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How to deal with the negative behavior in the workplace?

 No doubt, the supporting team plays a vital role in the success of the business. No matter, how the leader is intelligent and hard work, they cannot achieve the success without the help of employees and the supporting.

But when any of the employee is not so good in behavior, it can lead to the decrease in productivity of the entire team as well. The negative behavior in the workplace not only impacts negatively on the productivity and the performance of the team but also impacts the mental health of other employees and thus making them less productive and low performing.

Thus, it is necessary that the leader of the team should know the way to deal with the negative behavior in the workplace. A good leader along with having the characteristic to manage business well should also know the method to address the bad behavior and deal with it.

The negative behavior  in the business leads to the reduction in the productivity and the performance of the team, hurt the morale of other employees, and can even cost the entire business. Thus it is required that the leader should take action against the bad behavior as soon as they know about it.

No matter how small the bad behavior is, whether it is chronic lateness or lazy behavior in the workplace, the team leader need to take prompt attention and fix the issue.

In the work place, there is need that all the employees follows the discipline and the standard behavior of the workplace. When any of the employee takes the discipline in easy and ignores it, the company should take the strict decision in order to rectify the situation.

Here in this guide, we are presenting you some methods that will help you deal with the negative behavior in your work place. But before learning the methods to deal the negative behavior, one should know what is negative behavior, what is included in the negative behavior?

What is negative behavior? What is included in negative behavior?

Any behavior which is not considered favorable for the company, is considered among negative behavior. There are number of behavior and the issues that come under negative behavior and these are:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Lack of responsibility or Narcissism
  • Disrespect, rudeness, or bullying any client or colleaugues
  • Statements or any action that underestimate or undermine the business goal and the team motivation
  • Criticism

What are the impacts of negative behavior?

The impact of negative behavior can have major impact on the health of the colleagues or other staff member. It can be as large as physical negative impact in the case of workplace violence or may be mental health impact including depression, or isolation.

These all can lead to the poor productivity of the staff and thus the company simultaneously. Thus the company requires to address the negative behavior in the workplace and fix it in order to prevent the negative impact on the mental as well as the physical health of the employees and the entire organization as well.

How to deal with the negative behavior in workplace?

Following are some methods to address the negative behavior and fix it:

  1. While hiring the staff, provide them with a handbook consisting of all the policies related to the behavioral expectation. Also, add the consequences in the case of break of the policies. The policies to be included in the hand book generally should be attendance, punctuality, safety procedures, using time off, dress code, employee theft, and other behavioral guidelines in order to interact with clients and colleagues.
  2. Make sure that all the newly hired employee thoroughly go through the guidelines and all the policies and then make them sign on the acknowledgement form. Keep the policies updated as required and do not forget to provide the employees with the copies of the updated policies as required.
  3. In the case when the leader notice any negative behavior in the office, acknowledge it and fix it immediately. For example, if the leader notice the issue of punctuality in multiple employees and the issue of chronic lateness in any employee, send them a email message or a memo mentioning the issue and also remember them about the businesss punctuality policy.
  4. Monitor the behavior of all the employees. In the case when the punctuality is an issue, monitor the time of the arrival of the employees.
  5. In the case when any employee is showing bad behavior or is bullying against any of the colleagues  or client, address them in the private area and warn them not to repeat the same behavior.
  6. Show the employee the companys behavior policy and explain the behavior expectation of the company. 
  7. In the case when the negative behavior is severe or is chronic, now it is time for the company to take action. The punishment should be according to the severity of the issues. For example, if any employee with no negative behavior issue commits a minor rule break, simply warn them or choose only a lenient consequences. But in the case when the employee is continuously showing negative behavior in the workplace or has caused major break down impacting the health of other employees or clients negatively, the company needs to take strict action which can be either elimination of the employee, transfer of the employee, or any other as per the guidelines mentioned in the companys policy.
  8. Monitor the behavior of all the employees and analyze how the disciplinary action taken by the company is having impact on the behavior of staff in the work place.


The bottom line

SO these are some methods to deal with the negative behavior in the work place.


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