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How to build a professional website using Wordpress?

 In the world full of digital technologies, where all seems to be busy in their smart phones and laptops, all the organizations need to have their own website. Today, the almost every person is active on internet and are using web for daily uses. In this scenario, in order to gain national or international wild success, the company requires to make their online presence. And for this, there is need that every company should be having their own website.

Whether you are planning to start a manufacturing business or a retail one, the website will help you approach more and more customers not only in your local area but in the entire world.

And, the good thing is that, website building is not that tough that we think of. You do not need to be a computer engineer or computer science expert for building a website. Also, the method for website designing we are going to mention have no or minimal role of coding.

There are several platform now available that makes it easy for all to start with their own website. However, you should go through a guide on making a professional website for making an absolute SEO friendly and professional looking website.

Here in this guide, we presents you step by step guide to start your own professional website with no coding knowledge.

How to build a professional website?

Following are the instructions to build your own professional looking and SEO friendly website:

What you will need to start building a website?

In order to build a website, you will require to have a Web hosting and a Domain name    

Choose a web hosting

Web hosting is what that you will need to store the website and for filing the online presence of website. Purchasing a web hosting means that you are paying the rent to the hosting provider’s server space.

Hosting plays an important role in the performance and the security of your website, and thus it is highly recommended to invest some time in selecting the best and affordable web hosting for your website.

Domain name

Domain name is nothing but just a name for your website that helps the public to easily search for your page. For better success of a website, you should search for a memorable domain name. The domain name of the website should be easy to speak and easy to remember thus makes it easy for the public to search for your website.

Domain names can be purchased from several domain providers. There are some companies that are providing both the hosting and the domains at discounted price or affordable price.

Right platform for the website

The next step after purchasing the domain name and the web hosting for your website is to choose for the right platform. Since, most of the people are not software engineers and are having little coding knowledge, so here we are going to focus basically mostly on Wordpress platforms that requires minimal or no technical knowledge and thus making it easy for the beginners as well to start with their own website.   

Content Management system (CMS)

CMS can be defined as the platform for building websites with minimal or no coding knowledge. It allows users to design, manage, and publish the content on their website using an easy and most friendly user interface. Though, there are several content management system available, but the most popular one is Wordpress.

Website builder

Though CMS provides an easy way to create a website, the website builder is even more easier. It is best fit for beginners.


This is the third but the least feasible option of website building for beginners. Here the website developer need to code on HTML, CSS, bootstrap, or java script for coding and thus generating website.

How to build website using Wordpress?

Here is a complete guide to create website using wordpress:

Installation of wordpress

The first step after purchasing the domain name and the web hosting, is installation of wordpress.

  • First login into the hPanel of your hosting provider and click on Website > Auto-installer.
  • Now navigate for Wordpress and click on it.
  • Fill the required information including the Domain name, Adminstrator username and password, email, website titles, preferred language, and do not forget to select for Always update to the latest available version.
  • Click on the Install button.

Choose the theme on Wordpress platform

In order to establish the look for the website, choose the best theme on Wordpress. There are several free as well as paid themes available on Wordpress. Install right from there or from any third-party source.

  • Login into the Wordpress admin.
  • Browse Appearance > Themes > Add New
  • Now select the best theme from the library.
  • Click Install from the preview page and Hit the Activate button.

Install Wordpress Plugins

In order to extend the functionalities of the wordpress site, you should install some more plugins. Like themes, simply install the plugins from the Wordpress library or from some third-party sources.

  • Login in the Wordpress admin.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Search for the required plugin and click on Install Now.
  • Now Activate the installed Plugin.

Create your first page

To build a page:

  • Login the Wordpress admin area.
  • Go to Pages > Add new
  • And, now start writing and publishing your contents.

Add a navigation menu and widget

The navigation menu in the website makes it easier for the vistors to easily search for the specific page.

  • Login to the Wordpress dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance > Menus
  • Click on Create a new Menu.
  • Now fill in the menu details and hit on Create Menu.
  • Click on Add menu items and add pages, customs links, posts, and categories that you wish to add in the menu.
  • Now click on Save Menu.

The same way, in order to add widget:

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets
  • Select the required widget from the Available widgets and drag it to Footer.
  • Fill the details.
  • Save changes.

Optimize Search engines

  • In dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks
  • Select Post name under the section Permalink Settings and Common Settings.
  • Hit on Save changes.

The bottom line

So this is a complete guide on making a website. You can add contact forms, introduce the ecommerce feature, start a blog, and can do many more customization.



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