Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Best Google apps for business

 Google LLC is one of the largest software developing company alternative to Microsoft. It provides an affordable range of all in one solution software for all the small and medium sized businesses without increasing burden on their pockets as well.

With the help of Google software, the organizations will  get the most effective and efficient all in one solution for creating, editing, and collaborating documents, have video conferencing meetings with colleagues and employees, cloud storage for storing unlimited data and also a calendar to schedule meetings and appointments.

Here in this guide, we are listing you all the software solutions by Google that will help the organizations in different tasks. These software are as follows:

Google docs

The Google docs by Google LLC is an interactive, fully featured word software that allows the businesses to create, edit, and annotate different documents. With the Google docs, the users are also going to get the feature of Google sheets as well which is a powerful spreadsheet editor. Another feature of Google docs includes the Slide that allows the organizations t create presentations for the business purposes.

The other benefit of having a Google docs software is that all the above mentioned software runs on internet and thus the organization do not need to install any particular software and fill their space on their device. Since these word, spreadsheets, and slides processors are internet based and thus can be accessed from anywhere from any device just with your login credentials. So with Google docs, you can work anywhere with any of your device and just with your login credentials.

As long as your device stays connected with the internet, the Google docs will automatically save whatever you make edit or add in your files and will sync it into the cloud making it accessible from all of your devices.

In the case when you are not having any internet connection, no need to worry as this software works offline as well allowing you create and edit word document and sync it later when you are again get connected to the internet.

With the help of Google drive, sheets, and slides, you can work collaboratively with your team mates as well. You can make edit in the files and at the same time, your teammates can see the changes as made in real time. With the help of in built chat, you can have conversation with your colleagues while working on any document.


The Calendar by Google is not simple fully featured calendar allowing the business to schedule meetings and appointment and many more. The Google calendar will help the organizations in planning projects, scheduling meetings, and coordinating appointments.

The Google software all in one solutions subscription allows the users with more advanced features for increasing the productivity of the employees. The subscription for the Google apps allows the users to take advantage of shared calendar for browsing and reserving conference rooms and other shared equipments just by adding all of these to the calendar events.

With Google calendar, it will be easy for the company to schedule meetings, coordinate appointments and let all your employees, colleagues, and clients know when you are available. Also, with the help of Google calendar, the user can check the availability of their colleagues, clients and others. And, you can also layer multiple Google calendars in order to check where the schedule is overlapping. 

Furthermore, the Google is also providing the feature of migrating from other business calendars allowing the users to import appointments and events from Outlook, exchange, and iCal.

Cloud storage

This is one of the crucial reasons that make people go for subscribing the Google all in one solution software. With the cloud storage, users will get unlimited space to store their documents files, data, multimedia, and many more. Since you data is going to be stored on cloud thus allowing you to access it anytime from any of the device using your login credentials.

With the Google drive software, the users are going to have the feature allowing them to provide the access of their drive to others as well and granting them permission to download, view, edit, or comment on your documents.


Gmail  is the most popular email service having tons of features. Though the free version of Gmail app is sufficient for most of the people and the businesses, but subscribing it will allow the users to have more additional productive and powerful features.

The paid version of Gmail allows the companies to create the professional email address for all of their employees in the format yourname@yourcompany.com. This is going to be a huge plus point for the company giving them more professional appearance online.

Other perks with the paid version of gmail includes increased storage for the personal email account. Also, this paid Gmail app will eliminates all the advertisement and frauds and provide you with the tool to sync your events, emails, and all your Google contacts with the Microsoft Outlook account.

Video conferencing

The free version of video conferencing app that is Google Hangouts is decent option for most of the people. But the paid version will open tons of more features for the business. The paid version of Google hangout will allow the businesses to add the hangout link on the Google calendar on the day of shared meeting thus allows the employees, clients, and the colleagues to easily join the video conferencing session in single go.

Also, the paid version of Google hangout will make the meetings easier as it will automatically mute the person not speaking and focus on who are speaking at that time and thus preventing the distraction from the background noises.

Also, with this software, you can easily share your screen and present your remote tutorial presentation. The in build chat options allows for easy share of links and many more.

The bottom line

So these are some software by Google providing a decent and best option to all the businesses!                


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