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Employee motivation and its effect on employee performance

 The success of the company depends majorly on its employees, how they perform and what they feel for their company. The motivation of employees plays a major role in enhancing their performance and thus increasing the chance of the company to get success.

Motivation is word derive from motive which means the desire or the aim. The term motivation refers to the inspiration that encourages the person to achieve their goal. In the term employee motivation, it refers to the motivation of employees or to encourage the employees in order to achieve the success.

The large corporate as well as the top successful companies are adopting the fact of employee motivation. They are trying to keep their employees motivated in order to enhance their performance and thus achieving the goal. The factors used by most of the top companies in order to increase the motivation level of the employees include increased salary, more promotions, job-satisfaction, etc.

Most of the top companies are considering the employees motivation to be an important managemental process and it is proved to be fruitful increasing the production of the company and the growth as well. When the performance of the employees are more, better will be the growth of the company and thus they will soon achieve the objectives.

Motivation is one of the most important factor for human employees in order to increase their performance. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on the factors that are helpful in increasing the motivation level of the employees, and how the high employee motivation impacts the performance of the employees.

What are the factors that increase the employees motivation?

The role of the manager in every company is not only to manage the function of the team bur also the performance of the team as well. It is also their duty to keep all the employees motivated and thus keeping their performance at their best. Following are some factors that are helpful in increasing the employees’ motivation:

Trust: The Company should have trust on the strength of the employees. When the company values the strength of the employees, it proves to be motivating factor for the employees.

Ask employees for their demand: When the company cares for the employees, the employees feels faithful for the company thus gives better performance. The company should keep inquiring their staff for their employees.

Track the success: The Company should encourage their staffs to track their success. This will help them know their success and thus will motivate them to perform well.

Respect: The company should never disrespect their employees. When they give their employees respect, the staff will consider themselves important for the company and thus will perform well.

 Clear and regular communication: It is also an importance motivating factor.

 Reward system: The best motivating factor  for any employee is the reward system. It can either be in the form of salary increment or the promotion, the employee in order to gain more and more rewards will perform better.

No distraction: The company should make sure that there is no distraction for the employees and should provide them with ample scope to prove themselves.

Feedback: It is advised that the company should take feedback from the employees that how they feel in the work place. This will impact positively on the employees mind set and they will feel motivated to perform even better.

What are the impacts of employee motivation on the performance of the employees?

The employee motivation have only the positive impact and no negative impact on the performance of the employees.

When the employees are more motivated, they are more inclined to perform better and thus will contribute more in the success of the company. The employees’ motivation is considered to be the most important factor in the team management and the performance management of the employees.

Large and corporate companies used to appoint manager in order to keep the sprit high in their employees, keep them motivated, and thus get the best of their performance.       

For any company, they requires the man power in order to achieve their goals and the final success. In order to make the staff work efficiently and perform better, they requires to be motivated to work. No body will work without any motivation. So, the company needs to motivate their employees either in the form of salary, or promotion, post, etc, and thus get the best of their performance.

The performance of the employee can be increased to the best of their performance, when the company promise their employee for the reward after the success. For the reward, the employee will give out their best and try to make the best of their efforts, and thus will contribute more for the company to achieve their objectives and goals.

Motivation in employees is an essential factor which is responsible for them to work for a company. The company gives their employees the salary and the salary is also a kind of motivation. For the money in the form of salary, the employee work the entire month for the company. Like the salary can make the employee to work, the additional rewards like increment or promotion can even enhance their performance and make them perform even better.

This is how the employee motivation has the positive impact on the performance of the employee. So it is recommended for all the companies to keep their employees motivated in any form. The motivated employee will perform at their best and thus will help the company to achieve their goals!

The bottom line

So this is a complete guide on how the motivation among the employees impacts positively on the performance of the employees!


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