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How to communicate effectively with the global world?

 For every business, communication is key to get the success or the expansion. And, when the company finally decided to expand their business in different part of the world, they will now be required to communicate with different people in various part of the world.

In order to communicate with the global world, the company or the individual might face several problems including the language barriers, difference in time zones, different customs, etc. All these can finally made the global communication difficult for the company.

But with proper strategy, a company can communicate effectively globally and overcome the above mentioned barriers as well. Following we are mentioning some tips that you should consider while developing your communication strategy in order to make your global communication effective as well.

Best tips to communicate effectively globally

Here are some tips for effective global communication for a team:

Every country has different business customs

  The world is very vast and each country is having their special customs and beliefs. In the business world also, every country have different business customs and ethics. So before communicating with the business client from different part of the world, make sure to understand their business customs as well in order to make the communication fruitful and effective.

The most obvious difference in businesses from different nations is the language barriers. But along with the language barriers, there are many more that makes the differences in the business practices in different countries.

For example, even when you are communicating related to business, saying “NO” is considered rude there. You should not simply deny for any of the business deals or the meetings in Japan. While having conversation with one of your client from Japan, do not surprised for the long and dragged conversation. They believe in long dragged conversation and avoid point to point conversation. Also, ending the conversation abruptly in Japan is also considered impolite and rude.

In Japan, the companies never say directly NO to the business deals even when they are not interested. They try their best to make the other person feel respected, no matter how long it takes.

It is quite obvious to see in Japan that they never deny for any project directly. Instead they keep it due for long and in the last meet the business owner in person in order to deny in the most polite way. This might take a way longer time then ever expected but in the last, the business owner despite of being denied for the project feels respected.

The point is that, the business owner before jumping into any of the global communications, should invest some time to understand their customs and methods. Also, it is essential and crucial for the company to be understanding and patient. And, when it comes to business etiquettes in other nations, the business man need to be understanding and respect their methods and beliefs.

In the case when the owner feels nervous and not so sure to communicate with the global companies, they should practice by mirroring it. Some countries believe in more formal business practices while others feel common to share the personal opinions and issues as well.           

Recognize you are communicating with an actual person

Email communication with global companies sometimes feels like communicating with a robot or the computer screen and not the actual human being. But do not forget, even on email, you are communicating with a human like you. They are also having their own personal issues, personal life, and responsibilities as well. So respect them!

Different countries are having different time zones. You might be having day but the other country in the same time having night so. So expecting them to reply your mail in your day time might be impractical.

For example, if you are in India and emailed one of your client in America. The person in USA is having night at that time. So respect their life and do not expect for fast email responses. Let them check and respond you as per their time schedule.

Yes, sometimes it is frustrating to not get reply fast. Manage your frustration by understanding the fact that you are communicating with a real person in other country with different time zone.

Prefer communicating over video or phone call conferences

Email communication is good, but sometimes fails to build a strong business relationship. So while communicating globally, it is recommended to put your voice or your face in order to build trust in the business relationship.

When you are communicating on emails, the other client will get to know only a little bit about your profession. But the video as well as the call conferences help them know more about your personal lives and the same applies on you as well. This helps in building stronger relationship business relationship and thus better business practices.

Take help from others for better understanding

Language barrier is one of the major issue that complicate the global communication in most of the businesses. So in order to avoid this issue, you can take help from your managers or other staff with better experience in global communication.

You should take help from your more experienced manager or staff to translate the email from the foreign business client. In the case when none of your team member able to understand the email, you should ask the foreign  client for the clarification. It is better to ask again instead of taking any action without proper understanding the proper prospective of other.      

Maintain your interest

When a person gets into global communication, it is interesting in beginning but soon getting frustrating because of several barriers. For the main success, one should maintain their interest and keep learning more and more for global communication.

The bottom line

So these are some tips to make global communication effective!


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