rs per annum. And, the proprietor with the age more then 80 will need to fill the income tax return only when the income is more  than 5.0 lakh Rs per annum.

Also, the sole proprietors are giving with many facilities that they can avail in order to further reduce the tax liabilities. These includes the life insurances premium, certain provision fund, medical insurance premiums, care for disabled person, medical expenses, payment of  the rent, royalty on patents, income from royalty, handicapped person caring, loans, and many more.  


Since the sole proprietorship business is handled by a single person, they can take their decision and maintain their privacy as well. Also, the sole proprietorship business are un registered kind of business and thus government do not maintain their data bases. This is why, these business type is more private in compare to other business types.      

Disadvantages of sole proprietorship business

After learning all the pros associated with the sole proprietorship business, following are some disadvantages of sole proprietorship business:

Unlimited liability

Since one person is handling the entire business, thus they will be the only one to bear all the losses, if any. This is  the most disturbing con of  having the sole proprietorship business. In the case of loss, the only owner will be liable to cover the loss and may need to use their personal assets for discharging the liabilities.

Difficult fund raising

Most of the investors as well as banks hesitate to lending money to the sole proprietors. Since in other kind of businesses, more than one person are responsible for handling the losses and thus get the loans easily.

Higher tax incidence

In sole proprietorship business, the tax rate is on the basis of individual tax  rates. Though the tax rate is low for income less than 10 lakh, but the tax rates will be more for the income more than 10 lakh.

The bottom line

So these are some advantages and disadvantages of having a sole proprietorship business! 

How to build company’s profile?

 The company’s profile can be defined as the profile that helps the company to display their values, goals, missions, and the performance to the stake holders and the investors. In order to raise the fund and the capital for the company, one need to build an impressive profile for their company. In order to create a impressive and professional profile the company, you should know what should be included in the company’s profile and what to be avoided. Discovering the way to create an impressive profile for the company will help the owner to raise funds for the company, engage readers and promote the positive image of the company.

So to help all the readers, how to create the company’s profile, here we are going to give you a complete guide explaining what is Company’s profile, its importance, and the steps and tips to create a strong company’s profile.

What is company’s profile?

The company’s profile is a kind of written introduction of the company which helps the company to display their values along with the goals, missions, aims, and the performance to all the readers including the stakeholders and the investors.

Most of the companies prefer to include their success story in the company’s profile related to the foundations of the company and it also explains the product and the service kind. The small companies often write their company’s profile by their own while the larger ones assigns the same task to the professional writers expertise in writing the profile for the company.

There is no particular rule related to the length of the company’s profile. It can be shorter as just two pages and can go up to 10 or more pages depending on the target audience, age of the comapnt, size of the company, and many more. 

The purposes for writing the company’s profile are as follows:

Capital raising: The company’s profiles helps the potential investors with the information related to the company they requires in order to finalize the decision for the investment.

Social media and company’s website: Another purpose of the company’s profile is to inform all the readers, and the social media users regarding the values, missions, and the origin of the company.         

What are the importances of company’s profile?

These days, most of the small as well as large companies prefers writing company’s profile. The company’s profile serves several functions and is advantageous in several forms. Following are some benefits of creating the company’s profile:

Communication of values and culture:

The well written company’s profile s a great way to emphasize on and let the readers know about the strong values and the positive culture in the company’s and thus help in attracting more and more employees as well as investors.

Public image:

This is another benefit of writing a company’s profile. Having a strong company’s profile helps in creating a positive image of the company in the community.


The company can also write their company’s profile in the form of a business plan for the growing business operations, performances, growth, as well as the revenues.

How to create an impressive and strong company’s profile?

Now the main segment of the guide starts. Following we are presenting you the step by step guide for writing the strong and impressive company’s profile:

The purpose of the profile:

Before starting writing the purpose of the profile, the company should first identify their purpose for the writing the profile for the company. There can be different purposes for the company to write their profile depending on the audience type and their end goal.  
After deciding or identifying the aim for writing the profile for the company, now the company an work on the elements to be incorporated in the profile. The elements that are often considered to be implemented in the company’s profile includes the values of the company, the values of the products, their performance and many more.

The style and the format for the company’s profile

After identifying the purpose for writing the profile for the company, the next step is to finalize the format and the style of the profile. The format or the style of the profile helps in organizing all the information making it easy to read and understand and will make the profile appealing to the readers. The best format for the company’s profile is the use of subheading and is one the most frequently used format for organizing information in the company’s profile.

Contact information

The beginning of the company’s profile should be start from the name of the company, their website, address, and the contact information. These information helps the readers to contact the company or to gather more information regarding the company.

Include the mission and the aim of the company

It is great idea to include the mission of the company in the company’s profiles. From mission, we mean the values and the purpose of the company. In the mission section, the company should write a strong statement regarding the target key customers, their product and the services, and the how their product is different.  

Company’s history

The company should always add their company’s history in brief. In this section, they can describe their foundation story, and includes the insights that motivates the owner to start the company.

About products and the services

The company stands behind their products and services, thus it is necessary to include the description regarding the product or the services in the company’s profile.

Awards and recognition

Next, the company should add all the awards and the recognition that the company earned in their career.

Financial details

If the purpose for writing the company’s profile is for investors, the company should add their financial details like sales goals, strategies, and post performances.


Another kind of information to be included in the company’s profile are their demographics including the number of employees and the diversity statistics.


In the last, the company should incorporate some testimonials or the positive review from the customers as well as the employees.

 The bottom line

This is the way to create strong company’s profile!      


How to create a professional looking resume?

 Facing the interview is kind of race against several other applicants applied for the same job. For the dream job you are will for, several other applicants have also landed their resumes. In order to beat the competition, you will need to get yourself ready with a professional and effective resume.

Do you know how to create a professional and effective resume? No? No worries, here in this guide, we are presenting you the step by step guide in order to help you create a professional and most effective resume for your dream job.

How to create a professional resume?

Following are the instructions to create a professional looking resume for your dream job:

Select the right format for the resume

Writing all the information related to your academics as well as professional skill will make your resume look like a general information paper, not the resume. In order to make resume more effective, there is need to select the right format for it. 

There are several formats that you can select in order to make your resume look professional. The most common kind of format for resume is Reverse chronological format. It is traditional style resume format which is familiar for most of the recruiters. The only disadvantage of this resume is that it is very common and is not considered as the creative resume format.

Another format for the resume is Combination format where the applicant can highlight their professional skills and thus is great for career changes and experienced pros. But this resume format type is comparatively new and thus not recommended for the entry level job seekers.

The third type of format for the resume is Functional resume format which emphasizes the skills over the experience. This is creative type resume but can make the HR to think that you are hiding your weaknesses.


For those who are applying for the job for the first time, it is recommended to select the reverse chronological type resume format. It is most traditional and familiar type resume format and is great for emphasizing the duties, responsibilities, capabilities, qualification, skills, experience, and all.

Add your personal details and contact information

In your resume, you should add your personal details and contact numbers. Some of your personal details like the name of the applicants, their phone number, their email address, and the LinkedIn URL should always be added in the resume in order to make it more professional and effective. Optionally you can also add your address, Resume titles, and your personal website, if any.

These are some information that you should add in your resume. There are some information also that you should avoid to add in resume unless it is not necessary. You should never add your date of birth as it might lead to raise the issue of ageism. Add it only in the case when necessary like in the case of job for serving liquor. Also, avoid adding additional phone numbers and email Id as it will confuse the recruiters. Adding your picture on resume is also not recommended.

Begin with a impressive heading statement

Tinder users are impatient these days and have the habit to select based on the first impression. Your witty statement or the impressive heading is the main that can help you get the match or simply swipe right on you.

Like Tinder, employers also flip the resumes reading the heading statement. Most of the HR statistics initially select the resume seeing the heading only in less then 7 seconds.

This is why, in order to increase the chances of your resume to get selected, always begin with a impressive and eye catching heading.

Summary statement

The summary in the resume summarize your professional skills and the past working experience. Make sure to write it professionally.


In the case when you are not having super experience for the job you are applying for, it is better to highlight the skills that you can provide the company. Mention your objectives that you can do good for the growth and the profit of the company.

List your key achievements and relevant working experience

If resume is a fancy meal, then the experience section in it is the main course. It is the most significant section comprising of your key achievements and the work history. After knocking the appetite with the above mentioned sections, now fill this main course with your working experience and the relevant experience you have got in. Mention your Job title, company the location, your responsibility in the last job, your achievements, and all.

List your academic achievements correctly

 Like dessert, academic section is also the most important part of the resume. Many people take the education details for granted, but in actual, it impacts much on HR and plays a significant role in getting you your dream job.

The education order in the resume should be from the highest degree on the first and then add other qualification details in reverse chronological order. If you have mentioned your university degree, there is no need for mentioning the high school scores. The achievements in extra curricular activities are good for nice finishing touch.

Add relevant skills that matches the job requirements

Along with your qualification details, you should also add all your skills that fits for the job you are applying for. Skills like communication skills, social behaviour, technical skills, leadership and management skills, critical thinking skills, transferable skills, organizational skills, and other job specific skills will make your resume more effective.

Additional sections

IN order to make your resume more effective, it is good idea to add additional sections like hobbies, volunteer work, internship experience, certificates, and other awards, languages, publications, projects, etc.

Add the finishing touch with a cover letter

A cover letter will help you expand the things that you have mentioned in your resume in simple language and will impact positively on the HR.

The bottom line

This way you can create a professional resume!



How to set up a business account on Instagram?

 As per the report by Instagram, roughly more than 1 billion peoples stays active on Instagram monthly and this categorized the Instagram under the niche of social networking platform. Instagram these days is one among the popular and fastest growing social network loved by millions of users and thus provides the opportunities to the businessmen for networking their business as well.

So with Instagram, all the organization is going to have the great social networking platform in order to promote their business. If you are a business man and still have not set your business account on Instagram, then what are you waiting for? Set your business account on Instagram now and start networking and marketing your business now.

Instagram is all about sharing pictures and videos. On Instagram, you will get the option to share the graphically rich pictures and the success story related your products or the business and market your products as well the services.

For all the business men from the digital era, it is advised to set up your business account and take your business to the new heights. In the case, when you do not know, how to set up a business account on Instagram? And, how to use the Instagram business accounts? Following is the complete step by step instructions for taking the advantage of Instagram business account for the promotion and marketing of the business.

How to create a business account on Instagram?

Before learning the way to create a business account on Instagram and to use it for the promotion of the products and services, it is recommended to first have a business account on Facebook. In order to take full advantage of the business account on Instagram, you will need to have a facebook business account.

Following are some steps to create a business account on Instagram and how to use this account for the business purpose:

Download the Instagram app

In order to have the business account on Instagram, first you will need to have the applications. Open your Play store or the App store and search for the Instagram application right on the search bar. Now select the Instagram app and get it downloaded and installed in your system.

Set up your account on Instagram

For having an account on Instagram, you will need to have an email address. Using your business email address, create your business account on Instagram.

Create a username and profile

The next step after setting up the account, you will need to choose a perfect username and the password for your Instagram account. It is recommended to use the name of the company as the user name of the account.

Pick you’re a perfect profile picture

The profile picture of your business account on Facebook should be the logo of the business or related to your business. If you are not having any logo for your business, then upload any of the picture related to the business. Make sure youa re not uploading your personal pictures. Since this account is related to the business and not the personal account, so avoid putting any of your selfie or personal picture.  

Complete your profile

The next step is to complete your profile. Fill all your details, bio and other information fields as required. Summarize your business in your bio, and try giving the best of your business details in limited words. 

 Search for the Facebook friends and the contacts

After creating your profile and setting up your account, you will be asked to find the friends to follow from Facebook or from the contacts. Before following your Facebook or contacts friends or any others, it is good to have your profile completed with a profile picture and two posts at least.      

Now the business part

The above mentioned steps were all for creating the business account on Instagram. Now it’s time to learn how to use the business account on Instagram for the business purpose.

Link your business facebook page

As mentioned above, in order to fully use the Instagram account for the business purpose, you will need to have the Business Facebook page. In this step, link your business facebook page with the Business Instagram account.

Start posting your business related stuffs

In order to successfully use your Instagram business account, there is need that you are regularly posting some stuff related to your business from your business Instagram account. You can either post pictures, or videos, share the products or the services, their quality, customer satisfaction videos, success story, and many more on your Instagram account for business.

Never forget to write captions and use the hastags

Make sure the caption you are writing is brief but having heavy meaning. Always use hastags in order to make your post popular. Always while posting any of the content, always use more specific hastags targeting to the specific niche. Also, make sure to keep the hastags in limit and does not let it come in spam by using dozens of hostages per post.

Be social and follow more peoples back

Whenever any person follows your business account, you should follow them back. Along with this, also start following people from your facebook friend list, contacts, and many more.

Define your brand story

After creating and done with all the stuffs as mentioned above for the Instagram business account, now it’s time to make your account specific for your business only. Post stories related to your business and spread the positive perception related t your business.

Link with other professional accounts

After getting your Instagram account established, connect it with other business accounts like LinkedIn etc.

The bottom line

So these are all about the strategy you should go with in order to create a business account on Instagram!  



How to create LinkedIn profile?

 The LinkedIn profile of a person is a kind of their professional face which tells about their profession, what they are, what they stand for, and what they are interested in.

With the LinkedIn profile, a person will also get the option to manage their personal brand as well. The LinkedIn profile provides an amazing ay to let all the world know about your brand and what it stand for. 

The LinkedIn profile can either be the storyboard for your profession or the brand or can be your personal story board letting people know about you or your brand and stay updated about all your professional activities. Thus it is requires that you should keep your LinkedIn profile complete and well maintained and should represent the best of you or your brand.

All the LinkedIn members who are having their account on LinkedIn can see your profile. And, most of the recruiters are using the LinkedIn profile of the person in order to gather their professional and the academic details for the hiring purpose. Thus you should keep it well representing your professional as well as academic information.

Why one should have a LinkedIn profile?

Having the LinkedIn profile will help the person in:

Management of the professional brand: The LinkedIn profile can help the person in managing their personal brand and use this profile as the representative of their brand. With the LinkedIn profile, the person are allowed to let the people see the story of their brand, and let other peoples on LinkedIn view all of their qualification and the professional experience. The LinkedIn provides the person with the full right to personalize their account and make it the way how they want their profile to be viewed. And, thus LinkedIn gives them the power to personalize their account information that fit their requirement. The LinkedIn profile will help the recruiter to gather your professional information and the qualification and thus can hire you or it will help the target customers and the other party to find your brand and thus can finalize the deal with you.   

More opportunities: The profile on the LinkedIn brings the person with lots of opportunity related to their career. Since all the professional peoples globally are using the LinkedIn platform. Having a up to date profile on LinkedIn will help the right people to find your profile on the right time and thus brings you more and more opportunities.

If you are looking for a job, the LinkedIn profile will help you approach several recruiters and provide them about the information regarding your profession and academics and thus get hired by top recruiters. And, if you are having any brand, the LinkedIn profile related to your brand will help other party or the target customers to find your account and thus finalize the deal with you.

This is how the LinkedIn provides the users with an excellent platform for wither finding jobs, employees, or customers.

Widen your network and monitor your professional milestones: The LinkedIn platform provides you the space where you can record and display all your professional achievement and thus let the recruiters and others to know about your professional experience as well as the qualification. With LinkedIn profile, you will get the best medium in order to showcase your achievements and the professional experience to other peoples registered on the LinkedIn. The up to date profile on the LinkedIn platform will provide the user an opportunity to meet new peoples and thus opens the door for them in order to widen their professional network which will be fruitful for both of their personal brand as well as their professional career.

How to create a profile on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn profile will provide the users with several sections to display their expertise and the professional skills. With a complete and updated LinkedIn profile, the user will get more changes of being discovered and found in search appearances. After learning all the advantages of LinkedIn profile, now the question is how to create an account or create a profile on LinkedIn. Following we are giving you some tips on how to keep your LinkedIn profile complete and enhance your chances for be discovered by top recruiters, customers, and other parties:

Professional profile picture: A profile picture is required to build trust. Having a professional looking profile picture on the LinkedIn profile will help in building credibility of the profile and thus will help you stand different form the crowd. A report suggest that a member having a professional looking profile picture are more likely to get views on LinkedIn in comparison to those without the profile picture. In order to further personalize your LinkedIn account, you can also add the background image.

Impressive headline: Headline plays a major role in attracting more and more viewers. A headline different from other will increase the chances of being viewed by the right people at right time. You should create your headline in order to represent your profession, position, and qualification. You can later edit it also with more achievements.

Summary: In the About section, describe your missions, skills, and motivation in order to impress the people who are interested in your professional profile. Make sure not to fill this section. Keep it summarized. In order to make it more convenient for reading, summarize your profession in bullet points.

Add your education and relevant work experience: This is the major segment of the LinkedIn profile. You should keep this section up to date with all your professional achievements aligned as per your career goals.

 Add relevant skills: Adding your skills will help other members know about your ability and skills.

Request for recommendation: You can request for recommendations from your connections. Generally the accepted recommendation will be displayed to your network, but you are also having the option to hide it.

The bottom line

So these are some tips to strengthen your LinkedIn professional profile!


Benefits of having business card

 It was time when business card was known to be the face of the business. Though, today everything has gone digitalized, but the value of the business card is still the same. Today all the meetings, notices, contracts, marketing, promotion, networking, etc all has gone digital, still the digital gadgets do not able to replace the value of the business cards completely.

Companies and businesses used to keep the business card for marketing purpose since several years. And even today, it is considered as one of the most powerful tool for the marketing of the company.

Today in the digital era where the technology is on its top and companies are adopting the digital technologies and gadgets in order to promote and market their business, the business card has also adapted the new innovation and continues to be the most effective way for the marketing of the business.

With the advancement in the technology, now we are having much advanced technology in order to design business cards. Now we are having several option to design business card wither simple or in the personalized business related designs.

Today in this guide, we are going to discuss on the benefit of having a business card. Why a company should have their business card and how the business card keep benefitting peoples even in this digital age.

Personal touch to the contact information

Social networking is basically for making connection with more and more clients and the customers. But to exchange the contact information, we need some professional way. Texting the contact information via text messages or email might be convenient but it looks very impersonal. In order to keep the professionalism at the top, the company should always have a business card. Meet the clients personally, hand them your business care and approach them to get in contact with your company.

The business card puts a memorable impression on the other party that might not be able with the email or the text messages. With the business card, the company will get the opportunity to converse with the other part and sign the deal. Once exchanging the business card and the contacts, the company now can converse with the other party via different digital mediums.

Better first impression

Well said that the first impression is the most important impression. And, with the business card, you business is going to have the most professional and best impression on the clients.

The beautifully designed, professional looking business card is a great idea to have the best first impression on the other party. There are several options available in the market that will help you get your business card designed that matches your look as well as the feel of your brand.

Most effective and the efficient marketing tool

 Though the world is digital and the digital social networking is performing its best for marketing and promoting the business. It is pretty effective way for connecting more and more people and promotes the brand. Still, this digital and the most advanced marketing technique cannot match the way where you personally meet the other party and end it with exchanging your business cards.

The business card will help you personally hand over your contact details and the company details to the other party and have great impression on them. In the world of all advanced new age marketing and promoting tools, even many big and large corporations still consider the business card to be the most effective marketing tool.


The small business does not afford to spend much on marketing. The business cards provide them the most affordable and the cost effective way for marketing and promoting the business. With a limited budget, you can get your professional looking and business related business card and start promoting your business at affordable costs.

The professional printers will help you get the best and most personalized business card with you business niche touch in high quality. You can personalize your business card the way you want and promote your business in a very affordable and cost effective way.


Another benefit that your business is going to have with the business card is the versatility. Despite of their small size, the business cards have the potential to carry all the important information related to your business along with the contact details. You are having the option to use your business card as an advertisement tool, or as an voucher or the coupons, or can simply employ the business cards in offering information related to the business.

While printing the business card, make sure you are not trying to fit more and more information in a small business card. Keep it versatile and offer basic information regarding your business.


With the business card, you will have the control to share what information regarding your business you want your clients and the customers to know. You can design your business card the way you want, put the information that you want the other party to know regarding your company, and share it with the individual you want to.

The business card are small and carries all the basic information regarding the company and thus allows you to conveniently promote your company.

Makes you more professional and prepared

When you want to share your contact details but not having any business card, you will need to either let the other person to note it in any piece of paper or note it in their smart phone. These both conditions do not look professional. Having a business card will allow you to be more prepared and you can share your business card directly in order to share your basic information and thus make you look more prepared and professional.

The bottom line

So these are some benefits of having a business card!                  


What are the advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 for businesses?

 What a business need in order to get success? Yes! It is efficiency. The ability for creation, collaboration, and the communication makes it very easy for the business to be more effective. The organization with several productive tools and software makes it easy for the organization to be agile and enable them to perform their tasks easily and seamlessly anytime from anywhere. These tools and software assists the organizations in competing in the industry and get all the success.

The office 365 suite by Microsoft is highly productive suite comprising of several productive and helpful tools for ht organizational work including the Exchange, Word, excel, Teams, sharepoint, and many more. Since the entire office 365 suite by Microsoft is cloud based, thus it allows the organization to access the fully features experience of the suite from anywhere, anytime, on any of their device just with their login credentials.

All the tools in the Office 365 suite by Microsoft are complement to each other and thus can work together seamlessly providing the users with an amazing experience. Here in this guide, we are listing some of the benefits that all the users are going to have with the Microsoft Office 365 suite:    

Access of files anytime, anywhere

As mentioned that all the tools consisted in the Microsoft Office 365 are cloud based and thus allowing all the users to access their full features suite anytime, anywhere and from any of their device. With the Microsoft Office suite, the organization will get the option to store all of their files, documents, and folders right on the cloud storage and access them anytime, anywhere, from any device, whenever they needed.

All the company need to access their file is the internet connection and the login credentials. With the login credential and an active internet connection, one can easily access all the files and documents from the cloud anytime, anaywhere, from any of the devices.

The feature that allows the company to access the office tools anytime, from any location, and from any device, helps the company and their employees to be more productive even when they are not at office.


Another advantage of having the Microsoft Office 365 suite is the secure cloud storage. With the office 365, the users will get the advantage of absolute secure environment with the feature of several robust security measures including two factor authentications. This gives the peace of the mind to the authorized owner of the cloud storage and ensures them that none of the unauthorized person is going to access their files.

This suite comes with the feature of anti malware and threat detection as well and thus identify the security threats immediately and get it fixed immediately. And, this feature of the Microsoft Office 365 suite helps the organization to handle all of their confidential data and the information.

Having the Microsoft office 365 means that your company no need to worry fo rth security and easily operate and perform all your business tasks with the set of productive tools by Microsoft.

Better communication

The tools like Skype and Outlook in the Microsoft Office 365 suite enhanced the communication experience and keep the communication straight forward and centralized. With the  help of Skype video calling tools, the businesses gets  the option to conduct conference meetings and calls with clients, customers, employees, and other businesses, and many more present anywhere in the world. This tools helps the organization to communicate with any person from any location in the world regardless of their time difference and the distance as well.

Another feature of Microsoft Office 365 suite is Teams that provides the company with the instant messaging tool. With Teams, the users have the option to add comments along with the files and the documents uploaded on the same time. This is a very useful feature for the collaboration of different departments and for co-authoring the documents as well. In the Teams, the users will also get the function to “at’ people in order to get them the notification that the comment is targeting on them. These all features allows the businesses to stay in immediate and constant contact with all the team members and individuals anytime, anywhere.

Yammer is another tool in the Office 365 suite which is a kind of social network that you can have for your organization. Here in this tool, you can post the news related to your company and instantly inform all the working staff. Also, it has the feature to send the notification email regarding the new news to entire workforce and thus preventing them all from missing any of the important news. In Yammers, all are allowed to comment and create different channels for different tasks.

Continuous business

Since all the files with Microsoft office 365 suite will be stored in cloud, all the users can access them anytime from any of the device, no matter you are in office or home, your device is not working, or any other disaster.

Automatic upgrades

This is another great feature in the Microsoft office 365 suite where all the essential applications and tools like Word, Outlook, excel, etc upgrades automatically online. You can use these applications online without any need for installing the software in your device. Since the work will be online, you will no need to worry for upgrading them to the latest version as it wil be upgraded automatically to the latest versions.

Centralized collaboration

The collaborative tool in the Microsoft Office 365 suite allows the company to share their calendars, mailboxes, contacts, and any others files in real time and can edit documents in real time. 

The bottom line

So these are some great advantages that comes with the Microsoft Office 365suite that will make your business more effective, productive, and enhance your performance.



What are the advantages of paid version of Gmail over the free gmail?

 As per the report by Google, more than 425 millions of people all around the world are having their account on Gmail and they have been using the advantage of the free web email service. Out of this number, several million free gmail accounts belong to free gmail service. Millions of the businesses all around the world are using the free Gmail web service in order to contact their customers and other clients, and for dealing with other businesses.

Though the free service by Gmail is up to a standard, but Google is also selling the paid version of Gmail as well with advanced features and several more advantages. The Google is selling a complete set of Google apps as a part of their online productivity suite at the rate of US $ 5 per month per user. There are several benefits of using the paid version of gmail over the free gmail account.

Now the question arise, why a business should go for paid gmail account instead of working with the free gmail account? Here in this guide, we are going to list you some of the advantages that a business is going to have with the paid gmail account and will make the money spend on the paid gmail worthy.

Customized email address

The first and the foremost advantage of having a paid gmail account is the personalized email account. With the paid version of the gmail, the user will get the option to personalize their gmail ass per their company’s name in the format of YOURNAME@YOURCOMPANYNAME.com.

The free version of the gmail account will only allows the company to create their email id as yourname@gmail.com while with the paid version of the gmail, users can create their personalized gmail account as YOURNAME@COMPANYNAME.com . This is going to look more professional as well will be more appealing and attract more number of clients and the customers as well. For just 5US$, you company is going to have their own personalized professional looking Gmail account which offers a great professional and appealing look to your company. This is why, having the paid version of gmail at such an affordable cost is worthy for increasing your brand value.

Sure uptime

Google is going to guarantee you for the 99.9% sure uptime with the paid version of the gmail. This means, with the paid version of the gmail, you will be get the service for 24 * 7 without any issues, fails, and also the unexpected outages will be even less than 9 hours every year. But with the free version of the gmail account, you are not going to have any similar guarantee from the Google team. Though the free version of the gmail web service works well and does not encounter any of the issue, still having the guarantee with the paid version is worthy.

The storage will be double

This is another great advantage that comes with the paid version of the Gmail. With the free gmail account, users will get only 15 GB of storage, while by paying just 5 US $, you will going to have double the storage that is 30GB. The paid Gmail account will never make you run out of the storage. Now with the paid gmail account, you are not need to worry for deleting the old important emails. And, if you want more storage, by paying just 10 US $, you will going to have unlimited storage with the gmail account. Though for those companies, who are using gmail more for sending documents, etc, storage do not play much important role. But when you need to deal with the video via the gmail service, storage is going to matter much.

24 * 7 support

The support for 24 * 7 hours by the Google team is another huge incentive comes with the paid version of the gmail account. Though with the free gmail version, the users will get the option to access the Google docs, Google slides, and the Google sheets, but in the case when you stuck with some issues, you are not going to have any number to call on and come out of the web. The paid version of the Google suite app will give you with a customer care number where the team executive from the Google team will always be available for you 24 * 7 in order to listen to your complaints and work on it to get you out of it and help you get your desired work done.

No ads

Advertisement are one of the annoying thing that comes with the free version of the Gmail. Though the free gmail account will cost you nothing but is going to waste much of your time and will frustrate you with advertisements.

The paid version of the gmail is going to give you the peace of mind as well by distracting you less from the annoying advertisements. The free gmail account will target any of the keyword in your inbox and will keep sending you tiny ads.

Google app marketplace

Those businesses that are using the free version of gmail will not get the option to install any third party application from the Google app marketplace. Though, the companies are allowed to buy these apps directly from the software producers, but will be going to miss the two major advantages.

One is the advantage of the swapping information. With the connected apps, one can easily swap the information with the gmail. Whether you are using CRM for the monitoring the emails to the customers or want to share some contact details using the quoting software, the paid version of the gmail makes it easy for you by automatically sharing the data between two online programs and thus help you save more time.

The second benefit is that with the paid version of gmail, the user can launch any of the connected app from within the Google apps. This benefit will prevent you from the requirement of recording separate login credentials. Just spread it all over your employee and enjoy the security as well as the productivity.

Sync gmail to Microsoft outlook

Outlook by Microsoft is another popular email client in the world. With the paid version, you can sync all your contacts and emails between gmail paid version and the Microsoft outlook.

The bottom line

So these are some advantages that makes paying for the paid gmail version worthy.     


Employee benefit that every HR should be aware of

 The company along with making its own profit, need to consider employee benefits as well. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on the kind of employee benefits which are poplar in various generation in the workplace. Before going deep on the employee benefit, one should be clear what is employee benefit?

What is employee benefit?

Employee benefits can be defined as the indirect pay to the employee in the form of insurance, stock option, skills development courses, and any other myriads of things or many more.

Two jobs can be offering the same salary to the employee but can differ in terms of the employee benefits that they are offering to the employees. Along with the salary, employees these days also expect for several other employee benefits as well in order to get the better financial proposition then others.

Following we are going to list the types of employee benefits.

The most common type of employee benefits majorly used in most of the companies

Traditionally, the companies used to provide the following types of employee benefits. These are:

  1. Medical insurance
  2. Retirement plans
  3. Life insurance
  4. Disability insurance

But with time, the type of employee benefits provided to the employee also increased.

Following are the types of the employee benefits that a HR should be aware of

In order to attract the top talents, along with the high pay scale, the company need to allure the employees in terms of employee benefits. The following four kind of employee benefits, a HR should know in order to attract the top talents. These are:

  1. Benefits at work
  2. Benefits for financial security
  3. Benefits for health
  4. Lifestyle benefits

These four kinds of benefits, talents in the market expect from the company. They want the company to take care of their requirements as well in order to get them engaged for the company’s work. Let’s have a detailed view for the above mentioned kinds of employee benefits.

Benefits at work

The benefits at work employee benefit can be defined as the facility provided to the employee at the work place. Since the employee is going to spend their half or more of the day at the office, they will required to ge some facility at the workplace. The benefits at the workplace plays a very significant role in keeping the passion level and dedication towards the work high in the employees. The benefits at work included the skill development courses, working hours, employee entertainment, clubs, gifts, activities, and the food and beverages.

Working hours and leave

The employees should be given with the flexibility to choose the working shift and the working location where they want to work. Most of the top companies these days are providing the facility to the employee to decide their working hours, and the location where they want to get placed. Other employee benefits comes under this category includes weekly offs, extra holidays, and paid parental leave.

Skills development

This is another requirement of the employee in order to give the best of the performance to the company. Since the technology is growing rapidly and this has increased the demand for the skill development. This employee benefit is not actually the benefit for the employee but for the company. The company in order to be competitive in the market needs to keep their employees up to date for the latest technology and help them develop their skills for better and updated performance.

Food and beverage

Coffee, tea, and other snacks is important to keep the energy level of the employees high. The food and beverages offered by the company plays a very crucial role in promoting the healthy working environment in the company.

A well said quote suggest that the coffee in the company indicates how they care for the employees. And, it is actually true. If the company want the employee to take care of their success, they should take care of the employee as well.

The free meal, coffee, fruits, and meal vouchers at the workplace is one of the highly appreciated employee benefit in the workplace. As a added bonus, the free lunch, and the coffee is a great idea to promote the healthy environment in the workplace.

Employee entertainment

  Entertainment is essential for the high performance. Without entertainment, and only work will make the life monotonous and thus impact negatively on th performance and the productivity as well. The same rules goes with employees as well. This is why a company should arrange for employees clubs, gifts, and activities, in order to keep them motivated and passionate for the work.

Benefits for health

The benefits for health include health insurances, life insurance, health and wellness programs , gym, yoga centre etc. These benefits help in keeping the employee physically and mentally healthy and thus more productive.

Benefits for financial security

These include:

Pension plans

It is one of the most important financial benefit offered by the company to the employee making them financial independent after retirement.


These benefits strengthen the employee’s financial position in their worst time.

Retirement plans

It includes PF, etc that helps the employee to be financial stable after retirement.

Lifestyle benefits

This mainly includes the work life balance and the mobility.

Work life balance

With the increase in work engagement, the popularity of this kind of employee benefit has increased. The company in order to keep their employee engaged in the work provided facilities like child care, legal services done, and grocery delivery etc.


The facility of transport by the company plays major role in easing the life of the employee.

The bottom line

So these are some employee benefits important for attracting talents!