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How to create a professional looking resume?

 Facing the interview is kind of race against several other applicants applied for the same job. For the dream job you are will for, several other applicants have also landed their resumes. In order to beat the competition, you will need to get yourself ready with a professional and effective resume.

Do you know how to create a professional and effective resume? No? No worries, here in this guide, we are presenting you the step by step guide in order to help you create a professional and most effective resume for your dream job.

How to create a professional resume?

Following are the instructions to create a professional looking resume for your dream job:

Select the right format for the resume

Writing all the information related to your academics as well as professional skill will make your resume look like a general information paper, not the resume. In order to make resume more effective, there is need to select the right format for it. 

There are several formats that you can select in order to make your resume look professional. The most common kind of format for resume is Reverse chronological format. It is traditional style resume format which is familiar for most of the recruiters. The only disadvantage of this resume is that it is very common and is not considered as the creative resume format.

Another format for the resume is Combination format where the applicant can highlight their professional skills and thus is great for career changes and experienced pros. But this resume format type is comparatively new and thus not recommended for the entry level job seekers.

The third type of format for the resume is Functional resume format which emphasizes the skills over the experience. This is creative type resume but can make the HR to think that you are hiding your weaknesses.


For those who are applying for the job for the first time, it is recommended to select the reverse chronological type resume format. It is most traditional and familiar type resume format and is great for emphasizing the duties, responsibilities, capabilities, qualification, skills, experience, and all.

Add your personal details and contact information

In your resume, you should add your personal details and contact numbers. Some of your personal details like the name of the applicants, their phone number, their email address, and the LinkedIn URL should always be added in the resume in order to make it more professional and effective. Optionally you can also add your address, Resume titles, and your personal website, if any.

These are some information that you should add in your resume. There are some information also that you should avoid to add in resume unless it is not necessary. You should never add your date of birth as it might lead to raise the issue of ageism. Add it only in the case when necessary like in the case of job for serving liquor. Also, avoid adding additional phone numbers and email Id as it will confuse the recruiters. Adding your picture on resume is also not recommended.

Begin with a impressive heading statement

Tinder users are impatient these days and have the habit to select based on the first impression. Your witty statement or the impressive heading is the main that can help you get the match or simply swipe right on you.

Like Tinder, employers also flip the resumes reading the heading statement. Most of the HR statistics initially select the resume seeing the heading only in less then 7 seconds.

This is why, in order to increase the chances of your resume to get selected, always begin with a impressive and eye catching heading.

Summary statement

The summary in the resume summarize your professional skills and the past working experience. Make sure to write it professionally.


In the case when you are not having super experience for the job you are applying for, it is better to highlight the skills that you can provide the company. Mention your objectives that you can do good for the growth and the profit of the company.

List your key achievements and relevant working experience

If resume is a fancy meal, then the experience section in it is the main course. It is the most significant section comprising of your key achievements and the work history. After knocking the appetite with the above mentioned sections, now fill this main course with your working experience and the relevant experience you have got in. Mention your Job title, company the location, your responsibility in the last job, your achievements, and all.

List your academic achievements correctly

 Like dessert, academic section is also the most important part of the resume. Many people take the education details for granted, but in actual, it impacts much on HR and plays a significant role in getting you your dream job.

The education order in the resume should be from the highest degree on the first and then add other qualification details in reverse chronological order. If you have mentioned your university degree, there is no need for mentioning the high school scores. The achievements in extra curricular activities are good for nice finishing touch.

Add relevant skills that matches the job requirements

Along with your qualification details, you should also add all your skills that fits for the job you are applying for. Skills like communication skills, social behaviour, technical skills, leadership and management skills, critical thinking skills, transferable skills, organizational skills, and other job specific skills will make your resume more effective.

Additional sections

IN order to make your resume more effective, it is good idea to add additional sections like hobbies, volunteer work, internship experience, certificates, and other awards, languages, publications, projects, etc.

Add the finishing touch with a cover letter

A cover letter will help you expand the things that you have mentioned in your resume in simple language and will impact positively on the HR.

The bottom line

This way you can create a professional resume!



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