Friday, 3 September 2021

How to be a good leader?

 Whenever the topic of good leader arises, the name of great leaders like Kamala Harris, Steve jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Elon Musk, etc pops up. It might wonders all that what makes them special? How they are such a great leaders? Does they have some special characteristics that make them a great person to lead the team?

Yes! They all are having some special characteristic that makes them a great leader. And, the good thing is that, any one can develop such good leader’s characteristics. It is not some special gift by God but actually efforts that all leader should do to develop all the characteristics of good leader.

And, these characteristics are motivation, support, and right principles that any one can follow on and learn the best way to lead. With the above mentioned characteristics, several average men started and proved themselves as a great leader.

Here in this guide, we present you all the characteristics that a good leader should posses. But first start with the question that what is difference between a good leader and a average leader?

What are the difference between a bad leader and a good leader?

The determination, motivation, and the support are the characteristics that differentiate a good leader from a bad leader. Most often, leaders out of their positions and status and actually forget their roles and fails to ultimately achieve the goals.

A regular leader sets the target but a good leader works to find the way for the target. The primary difference between a good and a regular leader is that the good leader often comes up with a meaningful and unique ideas to inspire their employees and achieve the goals.   

All leaders are generally optimistic but the good leaders have the capability to cultivate the same optimism in their employees as well.

The regular leaders works to maintain their status while the good leaders work to provide the value.

What are the characteristics that a good leader should possess?

Following are the characteristics that all the great leaders have and all leaders should have to be a successful and great leader:

Patient listener: This might sound small but is actually a most valued characteristic of a good leader. A good leader needs to be a patient listener and thus they can make the communication system in the organization effective. Listening is the key to maintain a great and most efficient communication system. This is why a good leader always prioritizes listening more over talking.

Continuous learner: Always in learning mode is characteristic of all good leaders. All the good leaders have the habit to learn whether it is from book or from other’s experience. In simple words, learning is like a seed to cultivate and grow the mindset which is required for an effective and efficient leadership.

Influencer: Good leaders are always good influencers. They know how to influence the employees and make them passionate for their work. They knows the value of influence and keep motivating their employees in order to drive out the best performance from the employees.

They know to maintain the healthy environment in the workplace: A good leader always makes efforts to maintain the healthy environment in the work place. They understands the value of workplace environment and how it plays an important role on the performance of the employees. Thus they keep trying to bring positivity in the workplace and to keep the environment of the work place healthy.   

Accountable: Another characteristic of a good leader is that they never blame others and the lower grade employees for the wrong decision they took. They always admit their mistake and take them in positive way to make further movement. They learn from their old mistake and work on it to improve and increase the chances of the success.

Focused: A good leader is always focused on their primary goal. They know what is good for their goal and they are well known for the path they should choose in order to achieve the success.

No shortcuts: The major difference between a regular and good leader is that the good leader understands the fact that there is no shortcuts. They know that the long way to the success is only the key for the durable success and thus they approach the success with full planning and excellent team work.

Compassionate and empathetic: The good leader not only focus on the work but also focus on the health of their employees. They are always supportive and understand that the employee with good health and mind can only provide the best of their performance.

How to be a good leader?

The above mentioned are some of the characteristics of good leader. In order to be a good leader, a person needs to study themselves and learn their positive aspects. Following are some tips to be a good leader:    

Start from your own

Before starting managing a complete team, in order to be a good leader, one should first start managing themselves. First invest some time in understanding yourself, know what you are, focus on your strengths, work hard to get over your weaknesses, discover where you can do your best and what can be the greatest contribution for the company from your side.

Appreciate others

It is never a good idea to give all the credits to yourself for all the achievements. Learn to appreciate others. With appreciation, the employees under you will become more and more passionate for the work and will try their best to enhance their performance.

Find a mentor

There is no leader without a mentor. You should never forget that there is always present a room to learn more and grow more. Keep learning either from books or from other’s experience. Though in the article, I mentioned that there is no shortcut key to success, but even this fact becomes false with a mentor.

Believe in teamwork

It is not possible for you alone to achieve all the success. Trust in team work and grow together.

The bottom line

So this is a complete guide on how to be a great leader.    


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